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Syabil Lopez
Gonna start investing in precious metals in December 2016.. getting a Platinum ring would be nice!
When you are emotionally impaired about things.. I will choose to avoid the whole situation. I have got no time for overly-sensitive people.
When you have two jobs, it is mind-bottling when one has a spark after another #NeverBored #Fireworks #BurstOfExcitement #FashionDesigner
Hmmm... gotta get myself a Long Bi-Fold Wallet with a Coin compartment.. I wonder where that sells something like that with quality
Lots of planning to do.. need to get it up and ready by June
February will be a pre-busy month for me. And in March, I've got something major I've assigned myself.. Hmm.. (cont) #InShaaAllah
I'm suppose to stop chasing after people.. haishh.. what am I doing.. gotta start focusing on what I wanna do than my relationships
When you're rich as fxck.. you sure can splurge on the things you want others to know about.
Work hard, and soon it'll be paid off.. ought to sleep soon! Head is pumpinh from all the information regarding Airport Codes #Headache
Definitely getting myself an Olive / Black Longchamp Travel Bag in December. In my opinion, it has the quality, durability and style #UhHuh
Working in the Customer Service line, you must not be reticent! Everybody loves someone who has confidence in themselves
(Cont) Gotta start bulking up a little.. Looking like a GQ Model ain't easy
Ought to change my diet into a much more Protein-Intense and Healthy one.. kinda tired with this.. I feel like a flat chested teenager.
Laundry.. and more ironing..
I soooo love it right now... the plans that I'm having
Busy week ahead.... ain't pretty
It's only been a few days and I miss exercising.. you sure can addicted with looking good! Or at least.. trying to look good. #Teehee
Missing someone so much right now... haishh...
Please don't treat me like crap.. Because eventually when you come back to me, I'll show the same shit you gave me.
I'm fine with a Long-Distant relationship, all that you should know is that I am a very loyal person.. I just hope for the same. #Loyalty
I want a double deck Grilled Cheddar Cheese sandwich! With Turkey bacon and some chilli flakes! Fxck.. #SoGonnaBeUnhealthy #NeedToResist!
All of a sudden I feel sooo tired and sleepy...
When you're just too bored at home, you start cleaning up..
Hopefully I could get myself an MCM Weekender by February as a birthday gift! Hahaaaa!!! Or perhaps an LV Damier Keepall in Black.
Haaaaa.... The sigh of relief... I can finally see the clouds after all this haze.
Lots have been planned out, and I love it!
Now that I've got a team, I can fire! But.. with baby steps! Hahahahaha #WorkingOnIt #InShaaAllah #Teamwork #FashionDesigner
I believe in Emirates' motto Quality over Quantity #Passion #Meticulous #FashionDesigner
I didn't know that you require minimum years to be in a relationship, to actually be in one.. #TakPaham #Huh? #Takpela
I don't know why.. but I need a Navy Blue Suit with a red tie right now.. hmm.. soon2
I'm hopeless with love.. so tired of this shxt..
I feel like being uber classy tomorrow for class... hmm... should I?? Hahahahaha
Going back to my All-Banana and Bread Diet. #LoseTheWeight #TooMuchToHandle
My sinusitis is killing me! Been going on since Saturday.. I sure hope I recover by tonight!
Struggle is a sign of Training. Positive Results will come in later when you work hard and strive towards it. #WorkForIt #NothingComesEasy
Oh god... I have never felt so tired in my life.. not too sure if I'm falling sick or just plain ol' lethargic feelings kicking in
When you can't make up your mind on what you wanna say, you just look so darn stupid.. seriously.
How I wished I brought along my Sketches.. I have so many ideas popping in when I'm relaxed
Poached Eggs for tomorrow's Brunch #Cravings #YEAAAH!!
If only you love me as much as I love you #LivingInDreams #WheresMyReality
What I'd like... having a Subway Sandwich as my breakfast and some light reading
(Cont) Basically my social network is more to Work-base than to actually Socializing with Friends. I'd rather socialize in person
My Twitter is based on what I wanna Read, whilst my Instagram is more for my own Research. Don't take it personally if I Unfollowed you
If ever, I sure hope so, I'm a Rich and Famous Celebrity.. I'll never take that advantage to do drugs.. I'd rather go to a Fine restaurant
When all you have on your #WhatsApp are just Group Chats.. so tired of managing conversations individually when you can have Group Chats.
Hahahahaha... from 800++ Following to only 170.. need to focus on my research!
I can't believe I have a zit.. haishhh... puberty.. I'm over you already, quit coming back
Talk about determination.. shxt got reaaaal real!

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