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If you are who you are because of someone you know rather then something you did you are not a #Taurus
A higher percentage of #Taurus' ex's display symptoms of being bitter, jealous and enraged by our consistencies and life focus.
A #Taurus' greatest power is the ability to draw people in..
A #Taurus will dominate you sexually forever physically and mentally.
You can lead a bull to the barn with love but you'd have a better chance moving the barn to the bull if you don't = #Taurus.
#Taurus will be spoken to gently
#Taurus female works with you not off of you.
As a #Taurus one of your more focused observations is 'how someone responds'.
#Taurus is an army better yet a navy...
#Taurus people can help you soar to heights you didn't realise you could achieve.
As a #Taurus you always give off a vibe like everything is o.k. even when it's not.
#Taurus is a bedroom bully, know my rules when the barrel gets hot...
A #Taurus in a relationship isn't about what you can do for them but what you achieve together...
#Taurus won't stop until the job gets done no matter how difficult.
A #Taurus' number one turn on is boundless, vulnerable honesty.
Last word was 'emotions'.
You can always recognise a #Taurus cause they walk and talk with purpose and they have this twinkle in their eye that says ' i'll beat you'.
For a #Taurus it's not about winning and beating you that's easy but coming up with a situation where everyone wins in a dignified way.
#Tauruses don't see change as losing something.
#Taurus don't need to be in the spotlight...
#Taurus are slow to love, they like things organised, and they will die with secrets people have told them.
People think #Taurus have a major ego or attitude problem when really you just don't kiss no ass to get where you want to go.
#Taurus people are laid back, tolerant and easy-going and patient, their view of beauty in the world is what you seek to learn.
Don't ever be confused that because you weren't with a #Taurus or you got held up that they didn't have the time of their life Lifeofluxury
If you like a #Taurus person you need to be beautiful, strait talkin', sensible, honest and punctual...
ey is o.k. it gets you things but that's not what a #Taurus is all about.
#Taurus is a master of strategy, power and seduction.
You are not a #Taurus if you got gaga, bieber, or minaj in your name.
If it's not good enough to want to just slap the person who upset you but you have to slap everyone in the building you might be a #Taurus
#Taurus have the ability to retain their focus on the future and still live in the now.
#Taurus aren't perfect it's how we appreciate our own and others imperfection that is unique to the zodiac.
You might not think #Taurus are the best sign but you have the universe and history and God to take that up with closingarguements.
#Taurus love being in a relationship it brings the best out of them even though they can get on perfectly alone
#Taurus represent innocence in the way they view the world.
The hardest lesson to learn for you taureans is that your efforts for helping people develop aren't appreciated.
Some #Taurus believe making love is a physical, spiritual, and emotional act that needs no talking.
#Taurus is a clear thinker with the ability to reason logically.
In a relationship a #Taurus always aim to make there partner stronger.
As a #Taurus you wear your heart on your sleeve but are always cht taken off your shirt D
As a #Taurus your emotionally obvious. This can make you vulnerable to eption.
If you wanna see a bull take off like the road runner tell a #Taurus you got badcredit.
If you ain't #Taurus well 'haters y'all know better, how can I fold? I was told to hold it together'.
In Egypt, #Taurus held great importance, as it was believed that humanity was created while the was passing through its borders.
#Taurus will rarely carry the negative past into the future.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #Taurus make you want to touch and kiss them they carry the 'forbidden fruit'. ♉
If #Taurus can't be loved they're o.k. with being feared.
DearLie, I ain't neva been a sillyhoe chasin' waterfalls feelin' unpreatty I neva have to creep for my redlight special -T-BoZ #Taurus
#Taurus know that even if love is full of thorns it is to be embraced because in between them is a rose worth all the pain.
#Taurus are calm, realistic, simple, strong, gentle, consistent, persistent, mature, responsible, goal oriented and focused.
"Love and and love, that's all there is." Sigmund Freud was a #Taurus