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It’s awful news about the ugly one with no talent leaving #TakeThat… But I’ve just thought of his perfect replacement… @NoelGallagher. LG x
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Awwwe… Bless the skanky fat arsed mums feeding their kids Greggs sausage rolls for breakfast! “Parenting!” - You’re doing a great job! 👍👏👏
I've been holding off for as long as possible, but it's here. An insane Japan edit that will turn thoughts to winter…
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Grrrrrr… 5am start for nothing! ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️
Man Utd fans: Suarez the horrible vile racist...!
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"@Robish13: I think Balo have rustled their jimmies." HAHAHA TYPICAL MANCS!!
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Working really hard this morning… 🐴🐶�
35 seconds in... 'Kopites are Gobshites' Well done on your return to Europe
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Check out the refs orange socks… Kinky little fucker! #EuropaLeague
Highlight so far… Martinez’s disco eyebrows when talking in the prematch interview! #EuropaLeague
93rd minute winner… All’t bitters & Mancs spewing after just updating their status’ thinking it was all over! #StayClassy 😘👏👏#YNWAYNWA 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Fuck sake… We’re terrible at the moment! Lucky basdards! #YNWA
Bacon butty & a pot of slart in bed… It’s about time she pulled her finger out! Keep up the good work @Leeni80 😘☕️🐷😋
Friggin Lampard in a city kit… #HeadFuck 😱
Should be a belter this… ⚽️👍 #AFCvMCFCC
The Hodge has injured Henderson? How the fuck does he manage that? The fucking prehistoric mackerel-fngering fuckdonkey
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Arse is in bits… Friggin bike! 😢🚲😩🚲😱
Some serious hill action, sweat and pain with @Swozza 🚲🚲🚲🚲�
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One sleeps while the ouher licks her tuppy! Delightful 😷�
Quiet night in with the captain! 😘👍🚣👌
Using Henderson as the deepest player in the diamond demonstrates a total lack of understanding of what you should do with a diamond.
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Alberto Moreno Scores v Tottenham Mashed Up With Vince McMahon (via @FlannyAlves) #Genius…
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I can see utd getting to that 40 point mark now just now they got falcao..#40points
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Mario Balotelli - £16million Danny Welbeck - £16million
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Just polished off my 7th meal of the day… 💪
Falcao be like: "It was my dream to play for Man United. I hope I can become a great Arsenal legend. Hala Madrid!"
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Very happy for the victory of the team and my first goal in the premier league. Come on Liverpool FC. #LFC
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Alberto Moreno's class goal against Spurs. What a talent...#LFC
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Great win, but the best thing about today is this Liverpool side can - and will - get much better #LFC
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Not bad for a “one man team” who “have no chance” of finishing above spurs! Aye @chriscorry16 #DontBelieveTheHype 😘
Cheryl in leathers on a motobike… I’m done! 😍
Love that Costa fella… He’s a proper cunt! 😍👍
There's no #DefinitelyMaybe about it. The greatest album in history was released 20 years ago today. And it will #LiveForever. LG x #OASIS
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Oooooh! Great header… Guys still a 1st class cunt mind!
Draw’d be nice now to end a perfic day in’t prem… #SuperStoke 👍#ABUU 👊�#BITTERSvsRentBoysBoys 👊💦
Soccer Saturday & Rum ‘n Coke… You can tell the Mrs’ away!
Help a brother out and go download 'Squash A Frog' on the Apple AppStore! It's free, fun and addictive. Get that shit in your life!
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Genuinely despise that festival & all the fucktards it brings! 😡
Errrrm… Ill take the Group of death please! 😁👍⚽️#ChampionsLeagueue 🏆🏆#YNWA� #YNWA