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Tammy Pescatelli
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@JannKaram: @TammyPescatelli awwwwww...that made me go "awwww..." :)” it's true! Really!
I have always loved your standup @JannKaram
My comedy brother @AriShaffir is #amazing but not a #racist.#Proof: while his ppl are @War w/Palestine,Ari is @War w/NorthCarolina!#jokes
@ComedienneMsPat: @TammyPescatelli I love ur work” and me yours lady!! We have to work together sometime!
Is This the Stupidest Organized Outrage Against a Comedian Yet?…
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@redban: Great seeing you tonight @TammyPescatelli! Let’s podcast more!she’s at @icehousecc tomorrow night!!”U2!! I miss you all!#Family
There are fun-haters out there, & most of those ppl are women. Women are genetically programmed to be miserable. --@TammyPescatelli
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@JustineMachine: @TammyPescatelli I'm in the other room I'll come say hi!!! #dsf” please do baby girl!
@icehousecc: @TeacherComedian @TammyPescatelli Let's have some fun!! :))” as much as we can stand!
Trying to change my flt. Been on hold for 2 hrs total, 3 different calls w/@DeltaAssist. No answer yet.#wtf?
@TammyPescatelli @icehousecc OHHH! YES! Come in to #deathsquad studio and jump on the podcast for a bit if you can
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In #Pasadena, killing time before the shows Ice House Comedy Club tonight!
I am a huge fan of #TheWalkingDead. And by #TheWalkingDead, I mean #marriage. And by #marriage, I mean not really....
@deonwheelz: @TammyPescatelli I would love to hear you on the joe rogan experience” we were trying:)
#FF @TammyPescatelli She's funny! She's smart! She knows I'm kissing ass! Just follow her & maybe she'll left the restraining order.
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@misshewardine: @TammyPescatelli You and @iliza are like the angel/devil on my shoulders 👍 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟” haha that's a funny show!