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Syabil Lopez
Gotta shop for some Casual Shirts.. hmm.. where do I start?? #Zara #Topman #MangoMen #HM #ESPRIT #CalvinKlein
What's the difference between my opinion and yours? Yeah.. that's right.. nothing #DifficultTimes
Constantly being told to wait.. #NobodyGotTimeForThat
We love in a World filled with desire and always looking for NEW things.. yeah that's me #Huh? #Shiny!
I could hardly shop for the things I want.. I just hope my big break comes soon #InShaaAllah #WorkingOnIt
My wish came true... I wanted to be an orphan.. and now here I am, somewhat abandoned by my parents with shit #BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor
Hmm.. a place to stay, a high-paying job and a school to go to.. Gotta work on what I love because all this matters #WorkingForIt #Passion
Gotta start saving.. can't go food-binging until I get a proper job #FromScratch #WhenItGetsTough #IGetTougher #NotGivingUp
When you stopped giving a fuck about those who never did about you #FxckYou #FxckYeah
The days have been passing by quite fast.. I'm probably just too busy #AfterErrands #RunForestRun #RunBillyRun
I think that listening to snippets of songs from my favourite songs are way more cherishable than listening to the entire one. #Huh?
I am not a fitness type of person, but do I try to keep in shape.. uhh.. does that donut have cream inside? #FxckFood #FitnessFail
Cinderella was dreamy... I'd watch it again.. #InADaze #Disney #Cinderella
I'm just so blessed with what I have to learn about creating an entire collection in past 6 months.. #LotsToLearn #TimeForAnUpgrade #YowZa
When an idea strikes with your business partner #BAM! #OOHYEAAH!
Another month of working on my collection yet again.. Patience is a virtue #ItHurtsButIAmStillMoving #NeverStopping #Passion #WorkBxtch
I need a pair of boat shoes and a pair of jeans or chinos for my meeting! #FashionCrisis #INeedHelp
I don't need people who seek something in return after they've presented a gift.. it's just plain selfish #WhoAreYou #ThatsRightNobody
I'm the definition of Ugly Pretty.. #FxckIt #DarnThisFeeling
Hmm.. working with nothing is like Spongebob making a sweater with his eyebrows #ItHurts
I personally feel that people shouldn't be nosy at what's going on in my phone.. Seriously #ReallyBxtch #NotCool
I think I have the smallest circle of Friends.. leaves me with good, trustworthy and crazy fun people #LessIsMore #UhHuh
Don't keep others waiting for your own mistakes.. you want things done, do it yourself
Don't be such a picky bxtch.. You're not even right for someone better than what you have. #RealityCheck #BxtchPlease
Oh well.. you're not looking anyways, why should I try so hard making it work. #Tired #WhatIsLove
When you've tried to make ends meet, but apparently the other party doesn't understand that it takes 2 hands to clap #FxckIt #OnYourOwnNow
Today I'll be rotting in my room and working on my sketches.. because I'm gonna pretend I don't exist #BusyAsFxck #FashionDesigner
Bisturbing my colleagues has never felt so epic! Hahahahha #Teasing #JuniorsOnDuty #MoreFunForMe
I just realize how busy my April is gonna be #BusyBusyBusy
<cont> Any recommendations for a new phone? Kinda worried at any time I'ma start losing my data #Yikes #AintGonnaHappen
Definitely getting a new phone once I get a 1.5k and above pay.. been dropping my Note 2, surprisingly, works like a Nokia phone #Hocrux
You are nobody to me, I am independant enough to earn my own dollars and cents.. I'm nobody's bxtch #HoneyPlease
Your Happiness should be the main priority in your life. Pleasing others does not increase their level of Happiness #FxckIt #BusinessTalk
I want cat ears, go platinum blonde and yea..
I want a chocolate cake that melts in my mouth like a waterfall... #What?
I want a banana split. The whole banana please.. #Geez
That moment when the model in the ad looks so much better than the product
Things are definitely spicing up...
Woke up feeling like crap...
Today will be a busy day for me.. 2 hrs to settle finish up my work
When you realise that you can fall back on someone freely, because you know that the person will never let you down.. #RelationshipGoals
I need to go back to my skinny-bitch diet... skin is reacting to all the bad that I'm eating from the junkies #HealthyDiet #INeedHelp
What a shitty night.... just a couple of months left..
A long day ahead today. Am gonna need a minimum of 6 hrs of rest, head to the gym to get rid of the Lethargic feeling and work on my sketch
Argh.. my love life sucks.. I need something to spice things up.. Oo! A Chilli!
This cold is wuch a pain in the YooHoo.. if only I remembered to bring some of my needs and never have to travel back and forth for it.
I'm just too ill to focus on my work right now.. Dreaded cold for thr past 3 days and counting...