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Syed Talat Hussain
With PTI strong in KPK,and Punjab,N's challenge is not just to keep but to also keep politics intact.
Army can't intervene.They shouldn't.But troubles abound.Building United Fronts is hardly the way to restore confidence.
For Nawaz to become so desperate so soon reflects deep personal insecurity and sorry power management skills.
Suddenly the man the Sharifs condemned as the curse of Pakistan has become its saviour.
Its interesting that Mr Sharif has gone to Mr Zardari and not Imran Khan to gain to feel reassured.
Today's newspapers suggest N-League is already in a boxing ring with the Army.
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Imran is dismayed that we didn't have 'good' dictators! What a democrat!
More killed. Government ineffectiveness is touching legendary dimensions.
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This is how grt players deliver. Sanagkara is grace personified.
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: Sethi and his patron in chief PM Sharif can tell the nation that this match was April Fools joke, and the real fixture is tomorrow!
It is not about losing; it is about cowardice and suicidal way the team lunged into this do-or-die match. When will we learn?
: who said first April Fools Day doesn't apply to us? Look at how our team made a fool out 18 crore people.
Justice(r) Saiduzzaman agrees that is a 'non-trial'and headed towards a deal.
1 scenario.Court allows Mush to fly.Nawaz fakes protest.Case continues in Mush's absence.Tape-ball T-20 tournament ends in a draw.Let us C