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Once the trust is gone don't expect much from a #Taurus.
#Taurus's ruling planet is Venus which is associated with love and beauty.
#Taurus's hate mind games and people who try.
If your thoughtless and selfish you're not a Taurus.
A #Taurus female has the worst temper in the zodiac.
#Taurus is the only sign to be worshiped as a God. #SorryButTrue
I'm a #Taurus I will follow so long as you know where you're going if not #STFU and let me show you.
#Taurus's are turned off by insecurity, jealousy, betrayal, gossip and the emotional display of weakness.
Taurus birthstone... Lapis lazuli.
#Taurus's see things for what they are not what they could be.
#Taurus's are not emotional.
#Taurus's are kind at heart.
Once you've loved a #Taurus everyone else is just second best.
#Taurus's are very serious people who like to play. Not very playful people who like to be serious. That's #Scorpio.
Quickest way to lose a #Taurus is to turn their business into a mess for people to see.
#Taurus's are strait talking to the point.
A #Taurus would rather be hated for telling the truth then to be loved for telling a lie.
When a #Taurus commits they commit forever.