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to tell the truth; if I was doin this for you, then I'd have nothing left to prove
Don't play the role if you aren't about it.
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who's up rn
I wish I knew why I was awake right now.
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I'm glad I'm not an insomniac
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It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. 😂😂
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she jus wanna smoke an fuck , I said girl that's all that we do 😈
two or three packs of swishers and the snow can keep fallin for all I care
#team 😚
they just wanna be like the all the rappers that i can't stand, niggas we don't need anymore; all the niggas we don't need anymore
"@ClubLIVVV: It's crazy how someone could mean absolutely everything to you but you mean absolutely nothing to them"
Being cheated on will turn you into a savage 😡 😤 😾🔥💥🚶👊🙅
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whelp, goodnight
I can't let these words fool me, they tell you what you wanna hear..
don't try any slick shit
the thought that someone will get affection from anyone if their main one isn't there makes me nauseous
when they stay still at least....
loooove cuddling 😄
well that was hopefully to say the least
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they seen me come from that bottom- they told me gettem, I gottem
"@WORIDSTARHlPHOP: someone check that boi's ankles asap 😦�" CLEANUP ON ISLE 9!!!
quick game of phone tag to start the week #happymonday 😂�@coryshadede
beauuuuutiful outside!!!
"@RaChEl_WeAnD: Cannot stand when people stare!!!!! #fuckyoulookinat #doioweyousomething ❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓"
this is how we need to he playing all year
it's at least 3 before half if we take care of the ball.....
I mean if you get to interview Marshawn Lynch and all you're asking is yes or no questions, expect to be made a fool of
"@NFL_Stats: So Inspirational 😂" 😂😂😂
"@FascinatingVids: What your body looks like, from top to bottom." coolest shit I saw in a long time
any bread on this game today? @kstock22 #WhoDat
r u fucking serious. never again, fucking never
never trippin
either ya saw or you didn't