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Suzy Klein
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Up at the crack to have a cheery chat about #TheBolds and #NatureNuts on @BBCRadio4 #SaturdayLive. I've had a wash and everything.
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A repentant butterfly collector, a puppeteer, a tandem rider and Julian Clary. I love #bbcsaturdaylive running order meetings...
The ethereal beauty of the human voice. Perfect start to the day...…
@WFTV_UK PLS RT: WRITERS: @rocliffeforum & @BAFTA are looking for new Children's TV/film scripts - Closes tonight!
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Daniel 'This is Your Brain on Music' Levitin's fascinating talk about music, memory and the brain: (@danlevitin)
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Bravo to everyone involved in tonight's live broadcast of #RSCMerchant. Cast, cameras, director, musicians, crew - I salute you all!
Sad to hear of the death of EL Doctorow whose glorious writing &giant imagination has so often left me astounded. A fabulous writer now gone
Hear hear! I blubbed most of the way through it... Just gorgeous…
First night #bbcproms @BBCRadio3; #bbc offers amazing national value and is essential part of UK culture
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Ooh, that genuine quiver of excitement before the First Night of #BBCProms. Huzzah!
Neighbour playing Maria Callas 'Un Bel Di' at blast volume but I can't bring myself to ask them to turn it down. Just ravishingly beautiful
Manchester, glorious despite the rain... Tune in @BBCRadio3 live from 4.30 for great live coverage of the festival
'We give children paintbrushes when they're young; it shld be no different with technology.' Great scheme, out today…
Bring on the Tong! My thoughts on the R1 Ibiza dance Prom - via @Telegraph…
Beautiful summer's evening at the wedding of my dearest old friend @dominic_laurie in Oxford. Bliss.
Tonight we are showing Don Giovanni on free outdoor #BPbigscreens across the UK. Find out if there's one near you ^E
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Head of UNESCO tells me she believes Iraqi + Syrian antiquities stolen and sold by ISIS are ending up with art collectors in West incl UK.
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A 1950s election leaflet for Nicholas Winton. Note casual 'evacuated 600 refugee children' in his CV @LabourHistory
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Remember, at closedown tonight (00:00 GMT, 01:00 BST) SEVEN PIPS. How cool is that? #leapsecond
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'I do defend the idea that this rarefied art form should challenge its audience': Deborah Orr on the ROH's Tell:…
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The always pitch-perfect @HadleyFreeman on the gaping intellectual hole at the centre of the 'wellness industry'...…
The contents of a £3m Hyde Park mansion, inc. gold plated tissue boxes, are being auctioned with no reserve go wild…
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Good to have such strong reactions to an opera production - #ROHTell has certainly ruffled lots of feathers...…
Just announced - Christian Thielemann to be Music Director at Bayreuth. Details on @BBCInTune from 4.30 @BBCRadio3:…
Loving the 'elephant in the room' in the background of Top Gear studio @BBCTwo
How to explain Britain to a foreigner, in one easy picture...
ATTENTION RADIO HEADS: My programme about virtuosity: Fast and Furioso is on BBC Radio 4 today at 11.30am. Repeated this Saturday at 3.30pm.
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Come on, now. Don't pretend you've never egroted before...…
Kirill Petrenko to succeed Simon Rattle at the Berlin Philharmonic
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If you're under 30, fit and well, you could do something extraordinary tomorrow... Pls RT…
According to this odd man, my name is objectionable and makes me infantile. Aren't some people terribly peculiar?…
The UN Secretary General is always capped, director of public prosecutions is lower case. You're welcome...…
@suzyklein Please retweet. my son Daniel Rainbow suffering from #neuroblastoma cancer.Thank you Newcastle RVI
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Laydeez in da house - @suzyklein and me with Saturday Live. Radio 4 at 9am. Don't miss it. It's going to be #distractinglysexy #not
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In German, "torschlusspanik" is the fear, as one gets older, that time is running out and important opportunities are slipping away.
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Here's what happened when I spent an afternoon with Ornette Coleman in 2007.…
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"The people want more BBC, not less". Worth reading from Prospect Mag...…
Just ADORING the Listening Project Live right now on @BBCRadio4. @fifiglover is a star, as are her wonderful contributors
Lovely Radio 4/#BBCMusicDay mash-up of gorgeousness...…
Sheryl Sandberg helped women think about their careers. Now she may also help people manage their grief
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We've launched a new £35.2 million @ace_national fund supporting artistic ambition, talent & excellence. More info:…
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A Tweep is angry and wants me never again to say the word 'fantastic' on the radio. But not sure I can stop finding things to celebrate...
Lots will be written today, not much will be by people who knew Kennedy as well as this, v well worth reading…
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