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Syed Talat Hussain
Abdullah in West,Modi(to be) in East,and state institutions caught in internal battles.V worrying.
To parade personal grudges as principles of freedom of expression only makes a mockery of the idea.
Is his life more precious or rating? Pathetic discussion all around.
Sad and unfortunate that attack on Hamid's life is now a battle of channels.Wait for investigations.Stop allegations.
Is prior accusation an automatic FiR? Or cause to establish guilt?
Hamid attack is now attack on state institutions. Why can't we wait for culprits to be caught? What's the hurry to point fingers?
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Now Najam Sethi restarts his "ISI rough element "theory.The campaign is breath-taking.
Hamid's own statement after his recovery will be most crucial and most closely watched.
His brother's accusations have given the attack a completely new dimension.
Hamid's statement about ISI chief to be blamed in case of attack is explosive.
Doctors say two bullets in the abdomen.They also say he will be fine.
correction2 bullets.One in hip-joint.One in abdomen hitting intestine.
4 bullets.One in large intestine.Lethal attack.
Wish him health and speedy recovery.What a mess security is in.
Hamid attack:very sad and despicable.Strongest possible condemnation.
But what PM Sharif says is often contradicted by what he does, and that's the problem.
Pm Nawaz's unprecedented personal praise of Gen Sharif at Kakul is supposed to mend damaged relations.
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With PTI strong in KPK,and Punjab,N's challenge is not just to keep but to also keep politics intact.
Army can't intervene.They shouldn't.But troubles abound.Building United Fronts is hardly the way to restore confidence.
For Nawaz to become so desperate so soon reflects deep personal insecurity and sorry power management skills.
Suddenly the man the Sharifs condemned as the curse of Pakistan has become its saviour.
Its interesting that Mr Sharif has gone to Mr Zardari and not Imran Khan to gain to feel reassured.