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Talib Kweli Greene
The Point That Went Missing. My first post on @Medium enjoy!)…
RT @Natural617: If you are in Boston today, @TalibKweli is performing with some of Citys best over at City Hall Plaza for free 2-9pm
RT @LaDamasquina: Today at #Boston City Hall Plaza 2-9 pm #BUMF @TalibKweli @SheaRose and local musicians! 🎶🌞👍
RT @PublicArtBoston: FREE: Boston Urban Music Festival TODAY at City Hall Plaza! TalibKweli LIVE
RT @TheBostonCal: TODAY See @TalibKweli free, all-ages Boston Urban Music Festival on City Hall Plaza:…
Who is checking me out in Boston tonight?
The Point That Went Missing — My First Medium post
RT @ComplexMag: Shepard Fairey (@OBEYGIANT) just completed this awesome new mural at 161 Bowery -->
John Oliver on Ferguson is brilliance. Must watch. VIDEO…
RT @Des79lopez: Here’s How UK Police Apprehend Someone With A Knife Without Shooting To Kill (VIDEO)…
So glad to see even folks like @jack realize the need for people to show up in the flesh. Salute #Ferguson
(this made me chuckle) RT @derekville: @TalibKweli Next time you're in CA or AZ come thru and shoot the fair one if you're brave enough
By the Numbers: How Dangerous Is It to Be a Cop? - informationliberation
(MUST READ via @democracynow ) RT @AradicalRose: speak up for thepeople! Actions are louder...…
"Chief Belmar has asked that any videos of improper police conduct be reported so we can take proper action" -St Louis PD. Keep taping!
2 so far. Keep going!) RT @YoungJody: @TalibKweli none i guess
How many Ferguson police have been fired this week for things they've been caught on tape saying? Exactly. Keep taping em y'all!
Shout out to @TheYoungTurks fair, balanced & always on point via @TYTNetwork
RT @RoccReplay: Shouts to Talib on the gravitas art of an album... #nopromo #inspired visit
RT @uniqueloves: Get #Gravitas by my bro @TalibKweli direct to fan hand to hand at join the club! #INDIE500
I get to take my daughter school shopping today... Time flies
♫ Just Announced: Miami, FL - Sep 10 at THERAPY…