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tatiana hill
Me an my bestie lastnight at 8th grade dance :)
#tbt me and my Lil cuz love you Mae @osnapitzmaee
Everybody right here what you need to do Be thankful for the life you got, you know what I'm sayin? Stop lookin at what you ain't got Start bein thankful for what you do got
Girl I know you wanna be my main chick.
I can't believe its been 5 months without my best friend since idek when I miss you so much girl @xx_jennamariee_xx
Easter dress love it <3
Startin this upcoming hour
Under my fav pic of you #dt
I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicka #ootd #weezy #bored #tmp
Just chillin but really bored someone tmp
Me and @shonlock last night =) I had a really good time listening to you. Great performance
chillin this morning. Cute or naw??
Old but new to insta like it up =)
The things my cousin sends me
Babe I know I make mistakes and I'm the furthest thing from perfect as a girl friend but you mean a lot to me I know I have my moments and I'm hard to feal with sometimes but your always available when it comes to needing someone to talk to and your one of the only people I can actually be my self w
Me and my mom before she went to see Florida Georgia Line I hope she has a great time #nofilter #loveher
Had a great day for some reason lol
Me and my sis straight chillin she said I'm the best sister ever....awwe I feel so love yay :) #crazysister
Wassup guys bored as ever
me and my cuz aint we so cute
I love my cousin so muchhhh
Last night i have the dopest swag but @gurlsimpressme144 he dont his is just alright
love and miss them so much wish they would move back here #old #summer #bro #sis
wanna get my nails done like this so bad
want to know something i really hate ..... is when someone cheats :'(
Dont hate the player hate the game thats how it freakin made me #haters #lovemyeyes #chill #likes4likes donthate #player #get #at #me
Dis hair doe waddup you know you want this beauty
Earliest you will ever catch me up on a weekend lol datt hair doe #blurrysowhat #baddie #dopestalive
Just do it!!! Ok cool thanks
Go follow @elisha_love143 she shows much love
Chillin with my cuz @osnapitzmaee
@osnapitzmaee said she Love lol yea right
So bored but whats everyone doin tonight #blurred #tagsforlikes #like #now #please #bored #braids #swag #lol
Who's out at tucker field
Who's goin to the fair tomorrow??
Aye love this #friend #madeit #thanks #swaggin
Who's in my home room ???