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Tasty Minstrel Games
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Sometimes, you just know that you hired the right person... @uncle_dragon
.@gamesbyplaydate maybe, but it is not what it communicates. The phrase says make progress generally instead of down a particular path.
I don't like the phrase "it is better than nothing." This concept assumes it is free to do something. There is always opportunity cost.
So yeah. All the free music documentary! Royalty Free: The Music of Kevin MacLeod via @kickstarter
Have you played this awesome game by Stefan Feld called Luna?
ESSEN PHOTO: Ralph Bruhn with AquaSphere which he developed and published. BEFORE selling around 900 copies at Essen!
My only comment about #GamerGate... I am less likely to think of board game trolls as annoying or problematic.
I really dislike hanging tweets. As if there was something super important that happened before that they are re-referencing and you need to
Today was effective. Got through many emails. Tested 2 prototypes take from Essen and another potential reprint candidate.
New Contest on Facebook- Get chances to win Village and Village Inn!…
Excited to have tested a potential OOP reprint that is free. Such a good game!
Hooray for Sky Priority on @Delta because it kept me out of a long security line coming home from Germany!
Last Day For Eminent Domain: Microcosm on Kickstarter
AquaSphere is being delivered to the Hall Games booth in Essen...
I have gotten the most emails from Dutch speaking folks offering help (translation and promotion) with our localization plans.
Really? Really? Come on Hasbro... You can do better than that.
Eminent Domain: Microcosm is Run Through by @Rahdo ... Final Thoughts at 23:30…
.@phoenixperry Step #1 - Make amazing Game... Step #2 - Aggressively market it, because it is so good that it would be irresponsible not to.
How excited are you for Scoville? Would a video review of Scoville suffice? @slaqr @thedicetower
.@EL_CO4tw Hey, you bet. We are super excited to be working with our partner in Japan, Arclight Games.
This is what R2D2 would sound like if he had musical ability... @benlandis…
Tasty News 4.10 - Social & Declaration of Language Independence...
I am excited for this review from @UndeadViking for Eminent Domain: Microcosm...
I played Russian Railroads from @Zmangames_ last night and I liked it, but I think an app would make the game MUCH better.
Contest to win Eminent Domain & Escalation on Facebook. Sharing and Commenting earns you a chance to win.…
This music video about @LeagueOfLegends trolls might officially be the 5th best song by @ProfessorShyguy…
About 6 weeks until Dungeon Roll: Legends hits retailer's shelves.
Tonight I hope to play one of the following games: 5 Tribe, Russian Railroads, or Kingsport Festival... What are you looking to play?
I just noticed... There are lots of Kickstarter project out there...
If you sell @kickstarter services, then don't spam us. All TMG people have instructions to auto report spam.
Will all those Winter Hero promos work for you? @CBJPodcast
The BGG store is the way to get the Microgames for now. Also MeepleSource. @64ozGames @BoardGameGeek @MeepleSource
FYI, there is a contest to win Eminent Domain and Escalation on Facebook right now... @sedjtroll…
.@64ozGames @pandagm that is a function of Panda's market share not their capabilities...
Hey Twitter folks! You should totally follow @maXReno !! He is super awesome. Clearly this deserves all the retweets...
Wow. I have 5 Kickstarter projects outstanding which are all late. I don't know if I should use Kickstarter anymore.
Eminent Domain: Microcosm is awaiting approval from @kickstarter now. Are you excited? Have you played? @sedjtroll
Yep, it is wonderful to finally have product with @BNBuzz there should also be Dungeon Roll and maybe Belfort. @collapsecards
Eminent Domain: Microcosm should be coming to Kickstarter next week.
Daniel, on a desert island I want Ogre @kickstarter Edition. Has the most kindling. @Hoppities @SJGames
Do you prefer quicker/lighter or longer/heavier games? And why? Great discussion yesterday...
Not only have multiple friends tried BackerKit and found that it sucks... But the guy spam emails me with every project. Don't use it.
What? All the games cannot be 30 minutes long? @KevinWilson42
.@BoardGameGeek hooray! How about a game developer data field to go along with publisher?
We played 2 prototypes in the last 2 days at TMG. One shows promise and the other... even more promise.