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❤️.Ari Williams.❤️
Drake's back to back song had me like this the whole time.
So we got another movie theatre shooting 😒.
Stop comparing drake to me too.... He don't write his own raps! That's why he ain't tweet my album because we found out! 😁
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Stay in school children 😐.V
Stay in school children 😐.3
To everyone at the masquerade sweating like a hoe in church..go head and take your bath now. It's closed 😂.
Someone come with me to futures concert 😩.
. @BarackObama Your time almost up, sneak this in for the hood.
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I been looking for this but this proof Birdman gay 😂😂😂cTy8I
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Everyone riding around bumping blow a bag like they got future's entire album 😂😂😂. Yall make me sick 💀✌🏾️.
#GrowingUpBlack this clown was hype asf when it came to krumping 😂😂�78T
I wish there was always that one person's phone I could just hit up when I wake up in the middle of the night and keep me company 😭.
I wish waking up in the morning was as easy as I wake up in the middle of the night 😫.
I can dig it 💅🏾.
After you shot the school up and the Department of Justice decides that you've been a bad boy #GrowingUpWhite
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I don't understand why people say "call me" but don't have shit to say. I don't need to hear you breathe fire all in my ear 😂🔥.
#GrowingUpBlack every accomplishment made was a threat.
#GrowingUpBlack this was your life. And when u got too tall you stood up & bent over😫D
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#GrowingUpBlack when you saw this shit on the stove you already knew what time it was 😭.u
Honesty is key to everyone but when someone keeps its real they all of a sudden a headless person.
Ill make sure my priorities are in check before I stress over some bullshit 💯.
Literally crying right now 😭😭😭0cSO8
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I'm no chaser..if you not rockin with me then we just won't be rockin at all ✌🏾️.
The faithful ones..💘🙌😍💍 Aries 😍🌹 Gemini💎💖 Virgo💍🎀👑 Scorpio👫💏🔒 Aquarius 🙌😂 Capricorn💚💜💚 Sagittarius👧💏💘💖💋💅🎀
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If we ever date, i'll make sure that you don't ever feel alone
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Can't replace everybody so be careful who you hurt
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The struggle of having thick hair 😢😭😫XL75
I'm tired of giving my all to the wrong people.
I don't need any validation from any one . Either you accept me for me or you don't . Either way I'm good . I'll always be good .
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