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Tasty Minstrel Games
Best things on #AskGaryVee podcast... Personal brand works if you have legit results. Top priority and tippy top priority (it's how I work)
Exciting year coming in 2015!
Hey, give us a shout for your favorite local stores on Twitter! Who is AWESOME and why?
I am excited to play Sheriff of Nottingham and Burgoo and Eminent Domain soon! @thedicetower @sedjtroll @GameDesignerDan
What board games are you excited to play in the next several days?
A happy MEEPLEVUS, contest, and cuteness from @rhiochs featuring a stocking, Panamax, and Kanban @StrongholdGames
Video review of AquaSphere by Ryan Metzler (@slaqr) from @thedicetower network... Can you stand the wait?
Evasive Action artwork by @moltenink from the upcoming Battlecruisers by @pdubarry (set in Eminent Domain universe)
So I think that my meeting went well, but I will probably find out for sure on Thursday as a decision will be made then...
Tomorrow I have a potentially big Skype meeting with another publisher about becoming the English language partner. I have a great plan...
Playing the most appropriately named "Dungeon of Mandom" with @maydaygames and @uncle_dragon at #bggcon
Forget the hoverboard! This is what everybody has in 2015...
This is happening... Seems like the rules could be more concise. Starting soon... #bggcon
Red7 is such a binary experience. Every turn I am winning and then my opponent plays. With @CoupleVs @WatchItPlayed
Glen from @CoupleVs says that #bggcon is where the cool kids are... @e3kmouse check out this picture if Design Town.
Space just opened up for a Design Town demo. In hot games room at table D7 #bggcon
Come learn "Design Town" in the HOT games room At #bggcon. I just brought it over from Taiwan! @cbdarden @Crash_Games
Time Lord achievement unlocked! Tokyo to Dallas in 30 minutes.
東京への別の素晴らしい旅。日本での私の友人に感謝します。いない場合、私は早く5月、再びお会いしなければならない !! Thank You Very Much!
Personally, I am excited about FFG being purchased by Asmodee. They won't crowd TMG out, and they could screw it up...
So. Clearly Asmodee should buy and roll up Rio Grande Games to get Dominion. That is all.
I have 3 English copies of "Design Town", an innovative (YES!) and awesome deck builder from Taiwan. Try at BGG.con!
Dinner in Tokyo with a fantastic and large group. Including @smooxchen and @uncle_dragon
This drink is in your honor @AndyVanZandt ... Yes, we found it in Japan.
I got my picture with the statue of Hachikō. What loyalty!
Time for ridiculous game name mashups... Like Dungeon Roll For The Galaxy Trucker! @CBJPodcast #gamenamemashups
Tasty News 4.11 - Status of localization, reprints, new licenses, and upcoming games
Astroidal Warfare artwork from the future release of Eminent Domain: Exotica.
I am watching The Tomorrow People on #Netflix, and liking it a lot.
If you think of sales and marketing in a very meta-way (such as relationship foundations), then are you a modern philosopher? @TedRubin
.@rhiochs wow. Sometimes language independence is not worth it people!
ME: "I'm tired" MY MIND: "The spice must flow!"
My daughters were watching Ever After High (book by @haleshannon )... I liked it quite a bit, maybe more than a 33 year old man should.
I wonder if I have been chasing to hard after success in the game industry... Maybe concentrate harder on existing titles?
I love the colors and simplicity RT “@chrishaughton: i'm doing drawings for a hospital ward:
Learning Orléans... Have I mentioned that I love being a game publisher!
I just backed for a copy of the brain melting game "Zero Day" by @AndyVanZandt
Artwork by @moltenink from the upcoming Battlecruisers by @pdubarry . Meet Disruptor Ray.
I have one of those metabolisms where I can eat whatever I want... The only downside is that I get fat.
What is your favorite game that you feel plays like a spreadsheet?
We've had "Isaribi" since the last Tokyo Game Market and just getting to playing now...
I am super excited to be traveling to Japan again in one week! #gamemarket