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Sitting and relaxing in coffee shops by myself or someone is more of my vibe tbh
Can't get enough of this drink
I'm constantly tired
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Waiting in the dentist waiting room with my stomach playing the orchestra. Thanks mate
I automatically unfollow anyone who posts or retweets nude photos or adult stuff
Why do some Muslim guys feel like they get a pass on social media to post porno/Naked pics/ dirty status???
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BBC have no chill 😂�9b
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Perverted levels on Twitter are so high. You guys should be on some sort of dating site
Forgetting about people game so strong
Ngl would love to be able to speak Arabic
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Finally about to watch Doctor Who 😍
Someone take a picture of me so I can change my icon
There should be a movie about you…
I have no choice but to talk to myself when some of ya'll are stupid
I want a baby lamb omdays they so cute
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BBM used to be like Friend: BC me fam Me: Ite sn hold on *sends BC to him only* Friend: No one added Me: really..
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For this kind of behaviour @Shancairnie ffs 😂😂 WHY DOES SHE DO THIS TO Myn
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Everyday fake Facebook friend requests. Never actual real people. I'm all alone
holy shit remember when "LOL jk" was a massive thing
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"I saw that band before they got big"
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I want to be your ecstasy
Someone give me a bio tenks
I want to make fun of your ears but I also don't want to feel bad. Life is cruel
@TasawarK awwwww tassss you're so cute X
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Oh and my evening face is weak af as well
My afternoon face weak af too
My morning face weak af
I'm part of the 1% of people who agree with the 5p bag charge
Helping people is not only rewarding to the person that you're helping, it's also rewarding to yourself. It's a win win situation
What begins in anger ends in shame
@TasawarK id like to say I feel no shame pls your words do not affect me 😂😂
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Shhhhhhh. Your tweets are too loud
My mind is usually on some high flex when I stay awake late
When someone calls me skinny :/
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Sometimes I get so sleepy that i struggle to brush my teeth. How dafuq do you girls get up and take your makeup off when you get sleepy?!
Give me a cat and I'm yours
Allah created us, is it funny to make fun of his creations? Also, humour is funny when it's not insulting.…
Ya'll so picky you better start loving cats sooner than later
Things look so much better at night
Doesn't matter how good your insults might be, if they have more followers than you, you automatically lose

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