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Ginobili killing us
bosh with the lil fadeaway
"@lilly_seiders: They had one thing in common, they were both good in bedddd"
what is fathers day
nothing, absolutely nothing is more annoying than when I ask somebody what they wanna do and they reply "idun kno, what do youu wanna do?"
thats why i stay strapped with a brand new mac and its 4-5 so when they jump fast better whistle like offsides
if I had gas on tap and money growing on trees shit would be so much easier
nothing more to say
"@CHILDHOODISG0NE:" thats the worst cartoon theory I've ever saw
"@___inome: I just want to take you out and show you off"
can't wait to drop this #fire
idk yo. I just don't know
Cops are everywhere tonight
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wtf yo im bout to snap
every now and then ill check up on people I care about, just because ik im not the only one with problems #rs
yea, got some game from my daddy. an she might say she love me; she dont luh me like she say she luh me #BelieveMe
who tryna chill tn?
second week in a row I'm DDing #DontDrinkNDrive
I hate when I sync my contacts and my ex ends up on my "favorites" list. it makes for some instant flashbacks ill tell you that much
they dont leave the guy alone.
its sad to think I almost wish I was going to jail. its free living? the court system's trash, convicts have it mad easy yo
thousand dollars on the bail thats chump change. buhl snitchin, I ain't gunna say the chumps name
"A glock 19 was found in Newtons possession" < totally irrelevant to the case you salty ass dickhead
I never been fake, where you hear that at
you niggas still snitchin, no typa loyalty. man im so stressed out, TOO MANY LAWYER FEES #somebodyprayforme #AceHoooood
stand by my side so I know it's real
the difference between us is: when you have money, you dont need me; but when I have money, I still need you
I just want some head in a comfortable bed, it could all be so simple
for once, im gunna turn my faith over to God; cause I can't count on anyone else
my lawyer the shit, I ain't spendin a day in jail #BelieveMe
birdman said "nawgh"
As I hit another paper plane I'm m.i.a
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this dumbass shit on my tl <<< who made this "@TheCWW: "Walt Disney" hidden 6's."
This is your life there's no way to run from it The doubt in your brain or the pain in your stomach
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what more can I say
all the totally out of the way nutass shit I do for you smh
its cool cause its you, if the tables were turned tho...
you try to make me feel some kind of way cause YOU fucked up #makesalottasense
spiteful ass females will never be happy
bitch does it look like im wearing a fuckin leash
People from Schuylkill County are absolute dumbasses
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I guarantee you if the movie Notorious wouldve came out a few years later Terio would have had a roll as the young biggy