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2Einstein '14♥
nvm luh, Next year better different class.
Omg pls, If u think u dun wanna see me,Tell me.Cuz i will dissapear .
Haiz.TGY is a burden kia.
"@Ms_vibrator: I told u I would be a burden. I'm sorry. 😔" Burden Like me:(
I told u I would be a burden. I'm sorry. 😔
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I may look strong on the outside, but truly inside of me, is a frail heart.
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Ah Fine. I go school cuz of Check Mark Sheet.
I Apologise meh..…
Confused lor.
Finally threw all my Sec 2 things and Junks away😌
Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy.
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I get jealous because I'm afraid someone is going to make you happier than I do.
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I'm sensitive, I over think every little thing, and I care way too much.
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My entire life is just me “winging it“.
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A person who truly loves you will never let you go or give up on you, no matter how hard the situation is..
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I automatically smile when I see you.
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this year i’ve realized a lot of these so-called “friends” are only there for u when they need shit which is why i cut them out of my life🙅
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Wa lao,Wgt for sch sia?Btw Morning:)
Even im alone,Im happy.
My Photo Tio Stomp Liao! #StompSG #TioStompLiao
Woodlands Drama! Hahahaha.Wtf.