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Syed Talat Hussain
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If neither comes, political life might become more suffocating than in his container.
Two: Imran has taken his rhetoric to a point of no return. He needs gambler's luck or Army's help to get Nawaz's resignation.
Media maneuver is in full swing to cast Imran in winning light. Ground-realities don't look rosy though.
A skrimish, a fight, an incident or an accident is what can turn the tide on Nawaz. Otherwise, he is recovering speedily.
: Otherwise he has already spent all his political capital, pushing Pti on the edge of looming internal disaster.
Either his information abt NS's position is hopelessly outdated or he and Tareen know a plot we don't.
Imran seems mentally set to march on PM House. Can't see him go anywhere else with the position he has taken.
Speaking for myself the accusation is utter trash, malicious, and patently false. God, how gutters r flowing.
With ref to accusation in a tv show abt journalists meeting PM being paid money.
Pelting down. Mini cloud-burst.Public's misery is unbelievable. Media says'great weather'.Well depends on where the camers are focusing now.
Great Revolutionary, TUQ, inside comfy container. Infants, women face rain-storm in what smells like a universal urinal.
Civil disobedience: how many of you r planning not to pay the bills and live with connections disconnected?
: Does Imran know that abt vote of no confidence against CM KpK. Assmbly status is frozen.
: Interestingly, Pti's present 6 demands for talks DO NOT include any reference to 'Halqas'
Isb fed colleges students reject board results. Guess wat, their demand is re-checking all over again else dharna & protest coming Mon.
Piles of dirt and heaps of trash at red zone now threaten spread of disease and infections, say doctors.
It is amazing to see how media has completely blacked out JUI-F's KpK protest.
: In trying to drown the govt he is drowning the state. And if the state doesn't clear him out, someone else will.
People here are in serious jeopardy. And Qadri is only aggravating it by such projections.
This is not a joke. These divisions are serious. These are open invitations to a suicide hit.
Salman's pseudo-sufism, mixed dances, Qawaali, Qadri's pirdom. Red rag to the opposing camp.
Qawaali in the red zone. Qadri is really pushing boundaries of sectarian conflict. He becoming disastrous news.
: Now only big terrorism violence can halt govt's political recovery. Imran's call is ringing hollow.
KpK honoured Imran Khan with votes & support. Rains kill more people there, but in Isb it is singing and dancing. These r very sad sights.
Now only big terrorism violence can halt govt's political recovery. Imran's call is ringing hollow.