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I can't deal with this amount of stupidity
The amount of idiots on my Facebook is unreal
Happiest are the people who give most happiness to others
These Randy Orton videos are killing me😂😂😂
Good luck to the @MMUTennis_ lads. First BUCS game against Lancaster. Bring the win home boys 😃🎾
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I used to love that kryptonite song. Superman going crazy or something. I dunno, was good
LOL I tend to just download films tbh. But there are some that are worth watching on a big screen
I've not been to the cinema in a while. Think it's time I should go again. What to watch though?
This is early man
Ugh, it's 0649 ffs
I'm actually crying with pain 😂😂😂😂
Someone on my Facebook just asked if the Ebola virus was even real 😶
No matter who you are, you can make your body amazing!
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Your "bae" is someone else's hoe 😴
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Okay that was harsh. Only for some of you then, I guess
You call it “insulting”, I call it “describing accurately”.
Are you muslim? — Nah I wear hijab for banter
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Sometimes I literally stand by my window and people watch lol is that weird I just find it so fascinating
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You can pretty much text/tweet anything as long as you put a happy face emoticon afterwards. You’re all sluts :)
I want cookies and milk
I hate being left on hold, especially with them crusty annoying songs ffs
Work gives me a headache
I often think I was born into the wrong generation
How is girls doing drugs and getting high attractive?
I don't know what's worse. People spreading lies and hate or those ignorant fools who believe it
It's jokes how girls just tweet naked pictures now asking people to follow them like lol hey I have no self respect so follow Yeah?
Ffs what's with the random question marks on my tweets 😢
What time is 1700 to have a lecture anyways 😩?
I think i should stop tweeting and head to my lecture
How some celebrated Eid AlAdha,May Allah bring together those who've lost family for whatever reason in Jannah, Ameen
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My mum can't even stand cats or dogs. It's an Asian thing. Damn that stigma
I wonder how many of my Asians friends don't come to see me when I have a dog. Cuz you know, all scared and shiz 😂😂
although eating cake in Manchester is a bore. Rather be at home with fam 😢?
Thug life? Nah mate. Fat, tired, I wanna lay in bed all day on my phone eating cake life.
I'm gonna im gonna lose my teeth from excess cake eating
I wonder how many calories I burn when i run away from problems in my life
"It’s about who you miss at 2 in the afternoon when you’re busy, not 2 in the morning when you’re lonely."
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If tattoos weren't haram I would so get one!!
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Never realised how nice tictacs are. Hello new food fo lyfe
Solo gym sessions have me feeling like i have no friends 😢😢