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Truth is so obscure in these times, and falsehood is so established, that, unless we love the truth, we cannot know it ~Blaise Pascal
That dayum Madden has been been a thorn in my side for 15 we go again! Can't we just have a friendly quit? Lls!
Get On Up, The James Brown Movie, sucked! The only good thing about it was that I was with my husband@blackpolosports we could've had a V8.
I'm all the way up and strongly thinking about waking him up; he's going to be pissed! Oh well, here comes the shake...
Yung Liar "Ca$h & Lie$" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: @yungliar. Me and @blackpolosports can't stop laughing!
My daughter thought she was whispering to herself when she called me a stalker. Not mad tho cuz wait until she's a teen. Hahah!
If you look over and see a loser, well, you're a loser as well; birds of feather not only get hit by the same rock but also flock together.
Awf to lunch with my boo thangs! Yay!
Hungry and waiting on @blackpolosports to come feed me. He told me to get a Snicker's bc I'm turning into someone else, Oprah Winfrey. LOL!
The defendant just said, "fo'real, fo'real I'm guilty." The Judge responded, "Oh, two fo'reals, hunh?" DTFL! #courtproblems
I need a new job! I'll take a pay cut but no less than 62!
I never understood selfishness until now; I think I am about to get on board that train.
A bagel determines the course of the day. To be stale or not. Let's see; I'm going in...
Lawd Amazon done gone and started Kindle Unlimited! You can read limitless-ly! Can you say they can have my 9.99 a month! I am dumb excited!
Can't wait to get my FREE Suitcase Starter Kit from @suitcasepreneur and become a Highflyer!
#CoD MW3 is blowing me. I think I'm popping in black Ops II!
I've never seen When Harry Met Sally...thought about it then changed my mind!
He said no in uncertain terms to the $250 for @AugustAlsina! #sadface. I guess I gotta go into my own pocket! Lol!
I'm now an A-List celebrity in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Come join me and become famous too by playing on Android!…
My daughter has told everyone at my Job about my current obsession w/ @AugustAlsina and that when he was 11 was 19! Still #IChooseAugust
I guess he forgot to take his anti-depressants this morning; I'll give him a pass just this once.
A goal without a plan is a wish!
Steven just sang me Maxwell's "Fortunate" spite of the singing part, I still love him! Lol!
Bout to go home and crush what I cooked from dinner last night. Spinach, Veggie patty, macaroni and cheese.#wifelyflow
Weren't broken, U were ready! Cheaters never win! U cheat on her to get her n she cheat on him to stay with him. Haha! UR man still had her!
Wishing I could be at home sitting on the couch reading curled up beside Steven as he plays Black Ops II.#rainwasmadeforcouples
I hope to have a couple of forevers with my Babe! I love Steven this morning!