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Swapan Dasgupta
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@swapan55 Trolls are literate people who suffer from a lamentable lack of vocabulary & feel that their voice has been supressed. #BlrLitFest
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#Jayaverdict TV anchors/@Experts so confused how Amma will run TNadu via surrogate. Wake up guys, have u forgotten 10yrs of UPA ?
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The unending journey from the airport to anywhere in Bangalore...
US Admin has 2 sort out gratuitous summons 2 PM. It's not Ind's problem but US provocation. If needed, Modi shld return after UNGA, skip DC
Mamata rules but her halo is gone. My rticle in today's HT…
How the dynasty turned large chunks of Lutyens' Delhi into private property…
How the dynasty turned large chunks of Lutyens' Delhi into private property.
Doing my level best to prevent Scotland's residents pressing the self-destruct button next week:… via @hsnewsbreak
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Ian Paisley, proud Irish Briton, died today in a still-United Kingdom. At least he didn't have to witness any further truncation post 18/9.
How a contrived history created a separatist groundswell in Scotland.…
"We should see the expanding welfare state not as the cure to our social disease, but as a symptom of it" Communitarian Dreams
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Foreign Powers Buy Influence at Think Tanks, via @nytimes…
The Guru Diwas speech points to a refreshingly fresh approach to political leadership
Global Strategist Sanjeev Sanyal predicts a shift in India's growth model to an East Asian model on @cnbctv18:
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Stomach churning pix of ISIS brutalities. These are just monsters, not human beings--deformities of what's happened in that region.
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100 days in office: a preliminary assessment.…
And one of @swapan55's fave movies "North West Frontier", starring Kenneth Moore and Lauren Bacall, is on BBC2 this afternoon. Huzzah!
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Why it would be a folly for Pak to read too much into the editorials of India's MSM…
Time to shed some conventional theories about Pakistan.
#ISIS are decapitating ancient communities as well as individuals. Me in @spectator on a crime against civilisation:…
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I didn't know that belief in Pakistan as a stakeholder in J&K had so much backing among editorial classes. What an 'idea of India' sirjee!
India needs proper archival policy. Let most documents be archived in 30 years, sensitive ones after 50 years & in exceptional cases 99 yrs
RSS wants all post-1947 secret files made public. Can't agree more..
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@bibekdebroy @swapan55 Birds of a feather flocked Hours in Planning commission clocked Supply and Demand be damned Diktats shall be rammed
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@swapan55 Robin Williams is the man who after visiting Lord's said, 'Cricket is baseball on Valium'. Not a man for your tastes...
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@pbmehta sees Modi as de Gaulle, and lauds a remarkable speech that dared to raise uncomfortable social truth…
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Surprised at the hate That Planning Commission can generate. And it doesn't abate. Must have a lot to do with the recent most prelate.
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My article in HT on why the nation is more important than invocations to the Republic. Also at…
A 'secular' friend asked me why there wasn't anything 'bout religious hatred in Modi's speech. I said yes there was no condemnation of ISIS
So heartening to hear Vande Mataram at an official event
Times Now: TIMES NOW IMPACT: Modi replaces Planning Commission with Super Think Thank #EndOfAnEra
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Farewell to Central planning. Command economy RIP
Vasundhara Raje is on a reform spree and she is doing this quitely backed by a massive mandate. Center should look upto her
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My expectations from NAMO Aug 15 speech are very high. More than schemes, hope he outlines definite change of direction 4 India. @PMOIndia
Do you somehow become extra-secular by suggesting that River Saraswati is a figment of our myth-infested imagination?
Delightful article on our pampered media by K.P. Nayar…
Amazing. This article (from less than a year ago) was 0-for-10: 10 reasons Modi will find it hard to move to Delhi
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This @kavita_krishnan says Bhagat Singh during his trial (1929) sent Lenin (died 1924) a telegram congratulating him
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Why do Indian schools need transfer certificates? I wonder if it just bureaucratic power play…
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Maybe my tastes are woefully out of date but I had never heard of Robin Williams till this morning. #shamefulConfession
Surprised (or maybe not) that this religious cleansing doesn't warrant any outrage. But then ISIS is another face of Hamas & the Brotherhood
What is happening with Yazidis is monstrous replay of the 'purification' of Kafiristan (today's Nurestan) by Afghan zealots after 1894. 1/2
Clarification: It was IIC lawns, not the bar. In any case @Ram_Guha is a Gandhian of fine standing. And we are good friends too!
Does the memory of Netaji Subhas belong only to his family? Nirad Chaudhuri used to say "Netaji Trading Company" !