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I don't feel any different now that I'm a graduate. All I know is that I'm supposed to be doing something with my degree #allowit
@TasawarK tell that to the person that said this toooo meeee
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I believe in hate at first sight
Why pay £30k+ to study languages? Or something just as meaningless 😂
I agree we need to attack ignorance, but rapists are criminals. They know what they're doing is wrong.
I never understood a feminist argument of "we should teach men not to rape" yeah because criminals love abiding by laws and teachings
Still trying to work out what fleeky means. You kids think of new slang everyday ffs i can't keep up
You pay like £600 + for imessage. We pay like 69p for WhatsApp or its free…
"fam my tongue is doing the harlem shake right now" - my sister in response to eating a mildly spicy slice of pizza
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This whole eyebrows thing has gone too far man. Some of you lot look hideous
SubhanAllah. Australian Water Company quoting Prophet Muhammad PBUH Hadith with each bottle of Water.
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If you live in Manchester you'd have seen these people. The old dancing man always gives me so much jokes 😂…k
Asians are never on time for anything. I could be dying but no they rather buy their £1 tomatoes, than save my life.
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Islam gave women rights and equal status over 1400 years ago.We need a movement to attack ignorance, including yours…
If I had a baby sibling my life would be more entertaining nd fun
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Why do Asian sex offenders get so much more publicity in the media compared to white offenders or pedophiles?
Food porn is the reason why I'm fat
This is where you'd take someone special 😍😍A4k
#awkwardmoments when I asked my sister for Choc Dicks instead of Choc Dips. FML
"Women from all races are beautiful" *only ever uploads women who all have light skin* okay then
I think what's sad is that after all this, there probably won't be any justice for Sandra and the scum will get away with it
Can't wait to have my own flat. Hate living in halls 😭
Feminists be like "freedom of choice for all women💪!!! Unless of choose to cover yourself, youre wrong honey let me save u"
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The problem with our ummah is that we dont advise each other enough, instead of hiding ones sin we expose them for bants. Our ummah is bants
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Imagine if racism just stopped existing
My girl ain't allowed to answer knock knock jokes. She expecting somebody?! Sit down I'll get it
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Nowadays kids just stand outside a house and text their mate that they're outside ffs
The excuses back then when you ask their parents or someone if your mate was home and they'd be like "sorry, he's having his dinner" 😂
Do kids even knock for each other anymore? I remember doing that as kid. Knocking on a friends door without even knowing if they're in
Happens everywhere I know, but there seems to be an alarming rate in USA
The racism in USA is so sickening. Everyday I'm seeing a new case of a cop abusing his power
I died at the ding ding 😂�L6
It's actually more shocking that you'd think a hoe is loyal. Calm down genius
I usually have to always finish stuff once I've started it 😴
Resuming Sin City 2. Taken me two days so far. This film is so shit
Pretending to be dumb isn't cute or funny
Has anyone actually bought This Winrar? 😂
I prefer mornings than evenings
Finally being back on early gym sessions feels good
I don't think anyone has ever sent me a DM that wasn't spam or a link to their insta 😒
I love making sweet potato fries 😍
While there's starving children around the world, we're complaining that there's too much salt in a curry. Seriously man!
Oops my bad it's called dragon ball
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So many spam replies ffs
Playing the Witcher 3 all day ✌

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