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Mr. Milk&Cereal♏
it's funny how people crawl back to you when they need you. nah nigga swerve
boring night. netflix it is then
The most valuable places to be in the world are in someone's THOUGHTS, in someone's PRAYERS and in someone's HEART
Appreciate what you HAVE before it becomes what you HAD.
If someone wants to be apart of your life they'll be there. So don't save a spot for someone who doesn't make an effort to stay
I wonder what a krabby patty 🍔taste like😕
a single mom is the strongest person you will ever know! Well the ones who do their job
Nigga said he don't fuck with regular bitches, all 3 of his baby moms looks below regular 😂lmao. Smh
Niggas sounds like ass is all it takes to be wifey lol. Foolish man
Hit me up on kik gatebreakerx
When your crush hits you with that "you're like a brother to me" line<<<lol.
Don't come at me with that "remember when we used to be cool" nigga who fault is it we ain't cool no more smh
a second chance is something i just don't give, one strike out.
i was just sleepy as hell, all of a sudden i'm wide awake
Lonely ass night 😣
How're you gonna get mad at her for cheating when you're cheating too. Smh
spring break next week and it'll still be snowing. this some bullshit
relationship nowadays are as fragile as a soap bubble, people break up for any and everything. what happened to working it out?
Niggas still getting 😾🐠
Women are automatically attracted to “bad boys” because of their desire to feel protected. So are the "good loyal" guys losing?
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bitches be false advertising on IG for real, and they love calling other girls fake..smh