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Syabil Lopez
All water diet through-out today and tomorrow. Probably some tomatoes on the sides to balance a little of the nutrition #anorexic
The Modeling Industry is NEVER easy.. Pretty Shots are not what the Client wants. Deal with the rejection, because there's more to come
Not feeling well.. at all.. and it is the cause of two things that I can't share online..
There are so many postings about No More Coke. All I can say is that.. Drink moderately so that you don't have effed up organs and bones
Woke up this morning feeling like shit.. Puke numerous amount of times like a pregnant lady and now I'm back on my feet #ThankGod
I think someone likes me, but I don't know whether this person has any interest in me. Though this person gives a smile whenever I pass by
Hmm.. I wonder how much I'll lose with only eating Wholemeal Bread and water for the next 25 days
I feel so sick right now.. having a really bad cold and I need lots of help
Honestly, I am not really interested in people who are OVERLY self-centered. Seriously, you don't OWN the world. #RealityCheck
I need gold lace and lots of gold beadings! #SomethingBigIsComing!
A spark just started.. and I love it! #FashionDesigner #SewAllTheWay
Who do I trust now when everyone is back-biting each other??? #NeverThoughtItWouldHappen
I don't play Two-Face.. but when I do, I really hate your gut #WhatDidIJustSay??
I need to clear my mind.. and forget about you.. Ignoring every single piece of shit you say.
Lots of preparations in June onwards... time to continue building my empire one stitch at a time
Seriously... I'm fucking tired and things are being told last minute that you'll be coming in much later... really fucked up
If you're having problems at work... Dress the part and make it look Good
At times when you need to chill... you just NEED to chill #getme???
Gorgeous and I'm having massive explosion of mixed feelings right now.. #fuckdidIlookshittythatnight
$35 for a pair of Bohemian Shorts.. why bother thinking about the price when the design is UUHH MAAY ZIIING+
If always public transports are like a chiller during a super hot day.. and not chilly when its already cold
4K for the perfect machine. Hmm..
Whatever it is Senior or Not, RESPECT determines your level of how Senior you actually are.
No offense, but Check... MATE
Doesn't mean you're rich & a big shot, all of my respect lies in u when your effed up head is bigger than your own ass #BitchPlease
Its true what they say. When you start loving You, everything will fall in place perfectly
Pretty riskae idea design in mind. Hopefully it works #PleasePleasePlease
1.2 yrs left and I'm free.. I'm praying real hard to get a job at #Prada Full Time once I'm done with what I'm doing
I should live in Perling for the next 3 yrs. I'll definitely be able to get EVERYTHING I want settled in no time! Gotta get me that machine!
Definitely getting overseas roaming once i've paid off my first phone bill.. damn internet is slow in Kulai
Lots of work to do this week... not to mention the minor hassles of my business is going berserk #sigh #OneStepAtATime
MashaAllah... turned on the apps on verses of the quran and i suddenly filled so chilled and cool... Alhamdullillah
When I'm left alone, I somehow reassemble my feelings right so that it doesn't go haywire. #WeMenNeedOurSpace
Too tired from last night that I kept on missing my stop for the past 30 minutes
(cont) Because that's just how things are
You know it's time that things aren't working out anymore, and shit starts showing. Time to start moving out on my own, for a better life
More shit to start my first off. Be on time, what's so difficult? I've done my part rushing to be on time, and you can't do the same?
I'ma need to start exercising, Physical Test coming up in two months and I need to know my stamina rate #wordhardplayhard
That moment when you realise that you were not even suppose to be there. And here you have people taking advantage of the situation.
Not gonna sleep, so that I'll have a nice long ride to KL tomorrow...
I pity the kids of this generation.. seriously.. parents are entertaining their mobile devices more than their own children. #whathappened?
Wow.... God has sure showed me the path to get rid of some of my issues, time to work hard towards it.
Today was really an epic day... everything was all down at first until I started doing my hobby #acting
When Allah opens a door for you, go through it and walk that path. It's a sign that you're progressing towards the RIGHT path with his will
Wow... being used for all the wrong things.
Honestly, I find it EPIC-LY FAIL for people who tries so hard to adapt to an accent just to impress #BitchPlease
Tampines might rain again soon! Hmm... the haze needs to be flushed away so that I don't have to deal with colds and sore eyes
Busy week ahead!! Lots to prepare in just TWO days... #workingonit