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Swapan Dasgupta
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General complaint. MT "@Namrata_Joshi: @Airtel_Presence despite a good signal on my IPad, the 3G cellular data network not working”
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Sri Lanka & India bullying England with the short ball. Almost amusing.
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Pleased to welcome to Temple Trees this evening @BJP4India members @swapan55 @Swamy39 @MD_Nalapat @seshadrichari and Dr. Suresh Prabhu.- MR
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The debate in Parliament on Gaza is an opportunity for MPs to finally put an end to the sectarian veto on India's...
. @swapan55 excellent article. Might not be a bad idea for BJP MPs to speak unequivocally in favor of Israel & its right to finish Hamas.1/2
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Gaza debate in India Parliament is about internal politics. It is an attempt to re-establish a sectarian veto.…
The ICHR chairman isn't India's chief ( or even its most distinguished) historian. He is merely the head of a...
The debate isn't about who should be India's chief historian. It's about depoliticising the ICHR as a first step.…
Only advantage of a debate in Parl on Gaza will be to demonstrate that there is no national consensus on backing Palestine cause blindly.
From the Cabinet grapevine I understand that @jayantsinha speech in LS on the Budget was very well appreciated. Great work.
Why the 1st term of Modi will be all about fixing mess, securing efficiency & govt delivery. Big changes for 2nd term…
.@prasannavishy @swapan55 "Studio Pundits"(A Jaitley) will soon have to compete with "Blogger Brahmins": :-)
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Why it was a bad speech but a good Jaitley Budget…
Can anyone tell what this article means? Why was it written?…
Why the mandate must shape Jaitley's Budget.…
Snooping on BJP meant US intel agencies could snoop on anyone they held 2 b BJP. This meant a lot of people. Were their customers In India?
2/2 This is the type of puerile junk that BBC is broadcasting 2 explain 'right wing' agenda of Modi. Pathetic & mischeavous.
One Nitin Srivastava of BBC in Delhi claims on World Service that some civil servants havent slept 4 past 15 days 'cos of Hindi circular 1/2
Great meeting @priti4witham at Westminster. Tory MP who speaks her mind bluntly & shares admiration of Thatcher. Good friend of India.
I'll be speaking in Oxford today at 2pm on Modi's Mandate ( Politics dept, Manor Road). Do come if you are doing nothing better.
Why the White House visit of Modi may just be a photo-op.…
Time has come to take tough decisions in the interest of the nation. Whatever decisions we take will be solely guided by national interest.
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