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The Black Bird

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I just loveeeeee Sebastian!!!! #Baby fever ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I do it all myself. I don't ask for no help.
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While y'all on the "foreign" bandwagon black woman never going out of style 😴
It's so dope that kyra chaos is a DJ now
Some of yall be on summer vacation 12 months out the
I will never understand why grown folks who aren't in college are pressed for the summer if you a adult all it is is a change of weather...
You never feel dumber than when you push when your supposed to pull...
Swallowing your own kids has to be the worst lmao
Bump a purse pay my tuition so I know it's real
The CEO of Xerox is an African American woman. That's great I never knew that.
Amazing start of the morning!
That money just blessed my acct woooooo
I am not going to see transformers without shia….
Works every time 🙌 lol
This my get whatever I want face lol 👀
I never got passed my white belt in karate 😂lol
Who told her to pose like that 😫😭
Look at my little cousin tho 😫😫😫 I love
I played soccer 12 yrs straight never wanted to watch the world cup not even once lol.
How yall hypebeast the world cup tho ?? lol
Im not a fan of saying something stink when I live in a trash can. lol to many pots calling kettles black.
I don't judge nobody I know what I got w/ me aint what u got w/ you we all have our own battles