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Tarek Adel
The only things a non-jailbroken phone is good at: 1. Jailbreaking (if on 7.0.x or lower) 2. Playing Flappy Bird 3. Taking Selfies
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I hate show off-ers
I make the best nescafe everrrrr
مساحة المستطيل = الطول X العرص #???????_?????
Its getting real ugly :'(
What do you think i should do?! If i find someone cheating on someone ?!
It is just awful that we got used to the fact that everyday #Egyptians die! #Egypt #mybeautifulcountry
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#????_???_????? mfesh 8er el hashtag de 3ala twitter wala eh?!
Bystfzny awy el nas el btb2a mesh 3rfa 7ga w gaya ttshtr 3lena , mbte2homsh!
I can look ugly anywhere , cuz i dont care :P
That who has love has everything!
The only thing that I always enjoy at school is english <3 .
Muslims nowadays, are you a virgin? Nope, do you drink? Yes ofc, do you smoke? Hell yea, do you pork?? Bro, im muslim.
El wald el bylbs chemise w 3aleh pullover>>
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ana ba2et mashy 3ala nezam el mesh hay3ml like h3wro. el moshkla ba2a eny ana el bat3awr -_-
I have friends more than you count. Oh by the way you cant count till 0 :P
Egypt anyone?! :P
"Khalas I got over him" - "tyb kweys , teshraby maya?" - "BAS HWA KAN DAIMAN BESHRAB MAYYA :'(" - Girls.
People are like cake, you never know whats inside. You only see whats outside. Never trust a cake!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone..San Valentino Felice <3
If Just i Could Like a Like... I would have saved a lot of useless comments
Always act PRO!
1 Thing i Don't like in US Egyptians...WE Mostly look at the shape not the CORE!
We Always Treat People Who Love us Not as They are Supposed to be treated... IM SORRY #Ma2sodaa