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Mr. Milk&Cereal♏
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so if i punch a woman i go to jail for assult and battery, but if a cop punches a woman it's ok, he's just doing his job. oh ok. got it
Trust can never be perfect twice.
"trust me" and "I'm sorry" are the two phrases that mean absolutely nothing. they are both just lies.
trust is better than love~you can always love someone that you can trust~but you can't always trust someone that you love.
#ThatAwkwardMoment when the SINGLE girl you've been talking to for 2 months and getting nudes from post a pic of her and her BF👀🙊
People are always complaining about getting backstabbed, as if they never once did the stabbing👿🔪...smh
You have a kid, and now you say you don't wanna have sex till marriage...what?
#TheFlashvsArrow that was a good episode. Felicity got a nice little booty tho 👀
One of my flaws is I care too much about people who don't care about me.
Who ever said they were a lover not a fighter didn't realize you cant be a lover unless you have something worth fighting for.
Politicians and diapers should be changed for the same reason!
i'm amazed at how many people allow their ignorance to give them a false sense of superiority over others
Some People throw the word "love" around too easily
People spend too much time thinking about what was instead of thinking about what could be.
Why is your IG on🔐 But your legs🔓 .....😕!?
I wonder when people will finally understand that a relationship is between 2 people. Can't have one leg in and one leg out.
Are we really surprised about the jury's decision. Anyone could've predicted that
It looks to me like black women of my generation would rather be liked by many than be loved by 1. Why ladies?
Bumping to R-Kelly's first album😎🔉🔊🎶
Last night's episode of #HowToGetAwayWithMurder was so epic😨🙌 omg.
If people truly understood just how powerful sex is, they wouldn't want to have it with just anyone.
Ladies if you have a man that's willing to make necessary changes, don't walk away, cuz most niggas won't ever change for you
Am I the only one who seems to attract mentally-unstable people?
You ever look for your phone so hard that you put your phone down to keep looking? Then you realize you were holding it the whole time
I bet that one day, when you're alone, you'll look back and think to yourself,"man, he really cared, and I just walked away."
Always be a priority never an option! Demand respect, you deserve it! If you're not worth their effort, they're not worth your time!!!
Don't ever regret anything because at some point everything you did was what you wanted to do.
Don't make a permanent decision based on how you're temporarily feeling. Good morning👋
You cant get mad at your girl for posting half naked pix on the net when that's what attracted you to her in the first place lol. Smh niggas
Why do I find it awkward and weird when a woman calls me her king!?😕 That shit turns me off lmao
i want to move to NC, but i don't know anyone there :(
You should concentrate LESS on what I'M doing and MORE on what you are NOT doing!
If you're in an abusive relationship getting a whooping like a child all the time, you have no right to judge a single mom doing it alone.
It's amazing how quickly people judge you without even knowing the full facts
The sweetest woman in the world can be the meanest woman in the world, If u make her that way!
You had your chance with the best...Now waste your life with the rest
#TMNT was hilarious 🐢 shredder was straight beast, and that beatbox in the elevator was funny as hell lol.
Video text me on #Glide! Download free and add me from
Paying child support for kids that ain't your must be tough
This bitch talkin about how she can never date a man with a small dick, meanwhile she doesn't know who her baby daddy is. Lmao😂
Went to Africa bout a week ago week ago, caught Ebola now I'm bleeding hoe, bleeding hoe🎶😂