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When Genesis don't exist , that's when I'll stop saying bitch... #Bitxh
Triangle my name will be vowed as such. This little man who refused to give up.
The why I shine is like a zillion dollar light bill.
Johnny Cash , I'ma real G. I cut myself the day to see if I still bleed.
Even when the sun goes down , I'ma make this shxt... #LightUp
We dream for a future. If you dream know there's a future.
Don't forget Martin Luther King also had a dream. Aren't we living that?
I'm a villain to some , to others I'm a hero.
Vintage Michael Jackson Tee / 80s TShirt by DazedAndVintage
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See me in shxt you never saw. If it wasn't for these pictures they wouldn't see me at all.
Whole worlds in awe. I crash through glass ceilings , break through closed doors.
You know a nigga trxll as Michael Jackson's socks. Lil bastard boy , baskin on top.
Me and destiny got a date. #FUTW
I was left for dead , they tried to wipe me out your history. #Crown
Getting ghost in the ghost. #CanYouSeeMe #CanYouSeeMe
Sex Therapy>>
Watch #MoonWalker by Michael Jackson.
My nigga said "Alligator Suede" #Whatt
The amount of contacts I have in high places. I just keep quiet though. #SilentSuccess
A president , I address.
Black excellence , opulence , decadence. Tuxes next to the president.
Did you know? On labels that have Red.. That's pig fat.
Did you know? The fruit Soursop aids in cancer survival.
Did you know? Brazil has undiscovered species of snakes.
Did you know? During the Ice Age , the Amazon River didn't freeze.
It's hard staying sober , knowing my future.
What I do is from your belief.
1 Peter 2:24a Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, KJB
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If it’s the Psychic Network why do they need a phone number?
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1 Peter 2:19 For this is thankworthy, if a man for conscience toward God endure grief, suffering wrongfully. KJB
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Every Night Ganja Light In Sarah House. This is how my dad taught me how to spell English. #JAFolklore
When it's early af on the weekend and the whole neighborhood cutting grass 😲�
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The Bible said there would be deadly viruses in the last days. Still people don't believe.
Michael the arch angel. Who is that?
Faith and magic is like good and evil. What do you believe?
I wanna do music, but I would never wanna be labeled a "Celebrity"...muthafucker im regular.
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I can't be rated..
Don't listen to music , understand it , break it down.
This is the era of technology , educate yourselves.
Teachers think they're educating the masses yet they're teaching us prewritten material from textbooks and less from their own experiences.
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