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Mr. Milk&Cereal♏
It is a sad fact when a mother loves not her children but the money she receives from their father!!
I wish the days could go by faster, can't wait to watch #Supernatural #TeamCastiel
October is my birthday month and I ain't even care about it😕
Everyone is getting cuffed👀 🚶
ugly people: taken 💏 nerds: taken 💏 hoes: taken 💏 everybody: taken 💏 me: 🚶
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Is it true that ugly people finds love faster?
I text differently depending on who the person is.
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When I see a cute girl doing the most for attention 😒
It's freezing as fuck out here, I hope it doesn't snow soon
I watched one episode of that show #Cult and I can't stop watching😣
When your homie's girl tells your homie to shut his small dick ass up in front of you🙊👀👂
When and if I ever find "the one" I promise to love the shit out of her. Be loyal n respect her always
Te best thing about growing older is having someone you fall in love with more everyday, everything else is a pain in the ass
#BitchesBeLike "I don't need a man, I don't need help, I'm a grown ass woman" but be in the food stamp line at 5am😒 u don't need help huh!?
Humans have been saying "the end is near" for over a thousand years smh
I hear women say "I know what's right for me" yet stays in an abusive relationship😒
I'd rather u break up with me than cheat on me.
If I tried talking to you and you reject me, don't try and come back after the nigga you like rejects your ass. Swerve 😒
I am never anyone's first choice
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Jealousy makes people do ugly things
I like how solange didn't get as much heat as rice when she fought Jz In the elevator
Bored 😫 someone kik me gatebreakerx
How hard is it to say "no, I'm in a relationship, I can't do that" people stay cheating then blame the other one smh😒
I'm tired of people that are nice only when it is convenient for them.
Anything worth a damn ain't easy to get; anything easy to get ain't worth a damn.
the less people you trust, the less you get hurt...
People say you do not know what you have got till it is gone. Truth is, you knew what you had, you just never thought you would lose it.
Sometimes not giving a fuck is the only way to move on with your life
Everyone you meet in your life teaches you a lesson. When they're gone, lesson's learned.
Respect is earned : Honesty is appreciated : Trust is gained : Loyalty is returned
You can spend your money fixing the ugly on the outside, but there's nothing you can do about the ugly on the inside...
Everyone claims everyone is fake. Well somebody lyin
I always hear women say "I need a man that can handle me" The hell are you? A wild animal? How about u fix that attitude smh
What's up with all these ugly girls doing the pretty face challenge?😨
why is it that when you like someone, they either like someone else, or live somewhere else?
Before you call a woman you once loved a "crazy bitch", take a few minutes to reflect to what you did to her to make that way...
Sometimes, you gotta run away to see who runs after you. Sometimes, you gotta talk quieter to see who's listening.
Don't waste your precious time, energy, or thoughts on something that is beyond your control. Let it go.
How can 1 person make you feel so good 1 day then the next they completely forget about you
Is it true that everyone is addicted to something? If so then I need to find something to get addicted to
I hope the woman that'll become my wife isn't out there right now being a hoe🙅
You're a failure people don't like you, you're successful and they still don't like you. Can't please everyone