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Syed Talat Hussain
نجکا ری اور قومی معیشت via @SaachTV
The more i see Dr Amir Liaquat's performance,the more i think of Dr Tahirul Qadri.Both mirror each other.
14اگست اور نیا پاکستان via @SaachTV
The so called Jihadist do no better.They kill and destroy Muslims at will.From Syria to Sudan, its the same story.
Like the city of Evil watchers in movie Noah, it does nothing but spread darkness and destruction.
Israel seems intent on exterminating Gazans.Its a state hungry for blood and longing to mass murder.
Altaf suspends group of 19.Issue?Not enough money being collected.
دہشت گردی اور بیرونی عناصر via @SaachTV
: Compulsory reading for I Khan, N Sharif and A Zardari.…
O dear, now Hamza delivering on mike drive!An out and out political show. When will these people grow up?
حکومت فوج تعلقات،سیاسی اثرات via @SaachTV
Now Rana Mashud, Law minister, is on air enjoying PTV's fawning anchors inane,insane questions.
I am surprised to see Sethi not standing as an umpire from either side to ensure Hamza 11 wins.
Displaced Persons seem to have become a way to refix N-League's Dislocated Politics.
IDP cricket match.Gd idea ruined by family projection. Hamza 11? How much publicity is enough?
But no one will say a word about Israel's state terrorism hitting a population of 1.8 million.
Putin cud be in dire trouble if Ukranian rebels shot down the aircraft. US and Europe will stab and twist the dagger in him.
Israel's killing spree sees no end. A real rogue state now on Gaza ground to kill more.
Deepest sympathies for families of crashed Malaysian aircraft passengers. Global politics is causing horrendous tragedies.
Even PTI's media hawks haven't found anything wrong with it.This time Washington-speak is acceptable.Terrible.
But then if the govt treats Ms Beth Jones as super celebrity ,she will indulge won't she.
And surely Pakistan doesn't need any US advice on democracy.We don't want to be another Mid-east.
For US official to endorse PTI's long march is audacious and impertinent.Why can't they mind their own business.
پیپلز پارٹی اور پرویز مشرف کے درمیان ڈیل via @SaachTV
اسرائیلی جارحیت اور عالمی خاموشی via @SaachTV