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Heart turned cold real quick #wow
Can't believe you'd lead them to believe that shit.. I treat you so badly? All I do's buy whatever you please and then I fix MY budget LATER
They wish their man was like me 🙊🙈
My only issue is I'm bad with time, I be 30-60 min late sometimes.. if that's all a guy's fuckin up I DONT THINK THAT'S TOO SHABBY
You're talking about Cliff Newton, and being bent... You know me real good. Goofy ass meth heads
Make that two
There's one person I actually want to kill
There ain't no winning!!
Lawwwwwd, fuck this shit
I wish I could give my girl better friends.. She hangout with some dumb, straight airhead ass bitches #smh
... If I blow up, don't wish happy birthdays or no good luck to me. No, i don't need no company. No, i ain't had enough of me #AHHH
This is to those who quote would "always" fuck with me- an now don't even say what up to me....
Must start killing now before they do!!
I'm stuck on that white girl, but I never did coke before!! 😘
No trust to give and only one life to live
Cheating bitches make me sick #seeya
Tupac is numero uno, then eazy, and THEN biggie #opinions…
If you can't understand the lingo... No comment
When niggas say I "try" to rap... aint nobodying "trying" shit, dick head i spit flames
If only I had the producer... son that shit means everything nowadays
If you have the most top hits, but you I only write 2 of them...
Y'all forgot how to read a calender? you dumb mother fuckers, yeah it's August
Lol bet You're survival must be so difficult…
"Weeny-hut junior?!" 😭😂😭😂
honestly might get drunk again tomorrow just to say I did. yeah boy it's that kind of weekend! #LiveLife
A loss, is a loss #yes and a victory comes with a future loss #YouWillLose #eventually that's the #system
I did something besides sit at home tonight #oops
the beat burnt the building down!! #YoungPutin
I swear people just love yelling for the fun of it. Getting on my fuckin nerves
"Whole Menu" 🎶�@YoungPutinin coming soon!#5Seventyty
It's only 2 o'clock wow
Drakes used to reading a script #Jimmy
Next person i hear say blankenhorn is lucky is getting stole. the kid worked hard and stayed disciplined since the day I met him #stophatin
holy shit I just can't ever manage getting out of bed. I'm like a god damn bear in hibernation
Every nigga on my TL is pussy, no base in his own opinion. Band wagon riding- dick eatin mf's
but I was crazy when I said Drake gon have Meek back on the corner doin battle raps... Yall niggas are retarded, never-know-shit ass niggas
The list goes on
And it's even more comical how they're never saw this way, until the press. Then all of a sudden EVERYONE AND THEIR MOM WAS RAPED BY R Kelly
Adrian Peterson "child abuser" Bill Cosby "rapist"
Kobe "rapist", Mike Jackson "child molester" tiger woods "all time cheater" Magic Johnson "aids" (healthiest person to have aids in my book)
All of the great African Americans go out with, uh, the shifty view the press gives them. come on now. same shit happen with mad brothers

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