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Talib Kweli Greene
Available for sale- Niko IS, Cherry Beamer Dreaming, 99 cents, Get yours now!… #BRUTUSLP #INDIE500 #JAVOTTIMEDIAFTW
John Oliver is amazing. You are missing out if you are not watching Last week Tonight. On student debt-…
RT @THEkarliehustle: Monch is one of the best to do it. Like Black Thought, he deserves to be mentioned in ...
(Yes!) RT @DJRizNyc: Just saw @RAtheRuggedMan @TalibKweli @Young_Guru in the hood working on some stuff. Always good to see these legends!
(Aww u wish u could be me. How cute.) RT @OverstandJazz: @TalibKweli Learn how to configure syllables into proper bar structure
RT @SonofBaldwin: "I'm so fed up by people blaming Janay Rice. We're asking for incredible bravery...
(Exactly) RT @kiffanik: @Tymathee You know Black people have the same rights as everyone else right? Cops don't get to just demand ID.
Learn the laws of the land you live in.
(She did. Try reading before u comment) RT @Tymathee: @TalibKweli @SonofBaldwin if she gave the cop her ID, this don't happen
RT @SonofBaldwin: Actress Danièle Watts Wrongfully Detained After Being Mistaken for a Prostitute
(Wow) RT @dumilewis: I was suspicious of the "hey white people" #Ferguson video. Suspicion justified.… #fckH8nahfckU
RT @skilisthedon: I liked a @YouTube video from @TalibKweli Talib Kweli Featuring Res "Whats real"
(One love!) RT @keanonabrown: @TalibKweli Thanks for Get By, Talib. I love that song. It's very inspiring.
(U r welcome) RT @GuhFromImpanema: thanks for Hot Thang, @TalibKweli. so much grooviness. so well crafted. forever fave.
RT @sacca: The prosecutor in Ferguson is doing all he can to make sure Brown's killer isn't charged. Such a disgrace.…
RA the Rugged Man and Anthony DeRose shooting video for Jessica Care Moore's Catch Me If You Can. Featuring me
RT @blackvoices: Zimmerman to motorist: 'Do you know who I am? I will f***ing kill you.'
(Unreal) RT @IAMTONYNEAL: Django Unchained’ Star Daniele Watts Wrongfully Detained, Mistaken for a Prostitute (W
(I do this!)RT @ForTheByrdz: you bugging I know from MIA you hit canada. An hour ago I heard your in NYC.. How the hell you in the burg now?
Pittsburgh catch me today, live on stage at Thrival Festival, Bakery Square, 2 hours and counting til show time
RT @huguetteulysse: NYC catch @TalibKweli with live band on 9/18 & 9/19 at Blue🎵Note!
RT @AshakaGivens: Photo: Let’s shoot a #video! #bts @jessica_caremoore @locksofnunaturalhairspa #AshakaGivens
(Now y'all know I love this lol) RT @VibeMagazine: Watch @MikeTyson set a Canadian reporter straight on live TV:
2 gigs in Montreal last night. @jessicaCaremoor video shoot in NY this morning. Thrival Fest in Pittsburgh this afternoon. Let's go.
Be careful what you wish for. This life is not for the weak.
RT @rickeydevents: @TalibKweli tonight in montreal at telus theatre!!
(Brooklyn I cosign this) RT @jessicaCaremoor: Need a make up artist for early morning shoot in brooklyn. Inbox me please. Thank you!
(Infinite options) RT @BumpinFresh: @TalibKweli @sDesignLabs Thankfully there are miles of room in between coddling and beating.
(That's a real problem too!) RT @sDesignLabs: @TalibKweli Funny, I often think that when I see a parent overly-coddling their child.
(It so totally is tho.) RT @Muna_Abdi_Phd: @TalibKweli @MsCoCoRed_ it's not all on the parents.
(Truth) RT @Muna_Abdi_Phd: our parents did what they thought was right... Now we must do what we think is right....
(Yea imma hafta go head & disagree) RT @21thriller: @daniiiie11ep @TalibKweli once again. Out of LOVE should you strike your child.
I travel often so I see bad parenting often. When I see a parent engaging in abusive interactions I say "there goes a future asshole"
(This ain't the Omen. Bad kids come from bad parenting, not the devil.) RT @MsCoCoRed_: or when the kids are. Bad
(I don't believe in allowing the govt to execute for any reason) RT @lederp22: would you believe in capital punishment for child molestors?
It's hard to tell ppl that hitting kids is wrong when so many of us went thru that as kids. Hard to accept that our parents can be wrong.
TBC I don't believe in beating kids, capital punishment or anything that adds violence to our society without producing any solutions.
White twitter- tree branch. Black twitter- switch.
Montreal what it do! I'm live at Telus Theater tonight after I speak Phi Center..
RT @IAmUppsala: J'aime une vidéo @YouTube de @TalibKweli - Talib Kweli - Hostile Gospel Pt. 1 [Deliver Us] (Video)