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Tevita Levao
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Dheekons at his league game this morning. Scored two tries, made some big tackles and got player of…
As it gets colder I look forward to getting snap chats from my hua mate @__lauraphillps
@tavita888 call in for beer we will get wasted as fuck g. I'll get us a box of codys
@tavita888 I will be until 2ish when I have to go get those bloody sick kids
@tavita888 gotta go pick dheeks up at 2:30
Ok as most of you may know both @djtuini and @Jade_Louise_GC were both in Tauranga this month. While…
@JadeRuwhiuGC had some sick ones when you guys were here last. Espicially from Tiny
I posted 105 photos on Facebook in the album "THE CHECKUP WITH DEEJAY TONE-DEF"
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#TBT Back in the day chillin with everyone's favourite Asian/Maori/Pakeha Piripi #Oosh #2PHK
I told my babe chantelzales we were going out for a casual drink. She dresses up like this, making me…
Took Harper out to see deachysp and @Donell_Lewis perform for maifm High School Heist. Stood next to…
Oh shit #Footsouljahs on #HollaHour right now #Wellywood @C4TV it's going down tonight! Shot @djsirvere
#ManlyVsKnights is boring as hell. Toovey better be kicking heads in the sheds to wake the Sea Eagles up. Picked them overs.
Went to the gym with my @GreenteaX50 had a bike ride. @_MessyLessy had a work out while me and the bro…
@TameNoema @Rehab_Tga 20 Hamilton street in town bro. City sports bar. I'm on my way in now
@TameNoema @Rehab_Tga I got 3 passes let me know when and I'll meet you at the bar