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Syabil Lopez
Urgh... hate it when the internet is effing slow.. like dude.. I paid for it and it isn't working well
When I'm really frustrated.. I will lose control with the things I say.. especially like people with fickled-mindedness in queuing at McD
Anything that leads towards my passion, I'll work hard for it.. the very least is that I'll do my very best to get to it #Passion
People who understands Fashion, will appreciate the art of it. So please... respect from H2T on what you are wearing..
Honey... doesn't mean you can afford it, you can wear it. It is entirely up to you.. since you're baring all the shame
That moment when you realise they are against you, when they are just helping you out #ToughLove
New job, happier yet fatter... haihhh... time to quit eating sweets and maximise my carbo intake for the next 30 days.. gotta start jogging
Hoping to get my first ever Chanel Flap Bag and Burberry Prorsum Wallet/Bag by 2016 #WorkIt #UhHuh #Burbs #Chans
You do not open a person's shame.. or your own.
So much joy and excitement going around Singapore and Malaysia.. while I dose of... 😴😴😴
Finally cleared at least 1k of my Following List on instagram.. no more rubbish going on now.. gonna unfollow more if I have to
Missy.. please.. I don't need you to get to where I want. Quit wasting your time tryna make me feel desperate. #BxtchPlease
Will I make it on time?? We'll see.. #Yikes
Busy week ahead.. I have lots to improve on and I'm nervous AF for the test
Keeping my moustache and beard a bit too long.. ought to shave it on 1st July... or not.. #Ramadhan #HipsterBeard
Waking up at 5 for an all liquid breakfast.. well by liquid I mean Water and then Vit C and then Multi-grain Soya Milk with Chia Seeds
I'd like to get lost in Singapore.. despite the size.. you sure can go places without a phone and wallet
Haaaaaaa.... finally cleared my IG from silly followings #AvoidingSpams
Very busy week ahead.. #Rebajas
Now.. where shall I go to for a perfect Tailor?? Lots of work and planning to do..
My main goal... Hermes..
All I can say is... REBAJAAAAS!!!!!! #BusyBusyBusy #ShitIsReal
The idea of a bastard who just can't wait.. If ever I was nudged.. ho hooo.. shit will happen.
Alhamdullillah.. First day of Ramadhan is cleared
False hopes pisses me off.. #PetPeeve #NotCool
It'll be challenging.. In Shaa Allah, I'll have the will to achieve what I want. Not easy.. but surely #InShaaAllah #Determined
Back to managing my time and working on my body-clock.. serious things are starting soon, gotta get me prepared #FirstImpressions #AllOut
We should exchange do'a like the Chinese tradition such as exchanging oranges on CNY #SpreadLoveAndKindness #Love #Kindness #Doa
Lots of hard work and commitment to put next week and every other week. I feel like I'm in the Pursuit of Happiness #FeelingFeeling #McmPhm
Busy week.. and time is running out
Head home and back to effing bed! I'm ill as fxck..
Feeling so sick right now.. headache is not even helping.. I have so much work to do in just a short period of time
Spoilt myself this month.... can't spend anymore until August as a punishment.. #Boohoo
Hmm.. I wonder it'll be like to be an amputee from one of my legs #FeelingFreaky #FreakyFriday
Oh well.. I guess I'm eating out all by myself then.. well at least I look good! #HungryAndFabulous #BuyAMagazine #VoguePlease
Monday Blues?? Not Taylor Swift's Shake It Off and Me! #DanceItOut #GoodMorning #GoofingAround
When you hate your work so much.. you're just determined to be better #FashionDesigner #MyDowns #ImOnlyHuman
Hahaha.. don't be so big-headed just because you made it there. You wouldn't have gone through it without his will. Bitch please
Gotta go for Fashion Illustration classes in October. I need to get my game on point! #Fashion #FashionDesigner #Passion #WorkForIt #Top
Hmm.. that awkward moment when we've been business partners less than a year and we start to look-alike. #Business #AdaptingToChange
I wanna play Super Mario.. those childhood moments with my Windows 95 #Nostalgia #Childhood #Memories #SuperMario
Please.. don't ever say that you know someone just because you've added them on social media when you don't know nuts about them.
Hahaha.. and they speak of Fairness.. you barely even know the meaning of it.
End of the year, gotta get myself a new laptop.. I'm in need to fix up my own things
Hahahaha... my mind was going nuts at BHG earlier this evening. When you have nothing to spend on, your urge goes uphill like crazy for all
I personally am not into brands, I'm into quality, and it judt so happens, branded goods have quality #Life #ConfessionsOfAShopaholic

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