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Mr. Milk&Cereal♏
Why do women take hours to look good before going out, and reject every man that tries talking to them?
She said "light skins girls low key can't read📄🙅, that's why they don't reply to texts" lmfao😂😭
Some Women act like a piece of meat🍗🍖but hate when men treats then like a piece of meat😕 lol smh
it doesn't matter how pretty the package is on the outside, if what's inside is worthless.
Everybody on that relationship bus except moi 💑💏 🚌💨 🏃
Good men get fucked over, good women get fucked over, so why wont good men and good women date each other😕?
I don't think you should get tattoos if your skin is like ->🌚
Exposing a female that trusted you on twitter doesn't make you more of man, you a lil bitch for that.
I realize when it comes to dating, and you have many options you usually choose the wrong person.😕
My problem is im loyal too the wrong dame ppl 😔
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I wonder why people ask question's during a movie that you are both watching for the first time
#UnansweredQuestions how did Mr. Krabs father pearl!?🐳
i hate being up at this time with nothing to do. smh, bored as nuts
I don't get mad when people don't text me back. I simply erase their UNSAVED number and never speak to em again.😌
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ladies how would you feel if your new man spanks your kids for acting up?
How come when u say "hi" or "good morning" to a black woman she either ignores you, or say some slick shit, but a non black replies nicely?
Black females will leave a nigga cuz he plays Xbox too much but will stay with a nigga who beats her ass Mortal Kombat style tho
black people shouldn't worry about the kkk anymore, we're more likely to get killed by another black person
How can u not tell the difference between "except and accept" like really😒 I'll let "they're and their" slide but the first 2. Come on man
Feeling depressed as fuck😖
that nigga had the nerve to say " a real nigga shouldn't fuck white women" nigga what!?
#NiggasBeLike she's in school, loyal, good with kids, but the other one thick as fuk, that ass tho...i'll take the one with da ass
Exes have NO RIGHT to say "if you need me, I'm here for you" where were you when it mattered!? Smh
I think women shouldn't pay any attention to niggas who approaches them with shitty line like "yo ma, wassup witchu" <---lame
Dating someone cause you find them cute, or sexy means shit if they're not willing to be the ideal partner.
95% of y'all get in a relationship for all the wrong reasons that's why it barely last a month.
Loyalty alone can't save your relationship, y'all gotta have something stronger than that
Some women believe that if their man whoops their asses then that's love. The fuck😦 I'm about to be single forever if thats what y'all like
People lie so much these days, dot even know who to trust smh
Nigga said "hi" to her, she replied "the fuck do you want"😧 women like this will end up alone man. So rude
So many things wrong with the world, and many of us take for granted what we do have.
every team lebron leaves, he leaves a little of his edge there. eventually he'll be bald as fuck
@Tall_Midg3t Tell that girl screw her head on tight befor it fall off & roll up in her ass!! she dumb a.f for that!
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this girl said she'd rather have a broke nigga with a six pack, than dating a fat working nigga lmao...this can't be life
why is it females, skinny, fat, ugly, pretty expect guys to accept them with all their flaws, but won't accept a guy with flaws too!?
You can tell a lot about a woman💁by what she carries in her purse👜
i need a personal trainer, i give up way too quickly
i think if you're unhappy in a relationship you should just leave instead of cheating.
i don't understand why some women wear make-up to a point where they look like a different person when not wearing it.
good woman or not, no guy likes a pussy with a long history. you can't just delete it
i understand you're single and wanna do single shit, but sleeping with every guy you find "cute" is a hoe move.