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This that shit we really gotta talk about in person. There's some shit I need to work on, but I know you see me working. #LiveFor
Drake x The Weeknd x Live For...
Johnny Cash , I'ma real G. I cut myself the day to see if I still bleed. #StayinSane
I kid you not , going numb is close.
My name Rowan... So clearly Ro wins. #SxperMan
The Devil is about to meet his match. 1,000 years condemned. #iPromise
When it's time to act , who knows who will act? Reason I direct.
In France, you can legally marry a dead person.
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Enjoy the silence.
You are motivated to prove yourself on the job, but you may la... More for Virgo
Some People Hate.
Another one of mine gone!! Death weakens.
Died in my sleep , I'm still big pimpin. Ball at the mall , beginning of the ending. #SS
Only popular niggas kno bout #SS Need I say more.
You have a more realistic picture of how others perceive you n... More for Virgo
I just smile for everything.
You are all set to enjoy yourself today because your heart and... More for Virgo
Don't let your cautious approach to making travel plans preven... More for Virgo
If you start counting at one and spell out the numbers as you go, you won't use the letter "A" until you reach 1,000.
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The chicken is the closest living relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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Elephants are the only mammals that cannot jump.
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Every bad bitch dream about my dick... #UOENO
Looking back, makes you smart. Looking forward, makes you mature. Looking down, makes you wise. Looking UP, makes you strong.
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Lion King just had too much life lessons/quotes in it
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Yo @kobebryant we WILL meet one day. #TheTruth
Why won't it stop... #TheRide
My collection of masterpieces just hit a crescendo of domination #madebykobe
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When i tell you i love you, i mean that from the bottom of my heart
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It's hard not to love being who I am.
Police State #GoogleIt that's the setting right now.
Gimmi di girls , wid dem pussy fat. Yeh all di girls , boys dem looking at.
Gimmi all ah di woman , Kuz ah dem ave di joy. Inna di lake ov fire mi dash yuh bwoy.
If yuh diss King Selassie , di gun shot yuh bwoy.
Badmon don't apologize to NO batty Bwoy.
#Virgos are usually very stylish people with good taste. People usually love they way they dress.
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Hi, pls pass this to your friends on your contact list -Just got dis Please, don't buy or drink any bottled water...
39 in the old , 27 in the new. Equaling 66 books in one.
Ppl can recite lyrics , but don't know how many books The Bible have. #NoLoyalty
The Revelation been taking place since the 2000's.
This is what I was speaking of...
Just awoke , shower life.
You don't mind fighting fire with fire as long as you're well ... More for Virgo
Sometimes you just have to accept that some people can only be in your heart, not in your life.
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