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Mr. Milk&Cereal♏
All talk no action, don't tweet loyalty if you you practice it
With the amount of 'loyal' tweets I see, it'd make you think no one is getting cheated on
"Netflix and chill" done got so many girls pregnant Lmao😂😂
Work hard in silence, let your success make the noise.
Let's chat on MeowChat! Add me: bohdai. via @MeowApp
Let's chat on MeowChat! Add me: bohdai. via @MeowApp
Let's chat on MeowChat! Add me: bohdai. via @MeowApp
That moment when you wake up and feel good as hell for no reason😎💪🏾
I will never understand Open marriages
The goddess Dasity 👀😍😘😩👐 I wan#WishfulThinkingnking
I saw homie get slapped by his girl, I looked down....sorry bro, can't help you there
My procrastination level is definitely over 9000
When you warned Someone about something and they don't listen, just sit back and enjoy the show🐸☕
I've been in Philly for 3 yrs and barely know anywhere smh
Let's chat on MeowChat! Add me: bohdai. via @MeowApp
#IGetTenseWhen goku is about to land that Dragon punch and the narrator guy says "next time on Dragonball z"😩
#IGetTenseWhen my married friends asks me "when are you going to make the big move and get a girl and marry her"
#IGetTenseWhen the time comes to beat the 😼 up like I said I would, knowing Damn well there won't be a beating😹😹😹
#IGetTenseWhen other black people around me are acting a fool.
#IGetTenseWhen a woman asks me "does this dress make me look fat?"
Apparently there's a spider in Philly doing damage when it my repellent spray, I'm good
#IGetTenseWhen the pornographic I was watching freezes and I hear the door opening behind me 😦
#IGetTenseWhen someone text me "omg I have something to tell you" but doesn't say anything for two days smh
#IGetTenseWhen I have to make a decision without planning
#IGetTenseWhen ever I get the "we need to talk" text message
#IGetTenseWhen the cashier swipes my card twice and it doesn't work
What does it take to keep a woman!? Effort. The same effort you put in to get her, put in that same effort to keep her happy. Simple
#IGetTenseWhen I wake up in the middle of the night and hear the floor creaking
You can't go back in time to change things, just learn from it and move on.
When the stove ain't working so you gotta use a different source of fire...Lmao
Been an option before. I know the feeling
Been waiting patiently for five years tho👀 maybe I'm one of those who were meant to ride solo...🚶
Think longevity when you get into it, if that person doesn't have the same mindset then don't waste your time.
Waste your time on someone that's worth it, you'll enjoy every second
Time waits for no one, the time you waste on an unworthy person cannot be returned to you.
Approach it like the older generation used to. Build a solid frienship first and let it evolve.
Don't just hop to the next one hoping they're the right one. Be patient, chill and observe
Everyone is getting their hearts broken left and right, everyone needs to step back from relationships and figure out what they really want
lust ain't love if you know the difference
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I hear Georgia has a lot of beautiful women. That true!?
I need some new friends
I'm feeling this #FlexinMyComplexion movement, glad to see sistas loving and appreciating their melanin👐
Just copped that album #Prhyme and that shit is fire🔥🔥🔥

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