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As a #Taurus I look for what you don't say, as much as what you do, but I won't ask you about what you don't mention.
If you upset a #Taurus lady she will become so stubborn and she will not listen to a single thing you say.
As a #Taurus you always have to be steps ahead by keeping up with all the detailed changes of the planet.
#Taurus are great at hiding how the feel about you.
A #Taurus likes it to keep their opinion to themselves.
the #Taurus' female is high-maintenance,- attention, love, great nights out, men who lead and work hard and have the trinkets to show...
I'm a #Taurus I ain't never scared.
#Taurus' will never forget a favour but will also never forget a betrayal
#Taurus are eternally connected high-morals, being ethical and fair this stems from being a feminine fixed sign Ur virtues R important.
#Taurus are are also the constant thinkers.
You will never see a #Taurus's weakest moment, because it happens behind closed doors where no one can see.
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If a #Taurus can't put up with you then you are truly impossible.
Seeing is believing for a #Taurus.
In order for a #Taurus to care you have to be down to earth.
As a #Taurus you got #problemsbut finding someone to love is not one.
The #Taurus' is the only complete sign in the #zodiac.
#Taurus apply pressure to you until you fold...
A #Taurus wins by action not argument.
#Taurus' female has an undefeatable emotional strength you think she's cold cause she rarely sheds a tear... she's a rock
#Taurus' can't stand the superficial pretentious garbage.
The way that a #Taurus 'sees the world' is what the rest of the #zodiac seeks to learn from you. ?
#Taurus' live by their senses.
.Loyal,.Patient,.Possessive,.Materialistic,.Harmonious,. Sympathetic . Nature Lover,. Stubborn,. Jealous,.Sensual = #Taurus
#Taurus' aren't lazy we be thinkin'.
#Taurus being discreet is the better part of power.
#Taurus is not a "player" they just crush a lot.
The hardest thing a #Taurus has to resolve is the spiritual development that accompanies their material accumulation.
#Taurus' have two speeds stand still or stampede.
A #Taurus is the sign that will support you till you've done it.
#Taurus' have an unlimited sexual appetite if you let them.
Most #Taurus are firmly grounded individuals.
#Taurus' are a free-spirit that loves openly.
#Taurus' are beautiful, hard-working, and courageous.
#Taurus' aren't gullible actually they are highly skilled tacticians.
I'm dedicating this to #oomf I know you really need this. You're a very special lady.
#Taurus are possessive but thoughtful and caring.
Deal with you - help you get to where you need to be - get bored - move on this is a sad cycle of a #Taurus
No other sign comes close to how wonderful a friend a #Taurus is.
#Taurus' likes to be spoken to gently
Kissing a #Taurus is like Red Bull it gives you wings.
A #Taurus sometimes settle for someone beneath them.
Being a #Taurus means being luxurious.
#Taurus naturally don't count on anyone ever.
#Taurus' woman won't tell you something twice, they don't rephrase, interpret, or explain...
A #Taurus doesn't want to put you in your place but every so often I have to show you to your seat.
I'm a #Taurus I believe in commitment, love and relationships.
#Taurus controls the relationship they will tell you when to stay and when to go.
Be careful not to insult a #Taurus by accident.