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Tarek Adel
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I don't need your fuckin' opinion about what i do, understood?
G:How much do you love me? B:My heart is a mobile and you are my SIM G:Oh God I am soo lucky.. She doesn't know that my mobile is dual sim
Crying doesn't say that you are weak, since birth, it was a sign of u being alive!
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وسط زحمة #???????? إللي ف ألكشكول ،، كـﻵم محدش هيفهموا غيرك .. '!
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3an nas 3omrahaaaa mabtes2al 8er lma e7na nes2l el awl
Some people think beauty is how you look... Well let me tell you that beauty is how you treat people.
Never use the easy way... Its always boring.
Here are the steps to be better.... 1.think you are better than doing the wrong thing 2.Congratulate yourself you are now better than ever.
One day .. I will be just a memory, so please help me make this memory a better one.
Why would anybody copy a "copied" post ! I mean whats the point....
The Time you dont have to tell hundreds of what you've just done because you want to share this moment with just this one!
Never underestimate the power of denial!
When Somebody I haven't spoken to since I was like 6 years old and then asks you for ur number and then calls you!! It feels like no other.
The only things a non-jailbroken phone is good at: 1. Jailbreaking (if on 7.0.x or lower) 2. Playing Flappy Bird 3. Taking Selfies
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I hate show off-ers
I make the best nescafe everrrrr
مساحة المستطيل = الطول X العرص #???????_?????
Its getting real ugly :'(
What do you think i should do?! If i find someone cheating on someone ?!
It is just awful that we got used to the fact that everyday #Egyptians die! #Egypt #mybeautifulcountry
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#????_???_????? mfesh 8er el hashtag de 3ala twitter wala eh?!
Bystfzny awy el nas el btb2a mesh 3rfa 7ga w gaya ttshtr 3lena , mbte2homsh!
I can look ugly anywhere , cuz i dont care :P
That who has love has everything!
The only thing that I always enjoy at school is english <3 .
Muslims nowadays, are you a virgin? Nope, do you drink? Yes ofc, do you smoke? Hell yea, do you pork?? Bro, im muslim.
El wald el bylbs chemise w 3aleh pullover>>
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ana ba2et mashy 3ala nezam el mesh hay3ml like h3wro. el moshkla ba2a eny ana el bat3awr -_-
I have friends more than you count. Oh by the way you cant count till 0 :P
Egypt anyone?! :P
"Khalas I got over him" - "tyb kweys , teshraby maya?" - "BAS HWA KAN DAIMAN BESHRAB MAYYA :'(" - Girls.
People are like cake, you never know whats inside. You only see whats outside. Never trust a cake!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone..San Valentino Felice <3
If Just i Could Like a Like... I would have saved a lot of useless comments
Always act PRO!
1 Thing i Don't like in US Egyptians...WE Mostly look at the shape not the CORE!
We Always Treat People Who Love us Not as They are Supposed to be treated... IM SORRY #Ma2sodaa
I need somebody who has experience in cocos2d iphone
ياااااه فين ايام مكنا عارفين اللى جاى من بعيد دا ولد ولا بنت !! :D
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Worried because you don't have a valentine in valentine's day? Well there are people who don't have mother in mother's day!
Crush: I love you Ana: WANA KAMAAAAANNN Crush: sorry wrong chat Ana:
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Don't expect anything .. Beautiful things happen only when you're not expecting them.
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Sa7ony ba3d bukra ba2a :)
لما اشوف واحد متعصب بكون عايز اديلو سنيكرز وأقلو .. ها احسن ؟
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عيد المُحن قرب :D
I ADORE that person who instantly replies!
أفكار دي ولا مش أفكار يامتعلمين يا بتوع المدارس !؟
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