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Talitha Amanda
too much make up betch
If a guy doesn't get jealous when you're with other guys, he doesn't honestly care about you.
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hiragana and katakana, both of them are better than one frickin hanzi
alrdy 8am and im still on my bed
the fuckin problem with the teacher
jadi yang waktu itu dia maksud.... aaah ya allah
Other People: "Niam/5 3/4" "Zayn/5 Muke/4" "Liam/5 2/4" "Narry/5 Calum/5" "Ashton/4" "Louis/5 4/4" Me: 0/5 and 0/4 ok then let me die pls
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accept bbm tenn, twitter lemot banget mau ngesend pic @tena_chi
Arrived (at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK)) —
At Hang Nadim International Airport (BTH) —
"@jessicaprmts: haha gua ngestalk.cukstaw."
besok masuk semoga ga langsung belajar:'
The awkward moment when someone asks you, 'whats wrong', and you say, 'nothing', and they believe you.
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what? school? what's thttt?
oggy and the cockroaches
"@tena_chi: When the hell" 5W + 1H the hell
u dont rlly need a grammahh lol
"@clarannisa: @Slmnsrna jujur itu indah kak, hihihii"BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH hai nisa hai salma
"@Slmnsrna: F hahah "@timmykepo: #timmykepo inisial mantan paling ngangenin?"" OAAAKHMMM:D
all my nights are like being woken up from a really good dream and not being able to finish it
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'walaupun makan roti 20 buah tapi belum makan nasi sesuap, artinya kami belum makan' kami anak sumatra'-')//
scrolldown and see my old tweets like who the hell am i
hell-o big mouth i gotta pee
Kenangan sama Mas Mamiek. Selamat jalan Mas. Makasih supportnye ke comedian2 muda #RIPmamiekprakoso
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innalillahi wainnailaihi raajiun mamiek prakoso
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inactive bc handphone battery
otanjoubi omedetō raaaiiiiiiiiiiii @wetian_serenita
idk why im so anxious
The awkward moment when your mum or dad calls you by your full name.
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bung Amar happy milad yaa :D mentoring lagi dongg asiiikk @amarkhu
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you put a shit on my acc but you didn't rply my text, how cute u foul