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Swapan Dasgupta
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Dina Nath Batra has passionate views. But must he speak about them to every reporter who arrives at his door?
@swapan55 thanks for the clarification else arnab's circus would have modi man endorses ray's critic of ambedkar.."Is modi anti dalit"?
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The larger issue in this liberal-left spat is the question of all historical research to be done solely by committee-approved scholars.
Some 'liberals' are after Arundhati Roy for her essay on Ambedkar. They want to prosecute her 4 publishing unauthorised version! Sounds daft
Participated in a DD discussion for the first time in 10 years. Am I out of the blacklist?
@swapan55 Only rumour that remains is govt is considering redefinition of the term "Anglo-Indian" so as to nominate you to the Lok Sabha
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In past 2 months I have appointed editor of 2 national dailies, given a RS seat & now sent off to London. Must be a dearth of real news!
We chopped its head off but nepotism slithers back, calling itself talent via @thesundaytimes…
Yes, even foreign policy should be an object of political change. Particularly India's Israel policy.…
Whoever said money cannot buy happiness has never been inside a bookshop. Leakey’s Second Hand Bookshop, Scotland*
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Heady Summer, Fateful Fall for Dinesh D’Souza, a Conservative Firebrand, via @nytimes
As Sri Lanka readies for its presidential election early next year, it is a field day for conspiracy theories.
As Lanka readies for the presidential election, conspiracy theories abound.…
@swapan55:#India 2affirm #SriLanka’s growing impatience w/NGOs/multilaterals using HR cover 2address political agenda…
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General complaint. MT "@Namrata_Joshi: @Airtel_Presence despite a good signal on my IPad, the 3G cellular data network not working”
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Sri Lanka & India bullying England with the short ball. Almost amusing.
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Pleased to welcome to Temple Trees this evening @BJP4India members @swapan55 @Swamy39 @MD_Nalapat @seshadrichari and Dr. Suresh Prabhu.- MR
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The debate in Parliament on Gaza is an opportunity for MPs to finally put an end to the sectarian veto on India's...
. @swapan55 excellent article. Might not be a bad idea for BJP MPs to speak unequivocally in favor of Israel & its right to finish Hamas.1/2
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Gaza debate in India Parliament is about internal politics. It is an attempt to re-establish a sectarian veto.…
The ICHR chairman isn't India's chief ( or even its most distinguished) historian. He is merely the head of a...
The debate isn't about who should be India's chief historian. It's about depoliticising the ICHR as a first step.…
Only advantage of a debate in Parl on Gaza will be to demonstrate that there is no national consensus on backing Palestine cause blindly.