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Talib Kweli Greene
RT @HoodieAllen: Salt Lake City! 2nite I'm at The U w 1 of my idols @TalibKweli come through…
RT @burnellwashburn: SLC is beautiful today!! Catch me live tonight at @UUtah with @TalibKweli & @HoodieAllen
University of Utah come see me rock the Grand Kerfuffle tonight! With @HoodieAllen Free for students ...
RT @aja_monet: Just watched @TalibKweli's "State of Grace" Video a few times in a row So powerful. YES!… (love!)
RT @MrMalik_Leigh: @Maes_ONE @Raekwon where can one hear it first before purchase? (Some of Gravitas at
RT @Maes_ONE: Just copped #Gravitas directly from Cuz I support the artist directly & cuz the @Raekwon & dilla joints
RT @Magzilla_: meaning, that individual does not necessarily reflect the values of the gov’t that put them in war (I get it but...)
RT @Magzilla_: I think the point is, to be able to see that veterans are an incred. diverse group (of course)
RT @the_y0sh: @TalibKweli @Magzilla_ @MarineWifeTiff benefits/lack of other career choices, indoctrination
RT @Magzilla_: @MarineWifeTiff you rly can’t judge why vets joined T it’s not a good look. (I asked a question. A question is no judgement)
RT @Magzilla_: @TalibKweli @MarineWifeTiff the reasons we send people away are garbage! (So why would one volunteer?)
RT @Magzilla_: it’s not “babies” we’re talking about (a soldier tweeted me saying he was forced to kill babies. Check the TL)
RT @MichaliMesa: checkout MindWar by Michael Aquino. If the military would embrace psyop warfare there'd be no further call for blood.
RT @Magzilla_: this started w/ u saying vet don’t get the support they need which is true take time 2 talk 2 vets (I should. I will)
RT @thatfagkynikos: @TalibKweli Is a twitter addict. real talk (I have many vices. This is just a distraction)
RT @Magzilla_: 10 yrs later, looking @ ur own kids, the moral wounds emerge, u experience the damage of what you’ve done…u exp psych damage
RT @Magzilla_: in combat, a car crosses a line shoot even if there are children (hence why I'm not a fan. There's always a choice)
RT @Magzilla_: @TalibKweli it’s so much more complex than that </3 (it really isn't tho)
When someone is "making" you kill babies it's time for different life choices.
RT @MaseLeone: look at the rate of soldier suicide compared to actual deaths in combat. Says a whole lot about what's going on.