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Mr. Milk&Cereal♏
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It's amazing how quickly people judge you without even knowing the full facts
The sweetest woman in the world can be the meanest woman in the world, If u make her that way!
You had your chance with the best...Now waste your life with the rest
#TMNT was hilarious 🐢 shredder was straight beast, and that beatbox in the elevator was funny as hell lol.
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Paying child support for kids that ain't your must be tough
This bitch talkin about how she can never date a man with a small dick, meanwhile she doesn't know who her baby daddy is. Lmao😂
Went to Africa bout a week ago week ago, caught Ebola now I'm bleeding hoe, bleeding hoe🎶😂
If it ain't gonna be long term🔐😊😍👫👰👪, then I don't need it.
So #septa is going on strike 😕
...wish🙏 I could go 🔙 in time⏳. there's so much stuff I would do differently .
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Just heard a girl say "I just wanna be his baby momma so baddd😍ugh"....umm when did that become a goal!?😕 What happened to "wife" smh
Happy birthday to me🎁🎉🎊😎
#AmITheOnlyOne that's tired of people BS//games and being lied to?😒😪
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#NiggasBeLike "she a good girl but I need me some bad bitches" bruh😒
Ladies, pick your mates carefully.
Every time I blink a baby's born, and somehow the dad comes up missing. Family matters people, step up n be a father.
Some people just love blaming satan for every shitty decision they make, like satan woke up like "well today, I'm about 2 fuck her day up😈"
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CRYING RT @MentalStimulant When you're having a 3some & the other chic doesn't know what to do, so she grabs a titty.
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sometimes the best thing you can be, is silent
Sometimes you need to talk to a toddler to see the beauty of the world again.
Quiet people know more than what they say.
I absolutely LOVE hearing somebody lying, when I already know the truth.😏
Dating a female with kids is so problematic, specially when the baby dad isn't a cool dude
A woman will pass on a man with good intentions just to be with a nigga that only wants her for her body. 😒
Up super early for no damn reason 😖
I need some new text buddies😎📱 Anyone!?
😂😴 parents always talking about how they do stuff for you .. Mf you knew what is was when you had me 💁 don't complain now 👌💯
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It's cold as fuck...geez😖
Everyone going to church or cuddled up in bed, my ass is going to school. Smh
Everything worthwhile is going to be hard. plain and simple
If you treat someone like they're invisible long enough, eventually they will disappear.
A woman will do ANY and EVERYTHING to make her relationship work. That's why she'll never regret it when it's time to walk away.
Dont let your emotions make your decisions.
I have a weird habit of laughing when a girl says she likes me lol. Is that weird!?
These "relationship goals" pics I see on twitter be retarded as fck. A dude blowin smoke in his gf mouth is a goal!?😒dumb as hell smh
I wonder Why there are more "it's complicated" relationships than there are stable ones
God knows I'm not perfect, but I'm loyal as fuck🙌
And y'all wonder why you always pick the wrong guy.smh
I asked a girl what are somethings that attracts her to a guy. All she said was tattoos and muscle. Lol that's it.
So a women can judge a man on dick size, body size, bank account size, all things size related n its cool, but a man doing the same is wrong
When I was in high school a virgin was rare, now a woman between 18-26 without kids are rare
I've come to the conclusion that my generation doesn't know how a RELATIONSHIP works.