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Swapan Dasgupta
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"Remembering the Jewish refugee who composed the All India Radio caller tune"AIR's signature tune is iconic: Salute!…
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Here we go again. Another Idea of India lament in New York Times.…
A plug for my article in today's Telegraph: WITH HIS SYMBOLS - Modi’s critics must find a new stick to beat him with…
Why we need to reclaim the swastika from European racists:…
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By earlier standards it is a relatively quieter Diwali this year in our colony. Gives me hope that maybe Swachh Bharat could happen one day.
PM Modi's Diwali in Kashmir decoded:1.This is our land 2.You may throw out some people but their civilization lives 3.Time fr new beginnings
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Reminded of how friends in govt kept banging their heads agnst the wall telling Canada to freeze Ind-centric terror accounts @swapan55
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I think we have a long experience with the menace. Now the onus is on Canada to recognise it &, more imp, do its bit to confront it.
Sad that a carefree country like Canada will now experience intrusive security drills. An inevitable consequence of the new global menace.
Fine piece by Claude Arpi on researching Nehru and researching in general in India…
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In its usual friendly, cheerful, harmonious way, MIM has a new slogan - Bhag Hindu Owaisi Aya.
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Am I over-reacting in thinking this Clever writing by Aakar Patel is offensive & in remarkable bad taste?…
Excellently argued article - In Defence Of Blyton.… in-defence-of-blyton
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Usual Suspects: In new India, dissent is just a remote button away (Sunday Times of India, October 19, 2014)…
Notable in the election analysis is that secular-communal rhetoric is totally missing. LS 2014 has changed the vocabulary, perhaps forever.
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Very interesting seeing @BDUTT with a distinct BJP backdrop. Without the sound someone might think she has seen the light. (-:
Just came from morning walk and read @swapan55 "in new india, dissent is just a remote button away" fantastic peice of writing again. GM
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Hope Modi govt displays political courage to recalibrate &contain the expansion of NREGA. Ignore the 'consensus' of academic establishment
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@swapan55 while child labour is a good stick for the west to beat us, it equally true that devlpd India has no place for child labour.
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Nobel for whom? My take on the agenda behind the Peace Prize…
Usual Suspects: MODI AND MUCK - By far the most ambitious of the prime minister’s schemes…
What my friend @MalikAshok brought back for me from Australia!
In which, @swapan55 writes about "Modi and Muck" - the challenge to make Indians believe change is indeed possible…
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My new blog: Kolkata diaspora and its delusions #Kolkata #Bengal Feedback welcome
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A silly controversy over Mohan Bhagwat's speech
Usual Suspects: A silly controversy over Mohan Bhagwat's speech…
Usual Suspects: Modi and the networks. My take on why the Editor's Guild doth complain too much.…
A beautiful @swapan55 piece which starts with Mao, Sinologist Han Suyin and ends with Modi's stance vis-a-vis China…
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Visited @arunjaitley today. Cheerful & recovering well. Has also been clearing files & meeting a few officials.
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is well on his way to recovery so please stop spreading rumours.
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The supposedly liberal, progressive @nytimes gets away depicting India. Imagine the NYT uproar if this was Fox news.
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@swapan55 Trolls are literate people who suffer from a lamentable lack of vocabulary & feel that their voice has been supressed. #BlrLitFest
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#Jayaverdict TV anchors/@Experts so confused how Amma will run TNadu via surrogate. Wake up guys, have u forgotten 10yrs of UPA ?
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The unending journey from the airport to anywhere in Bangalore...
US Admin has 2 sort out gratuitous summons 2 PM. It's not Ind's problem but US provocation. If needed, Modi shld return after UNGA, skip DC
Mamata rules but her halo is gone. My rticle in today's HT…
How the dynasty turned large chunks of Lutyens' Delhi into private property…
How the dynasty turned large chunks of Lutyens' Delhi into private property.
Doing my level best to prevent Scotland's residents pressing the self-destruct button next week:… via @hsnewsbreak
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Ian Paisley, proud Irish Briton, died today in a still-United Kingdom. At least he didn't have to witness any further truncation post 18/9.
How a contrived history created a separatist groundswell in Scotland.…
"We should see the expanding welfare state not as the cure to our social disease, but as a symptom of it" Communitarian Dreams
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Foreign Powers Buy Influence at Think Tanks, via @nytimes…
The Guru Diwas speech points to a refreshingly fresh approach to political leadership