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#Taurus's are very loyal to one partner and at the same time remain the intensely dominant sexual force in all relationships.
Within the first 10 minutes of meeting a #Taurus they know everything about. you. Think quick do you want to play or do you want to stay?
The same look a #Taurus gives you to tell you that you are the 'one they love' is the same one they give for 'Murder'.
A #Taurus will rip your clothes off in public. Watch out.
A #Taurus will not battle for your attention on a first meeting it's not their style. We are relationship types and know that it takes time.
#Taurus's are committed loving partners who are loyal and very affectionate. The love they give is irreplaceable.
Be careful a #Taurus will rape you.
Once a #Taurean decides on a course of action they are unstoppable and will succeed no matter what.
if you're a #Taurus'your quiet, you watch, you wait, you cool, you know where ur going you know how to get there.
You get two chances with a #Taurus that's it. Everything after is to see if you're still the same.
#Taurus' will not sit there talking about how to play the game a #Taurus' will just tell you how to win.
I'm a #Taurus if I've told you once and you didn't act on what I've said I won't say it again I'll just watch what happens.
Breaking the trust of a #Taurus means you've lost it forever.
You got kids Congratulations!!! I don't know myself well enough to have kids just yet.
I'm a #Taurus I don't want you to say sorry because you don't know what to say. I want you to say sorry cuz there's nothing else you can say
When you accuse me of being something I'm not I'll think that's what you want me to be. #Taurus always trying to please you.
#Taurus' can make it work with anyone in the #zodiac cause we are the relentless lovers and usually wear them out...
#Taurus do not have adtive personalities.
The ultimate question for a #Taurus to ponder is - how did stupid people get so far?
you will fail if you think you can play any mind games with a #Taurus'.
If a #Taurus likes you, you might not be able to tell.
A #Taurus wins by action not argument.
The important thing for a #Taurus is to say the thing their thinking not ignore it.
#Taurus' are patient but omg I hate waiting for you to figure it out
In a relationship a #Taurus appreciates routine they connect this with commitment and happiness.
A #Taurus may be short of time but never short of sense.
#Taurus' give off an air of being very non-chalant but their goals are planned with the most intricate detail.
It is so hard to use a #Taurus cause they can see through you immediately.
Are you intrigued by? Dublin Palermo, Rhodes, Leipzig, Oakland Honolulu, Pittsfield, Rochester, El Paso, Lexington #Taurus Cities
#Taurus expect at the beginning of a relationship that you sort through all your baggage before you start.
Be careful not to insult a #Taurus by accident.
#Taurus won't beat around the bush, they'll stampede right through it.
#Taurus are are also the constant thinkers.
Most #Taurus don't talk about your relationship.
Some #Taurus can be recognised by blowing heavily out of their nostrils or sometimes stamping one foot.
A #Taurus is rare to find either we're in a relationship or at home chillin' like a diamond on jewellery or in a cave.
#Taurus don't talk behind your back.
A #Taurus always get what they want.
#Taurus' are a free-spirit that loves openly.
No one motivates a #Taurus they do the motivating.
#Taurus' are beautifully proportioned, extremely graceful in their movements and exude an air of deep sensuality.
#Taurus' have a romantic ideal towards the notion of a soul mate and real love.
#Taurus' have a need to keep their word.
#Taurus' regard their partners as inspiration..
The saddest thing about the powerful #Taurus is that they think walking away is a sign of being secure. Rather then dealing with being hurt.
#Taurus' don't consider it cheating unless that person was better then you...
#Taurus is not a "player" they just crush a lot.
#Taurus' woman won't tell you something twice, they don't rephrase, interpret, or explain...