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Tasty Minstrel Games
Demo in room 137 across from the GenCon exhibit hall! “@CBJPodcast: #AquaSphere is awesome @TastyMinstrel
20 laps in pool. 18 backstroke. 2 breaststroke. FYI, goggle-less breaststroke sucks.
City Hall will be available for demo at GenCon. TMG Demo Room #137 across from the exhibit hall. (preview video)…
Game publishers too... Just replace book with game. “@jayewells: What authors really think ...
.@jdanish TMG has paid for the demo room, so it is free and ticketless for all GenCon attendees!
If a game has a small footprint, low price, is easy to learn, and a themed regular folks... Is an airport a good sales location? Discuss.
I have a super secret new dice game prototype in my pocket... Just conceptualized last week and already so good!
There is only 3 days for AquaSphere left on Kickstarter!…
2 Village gone... Only 3 left at 50% off ($25). Need to empty Amazon inventory!…
Need to get inventory out of Amazon. Village for $25 (50% off). Only 5 copies.…
If you want tweets from @MichaelMindes then follow him, this will become company tweets in a handful of months.
AquaSphere by Stefan Feld is coming from us, now on @kickstarter
You'll need this card to disarm the big bomb in Bomb Squad by @KeltnerDan and @dshortdesign
We have partnered with Hall Games to bring you AquaSphere by Stefan Feld now on @kickstarter
Stefan Feld's AquaSphere now on Kickstarter
Aquasphere by Stefan Feld goes live on Kickstarter on Monday. (TMG Version)
Harbour has less then 12 hours to finish funding on Kickstarter. Get it now for December Delivery. #Harbour
Last night I ride my bicycle as fast as I could around the neighborhood and my lab/greyhound mix dog kept up with ease... HE IS SO FAST!
Hey everybody... Haven't tweeted much about Harbour... You should back it. Or not. Whatever.
The tide is rising - December Delivery for Harbour
Huge news about Harbour coming tomorrow!
Tasty News 4.7 - Aquasphere, Harbour, Dungeon Roll Legends, & More...
I just learned Takenoko from @WatchItPlayed and that was much better than reading the rules!
Who is scared to interact with gamers at an exhibitor open house convention? This guy...
HARBOUR KS UPDATE: The Stretch Goals Are Dead, Long Live The Stretch Goals!…
Harbour is officially the most popular project on Kickstarter! Woo Hoo!
Harbour is now through 2 stretch goals! And now to blow through $30,000 of funding...
EMAIL: Harbour On Kickstarter - Early Bird Gets...
Harbour by @Scott_Almes comes to @kickstarter on Monday. Be ready for the early bird special!
.@Alphastream @BehnkeStudio if you are making good art, then self promotion is good for all. Maybe? Isn't it?
Why don't you follow TMG illustrator @moltenink ? What about Harbour designer @Scott_Almes ?
Hooray! Today I get to work an 18 hour day!
First Harbour image is up on BGG... Thumb it if you like it...…
57th Rule of Acquisition - Good customers are as rare as latinum. Treasure them.
I am excited for the new TMG. Complete with team. @knobuddy is really inspiring a coming increase in communication.
GREAT FUN! Coin Age - A Board with Life Bit: via @YouTube
Hooray for jetlag. It is 5:24 am and I have already been awake for 2 hours and 50 minutes!
I just backed Pixel Glory: A Deck Building Game on @kickstarter
Speaking of difficulty of commercial viability. CHEATER'S DICE - can you find the true die?
A very cool abstract game despite being almost impossible for commercial viability.
.@GamingTrent @MajMalfunction somebody pays for the space, and this year we have a dedicated room. If in the open area then the tickets...
Kings of Air and Steam is trying to get the green light from Steam. Your votes help!…
There is nothing quite like the beautiful chaos of a live orchestra's last minute preparation before a symphony.