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Syed Talat Hussain
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Now Azhar! Well-batted man! What a day!
Imagine our team performing these feats on home soil. What a joy it would have been. Things we have lost to our image.
Yunus Khan rocks! Wonderful player that our system tried to discard. 3 hundreds on the trot against Aussies, hasn't happened since 1925!
Mr Speaker must accept PTI resignations. Speaker's office, already leaning, can't be like President House under late Gulam Ishaq Khan.
Otherwise the system is dysfunctional.
Having seen our response in grave emergencies for almost a decade I can safely say, nature's mercy is our greatest protection.
100 km winds and 120 mm expected rains is still a formidable threat.
Nilofar intensity lessening. Thousands of deep sea fishermen and coastal areas still in jeopardy.
Major challenge to KpK PTI. Not much of an option they have do they!
Imran's msg to KpK MNAs: my way or highway. All mst go. Provoncl assembly be asked to loyalty aftr 30 Nov.
A KpK MNA says after meeting Mehmood Rashid in KpK House that they all agree to resign only if provincial members also resign. O dear!
سرحد کی خلاف ورزی اور مودی کی خارجہ پالیسی(آڈیو تجزیہ)
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Polio virus, Thar deaths are the most telling failure of leadership and planning to protect the poor.
All effort, money Jehangir Tareen had spent to make things happen with Qadri frm London to D-chowk have gone to dust. Bad investment.
Gen Raheel to visit US: After 4 plus years a Pak Army chief to land in Washington to mark the return of old days, old ways.
پاک انڈیا سرحد کی خلاف ورزی اور ہماری حکمت عملی via @SaachTV
Isb has become a modern city: in space age CDA hs open donkey carts pick up garbage! Wow progress! Wow vision! Wow management!
N gvt hs treated Kashmir with criminal neglect. It hs ben blind on Modi's mood and intent. Ystday's NYT hs a brilliant piece on real Modi.
Big protest, rally in AJK on Kashmir. I hear Salahuddin shall exhibit strength. India's Working Boundary attacks r fueling fires.
Another Operation in Khayber Agency: Only Allah knows how many times we have been down this road before.
Pakistan win. Zindabad! The difference was really one: Yunus Khan.
New politics makes a great start: Moonis Illahi is back:D
Back from visiting Tsunami hit areas (now being reconstructed) in Japan. Amazing stories of commitment.
Qadri wrap-up isn't a victory fr govt. It has damaged Shrifs beyond repair even though they might look to have survived the onslaught.
They are collective evidence of state injustice, govt oppression and a so called opposition that shines its fortunes on others' graves.
But in the end Model Town tragedy affectees remain tragic victims of power politics. Those families have been ruined.
Its foot-dragging on FIR issue and then making it part of political negotiations showed bad intent and heartlessness.
By doing neither govt has shown callousness and criminal neglect. It hs shown it jst doesn't care.
I have consistently said and still say CM Shehbaz shud step down over Model Town tragedy and tht the cmns report be released forthwith.
Govt thinks Qadri wrap-up as victory nt realizing cost to its credibility, repute and ability to govern.
Such is the fate we have reduced ourselves.Such the depths we now love to fall to.
So the circus will continue in another form,under a different guise but with the same performing pack.
He will lie more.Mislead more.Pretend more.And u know what? Some of us will still say " wow" what a man g"?
But he won't apologize.He won't regret.He will spin more yarn about change history.
Qadri shud apologize to all those he lied to, cheated, whom he accused cursed falsely n to those he caused untold pain, misery and death.
1/2 to and misled? When will we stop hoisting pretenders to the pedestal of heros and quaids?
1/1 Recall all that fraud that praded as a saviour and see the end and ask: when will we stop being fooled, made a joke out of, being lied
Think about dug up graves and vows to die but not leave. The renaming of D-chowk as Tahrir square and Revolution garden.
Remember also all those analysts, and so called anchors, weathermen and weather-girls who said this is all here to stay.
Recall also media frenzy,hype,and frothy reporting with glut of "sure-shot news of success of Qadri's revolution"
Just recall all that he promised,swore by,propagated,threatened and predicted and then see the end.
Qadri dharna,long over practically,is now being folded up formally.
Metros and airports are useless frm public satisfaction point of view.Health, education,security and jobs.That's development.Thats democracy
It is no longer relevant what govt thinks is an imp project. Money has to be put where public's mouth is.
Unless projects that directly affect people's live are introduced, the word democracy will stay hijacked by slogan-mongerers.
If we can get motorcycle plants to be established in Pakistan, why can't we have water-purification plants established.
I am thinking of our villages and towns: purify water, remove 60 pc of disease from the scene.
Their water purification plant is wrkng miracles in Africa.800 households benefit frm a 20x20 sq ft simple technology