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On the road to riches and diamond rings real #Taurus's do real things.
#Taurus women should be treated like Goddesses.
Come post your birthday on
WHen a #Taurus focus' they get what they want.
No one is more stubborn naturally then a #Taurus.
When a #Taurus is around new people they aren't shy they are probably sensing danger.
Life for a #Taurus is about two things first love and then hard work.
#Taurus always give you an unfiltered honesty they don't hold what they think back...
Happy Birthday to all Taurus including celebrities Jack Nicholson, Willie Robertson, & MGK.
#HappyBirthday #April24 Are on a journey of self-discovery through food.
My Morning Tea Mugg... Smile...
I'm a #Taurus I ain't never scared.
#Taurus's can also take you to points of ecstacy and joy you will never experience with anyone ever again.
Some #Taurus can be recognised by blowing heavily out of their nostrils or sometimes stamping one foot.
#Taurus's also have a imbalance in a very unpretable and sensitive bad bad bad temper...
#Taurus's believe; When you love someone you have to trust them.
#HappyBirthday #April24 Are on a journey of self-discovery through food.
Short girls love a man with an extra hustle like this...
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A #Taurus's is a modest person and appreciates modesty in others also.
A #Taurus may be stubborn but never stupid.
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I'm a #Taurus if I said it I'm doing it even if it kills me.
#Taurus's the observer are experts in reading body language
#Taurus are eternally connected high-morals, being ethical and fair this stems from being a feminine fixed sign Ur virtues R important.
A good girl will work with you after the love is gone because of a friendship that was always there. A bitch wants to leave you with nothing