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Tevita Levao
When your daughter asks you if she can paint your nails, you get your nails painted.
So I reset Dheekons IPad and set him up his own account. He found one of my business cards and now I'm…
"Good range and there's a hua there as well" Foursquare Tip @ Rebel Sport
"Awesome venue, perfect for any special occasion. Gaming machines, pool tab..." Foursquare Tip @ Marble Bar Tauranga
"Love the seafood salad they make in the seafood deli" Foursquare Tip @NewWorld
Its like the rugby world cup all over again with cars and yards being decorated with flags and signs. Looks like Samoan and Tongan fans
They should invest more money into the BOP Womens Team. They actually win and aren't fuck wits in town. #BigHeads #YouAintShit #WinSomething
Ummmm rachelmtaylor__ I hold you responsible for this #Selfie #DuckFace
@patspellman you must be talking about @Tarkz and the women being unbeaten cos that men's team is going to struggle my mate
@livefortmw #LiveForTomorrow #WSPD14 Day 6 - Someone Who Inspires You - Wanted to save this for…
@patspellman Least you got a win today my mate
@patspellman Day off tomorrow i think
Faaaarrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!! #WarriorNation
Get Konrad to run at Idris now #WarriorNation #NRLPenWar
I remember being yelled out by the coach for slipping over during a game. Halftime he made me change my moulds to sprigs. #Tomkins #Warriors
#JustForYou #Deach @DeachySP Day 6 - Selfie with your bestie - My big head is blocking the other one.…
#JustForYou #Deach @DeachySP Day 5 - Breakfast - On those meal replacement shakes
@livefortmw #LiveForTomorrow #WSPD14 Day 5 - A place you'd love to visit - Samoa, never been home to…
@livefortmw #LiveForTomorrow #WSPD14 Day 4 - Someone it's time to catch up with - This muppet…
#JustForYou #Deach @DeachySP Day 4 - Favourite Song - Anybody who knows me, knows this is my shit!…
@livefortmw #LiveForTomorrow #WSPD14 Day 3 - Something on your bucket list - Wrestlemania
@livefortmw #LiveForTomorrow #WSPD14 Day 2 - Next thing you're looking forward to - Day 31 breakfast…
Tuesdays are dumb
@livefortmw #LiveForTomorrow #WSPD14 Day 1 - Someone you're grateful for. My two kids turned me from a…
Awwwwww Gummonnnn @NZWarriors awesome Sunday @dom_agnew haydengyde @ Mt Smart Stadium
On the way to Auckland to watch the @NZWarriors for Dheekons birthday #WarriorNation
@tofiga Sid Diamond is in Tauranga the same night as Aunty Tala. August 30th #Mookopoona
@djtuini congratulations. When you're in Tauranga next I'll take ya on that date. #UpsizeOfComboIncluded
Get that resignation letter ready @nyree_hanna we have another bonus line!! #Lotto #Retirement
@Karnel I miss the early 2000s wrestling haha
Cheers for the ice cream @DJsanka it's mean as! You should get some of the next batch
@nyree_hanna yip, toaster is broken so went for breakfast. They had pancakes