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Facebook is giving advertisers more say in their audience as they take on YouTube.
#Blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchase decisions than magazines. (Optimind Technology) Does your business blog regularly?
Looking to improve your mobile search ROI? #Mobile #Search #ROI
Our new blog "Wearables to Be Worth $12.6 Billion by 2018" Is online now! #Wearables #Tech #Apple
Happy Birthday to TAMBA's John Worrall! Seen here with a lovely cake, pass the paper plates!
Has the Apple Watch disappointed investors? What lies in the future for wearables? #Apple #Wearable #Tech
Social promoters are driving brand engagement! Get them onside with great content marketing. #Brands #Engagement
Gold standard or temporary diversion? Can mobile payment options live up to the hype?
How many of our followers have used Apple Pay? How did you find it as an experience? Let us know!
88% of Twitter users are on mobile. Ensuring that your content and website are mobile friendly is a must!
Watch gaming videos? Maybe you stream or create yourself, check out this latest article from eMarketer. #Gaming
Gaming video content is huge and its advertising potential grows just as fast as its viewership. Are adverts intrusive or an opportunity?
Install advertising is the way to ensure your app stands out from the crowd.
Want to be more influential online? Read how here.
Marketing to milliennials? Here are five great tips
Happy #WorldEmojiDay from TAMBA! πŸŒΈβ˜οΈπŸ‹β˜οΈ "Hey! What's this thing suddenly coming towards me very fast? So big and flat and round."
Instagram will soon be opening itself up to advertisers.
Our take on the latest changes to Google's algorithm Tip @LinkedInPulse
75% of #SEO is off-page and 25% is on-page. What external activities are you doing to boost your visibility?
New on the blog! How Google's Recent Changes Could Fuel a 130% Jump in Your Sales
Advertising on wearable tech is a challenge. Can it be done the right way? Absolutely.
Want to see the 15 best new features of iOS9? Check them all out here.
We have launched our latest competition for Pirelli! Check it out here if you want to enter!
Blocking adverts on mobile could about to be a problem in the UK. Read about it here.
New on the blog! Why Content Creators Deserve Their
Targeting young men with your marketing? Consider these findings from eMarketer.
Live tweeting could be about to get easier!
Struggling with your B2B digital communication? You're not alone!
Struggling with your B2B digital communication? You're not alone!
Want to get a piece of 150 million page views? Great content is the way!
Just starting out in business? Check out these 5 tips for getting started with PR.
New on the blog! 8 in 10 Marketers to Use Real-Time Personalisation. Read it here!
Selling a luxury product? Digital is the way to go! New findings from eMarketer
Great first time! Thanks to everyone, I'll see you all again next week for the next #brandchat
Demand is the great decider, you can create it if its possible! #brandchat
A7 Identify a need in your consumer base and fulfil it for your customers! Giving is receiving in such an intimate setting! #brandchat
Subtle branding speaks of confidence and ubiquitous understanding of the iconography! Less is more! #brandchat
All things premium are branded. Even the lack of branding can be iconic of a brand. Premium goods can never get away from that!! #brandchat
No one ever wanted a Rolex without the name tag on the face! #brandchat
Nothing says neutral like solid gold! Brands hold value as a luxury and as such will always be at the forefront! #brandchat
Put the user in charge and offer them a reason to interact with you on a wearable! They can just take you off otherwise! #brandchat
A5: so far, in my experience, the only pitfall lies in battery life - we're wearing it ALL the time, so the battery should last #brandchat
Retweeted by TAMBA
A5 Be weary of using a wearable to be pushy! Notifications on a smartphone can be annoying enough, on your watch? Wow! #brandchat
A4 The targeted content that can be produced with data from wearables has great potential for providing better exp for users #brandchat
Comfort is a good consideration @mariaduron! When there is more 3rd party engagement with the medium the more options will appear #brandchat
The wearable app is the future! hardware is not an in-detail consideration for some consumers. UX and value in the app is! #brandchat
A3 To produce something beyond a gimmick, add value. Even if the value doesn't out last the event, the memory will! #brandchat
A3 Cheap video-mailers have good cut through, cheap wearables can reproduce the same effect. It's all in the execution! #brandchat
Current hardware price doesn't diminish future potential for wearables #brandchat
A2 A great UX delivers content in the easiest, most attractive way possible. Creating that on wearables is entirely possible! #brandchat

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