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Mr. Milk&Cereal♏
This episode of #TheWalkingDead is something else
#TheWalkingDead is about to leave people with a cliff hanger tonight. Can't wait to see my boo michone
Yeah i like bigger girls... Sue me
It's so risky to open up my twitter in a public place. Never know what's gonna be on my timeline
I've seen so many good girls gone bad because a guy used/abused/took advantage of them... 🍵🐸
There's no greater feeling than loving yourself... Well that's what i hear, me and myself aren't on the same page right now😒
The dark skin angel always killin it on SC 👀
When u finally get a text, but it's just from the phone company saying u used all your data
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That black lady from crime watch daily is sexy as hell
Life is so much better when you're not chasing hoes.... Let 'em go and do you man
Around this time every year i start to get lighter smh.
Sooo some dude brought a gun to ccp, glad i don't go there anymore Smh
Am i the only one that pours milk before cereal
The biggest lie ever "i miss you"
Isn't it funny how things work. Now that i left you alone, all of a sudden you care.... Uh huh
That one girl on sn who only plays some weird trap music and plays with her hair😒
Waiting for baby Jesus to make that dream about the dark skin angel Come True🙌
The night I'm up, my friends are sleep. Someone should text me
The people i want to be around live no where near me.
Life is much more fun when you ain't trying to impress anyone
Mee been cheesing so much since he started dating Nikki. I hope a woman makes me that happy one day
Heading to new York for the birthday. I hope it's fun
This episode of maury lmao A billion dollars tho
Goooood morning y'all
I hate temporary people Smh
You don't have to be perfect to be beautiful
People who can't handle the truth should stay away from people like me who keep it real!
Intentions don't matter, actions matter. What's inside makes no difference until we do something with it.
The followers that usually keep my TL on fire have been quiet recently
This shit people do for cash smh
Feeling powerless when you want to make that one person happy is a tough spot to be in
The shit i see sometimes. All i can do is stay quiet😶🙊
Telling the truth comes natural. Never felt the need to lie
I wanna go to six flags Halloween horror night later this month. I need some peeps to tag along
#NeverHaveIEver eaten booty like groceries.....
#NeverHaveIEver shown interest in a woman that's in a relationship <- truth
#NeverHaveIEver sucked on pierced nipples. Apparently I'm missing out😥

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