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#Taurus' are beautifully proportioned, extremely graceful in their movements and exude an air of deep sensuality.
#Taurus's really don't like changes.
The most beautiful sign in the zodiac is by far the #Taurus'.
Even though a #Taurus may advocate on right and wrong they balance along the fine line.
#Taurus' are very competitive.
I'm a Taurus this is what I have and this is what I can do.
#Taurus' hate explaining things again it makes them feel like they're dealing with someone stupid.
If a #Taurus can't put up with you then you are truly impossible.
#Taurus' are the Constant climbers.
#Taurus'' can't break-up they just wait until you lie then wait some more, you'll figure it out
Most #Taurus are firmly grounded individuals.
#Taurus are eternally connected high-morals, being ethical and fair this stems from being a feminine fixed sign Ur virtues R important.
#Taurus' are very competitive.
When everyone gives up and doesn't see the value in it a #Taurus will stay till the end to make sure it's done right.
If you show kindness, respect, or done something honourable, you won a #Taurus'' friendship for life.
If you can make a #Taurus laugh you have a friend.
If people who you aren't even dating are possessive over you then you're definitely a #Taurus .
#Taurus'' know that, if they start to kick up their heels in anger, somebody is likely to get hurt!
A #Taurus female like an old fashioned type of guy. Polite, kind, quiet, confident and knows what he wants.
If a #Taurus can't make you smile no one can.
On the road to riches and diamond rings real #Taurus' do real things.