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Ffs that's so awkward
You were my bae. Now I'm gay
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Allow me allow me
I tweet waaaaaaaaaaay too much about food
I think I'm also like the only one who's so obsessed with pizza. Boring people
Beauty comes in all shapes & sizes. Small, large, circle, square, thin crust, thick crust, stuffed crust, extra toppings
I'm like the only person I know that reads Manga. Dammit I'm cool okay
Dumb ass hoes
He told the Barista that his name was Marc with a "c"...
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When people say their baby is cute and you're like ๐Ÿ‘€ no it ain't.
Some of the irrelevant shit people worry about I swear
โ€œ@Hydiataira: โ€œ@_mxzzx_: Self and steam pretty low rnโ€ โœ‹what's pretty low right now? You self-esteem? #ThankMeLaterโ€ Your* #thankmelater๐Ÿ˜˜
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Don't understand some of you lot, you're complaining about that baby pic yet you're rt'ing and quote tweeting it. Fuck off man.
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@TasawarK they're a lot of illogical self-centred ppl on here.
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When you wake up, stretch your arms & legs to get your blood circulating in your body. This helps the body wake up faster.
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Just report that attention seeking bastard
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Allow pretending to be someone you're not
You're brown, be proud
Ffs why are these Asian girls editing their pics so they look white?!
Lol sorry for the rants
This shit is making me angry
Reported the sick bastard.
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Gain some perspective and sort out your priorities
It really shows how boring and empty your life must be for you to do fucked up things just for a few retweets and some attention
I swear some people just do disgusting things to post on social networks just to get attention or 'famous'
I think I'm done with Twitter today, sick fucks
Since when were people proud of being a pedophile?! Disgusting
What kind of sick psychologically fucked up bastard could do that
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NAAA that baby abuse picture is disgusting
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And the judges are usually shit too
I don't get the deal with X factor. It's shit
What is a John Legend?
Rising climax
M&m's are so addictive
Think I should become a philosopher cuz I'm so damn wise
And to attract good people, you need to first focus on yourself and how to become a better person
Surround yourself around good people and you'll be happy
Too many depressing people nowadays talking about how people are liars etc. Just surround yourself around good people
Doesn't matter if you're cynical. You should always give people the benefit of the doubt