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Please stop showing everyone pictures of your ugly baby
Everyone's getting fat
Wish life was still about what coloured socks to wear next and how many ice pops I could get with my pocket money
Now that I'm a graduate I feel I'm supposed to have this new profound feeling of being an adult, but I just wanna sleep and eat junk. Wehh
Awks how people use sympathy for media coverage or popularity, and people fall for these so called sob stories. Just awks
So yeah, I guess I'm a graduate now 😱
Where has three years gone? Wehh
Last exam of my degree in an hour. Damn, time goes quick!
Tryna revise but feeling way too sleepy. Hoping my exam tomorrow is based on sleeping
r u the bottom of my laptop bc ur hot
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Who says that I'm not a ninja?
Them sad times when you're in bed trying to sleep but all of a sudden you get really hungry. FML
Run boy run, this world is not made for you
I'll just sleep for the next few days and pretend that my exams don't exist
I get so easily sidetracked, even in my thoughts, no, especially in my thoughts. My brain can never just think about one thing at a time ffs
Why would you ever get a nipple piercing? Especially if you're a guy
Just four more days and I'd be done with uni forever! Three years have passed so quickly
When you see your boy getting rushed but you remember he voted Conservative
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'why did you fail your a levels?' 'the group chat was on fire mum i couldn't miss out on the top banter'
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Killing animals for sport must surly show signs of insecurity and psychopathic behaviour for dominance, yet it's illegal to do it to a human
If my exams were more about food and less about Wavelength division multiplexing, I think I'd pass
These man can't even get a C in English but wanna protest about the government. Do you even know how to spell the word government?
It hardly matters who's in power. We're in so much debt that we're screwed either way
I'd love it if a few lost dogs and cats just found their way to me and decided to live with me
Look at this!! "Pocket Shark" I want 😒
Happy Earth Day
I want to sleep but then i don't
When people you know/spoken to unfollow you :'(
It's like there's this judging game that I don't know about but everyone plays it. A game of judgement, vanity and arrogance
I'll buy a smart watch when I can start controlling household applicances and actual "smart" features
Best part about going gym- Eating food after 😍
YouTube wanna do monthly subscription so people can remove ads. Or...... You could like, use adblock...
Think I might just fall asleep at work
Absolutely crazy weather today in Manchester
These upside down, sideways, backwards, flipped, diagonal, bloody tilted 25 degrees to the left selfies are so annoying
Dissertation is a killer
I died over final fantasy XV
I don’t have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without caffeine.
Why do fan accounts even exists? Like a celebrity is gonna see their own icon on someone's else's account and go "Yeah, I'll holla them"
Started watching Rome. It's good, too many unnecessary scenes though
Why do idiot people get a platform to share their stupidty with the world? Argh, idiots follow idiots
Twitter, y u change?!
I don't know what's more embarrassing, racist videos on facebook or the twats who share it and give it more popularity.
Although I should be focusing on my dissertation. FML
Don't know what to watch next. Argh, decisions
Just finished Marco Polo. So good 😍😱

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