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Saw benny at WD 11 tho.
Respect Me And I Give u 100% of my respect to u.
Shit Attitude.
Tmr is the day. The day where the most happiest moment ever in my life.
I don't hate you. I just lost respect for you.
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I found my old playstation♡
I. Just. Wanna. Travel. The. World. 🌎🌈✈
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Since the start of the holiday. I didnt even get a chance to go out .
Exo? XO wine isitttttt
Ohhhh MAMA awards♡
Quite regretted appealing to Einstein..
Getting Closer~
That 小苹果 Song😍
Lesko Blackshot Time After 2 Weeks!
Next year 3.20pm. Fk this shit.
Found Someone New...
The Finale Song We Sang @ Beijing ...
Welcome da december! And im still working.
i wanna go back to beijing....
SG too hot.
Time fly fast tho. 2months of holiday yet now left with 1month+.
Bejing Snowing!!✈*^O^* KULULULULULULU
Kena dare to do smth disgusting. Fml.Stupid tuition fren.
When true or dare turns wrong....
Since last time i said im baking brownies.Till now no time buy ingredients.
Stronk as fck sia x3Tiffanny & xLynette
Is Lynette and Tiffany playing blackshot tgt? Y always both of their names appear in my game.
9 more days 😄
Zuo Mo Ni Yao At Night Rain :( XiaoSad😓
Yay~~~~ Changed to 3Einstein!!"♥♥♥
Night also rain. "YOU DONT CHIBAI"
Actually work until tmr then $2k. LOL
Ohhhh, Work until $2k alr fk the world. and i can buy my COMPPPPPPPPP
Zuo mo rain then stop then rain then stop.
I know u all wish to kill me or slap me.
Holiday morning early wake up go sch just becuz to give appeal forn. ==