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Feeling #inspired. Thanks to my faithful Muse; I'm writing again!
I love my Beanso and her father my Hubby Hub; they make my heart full of love and my belly rumble with laughter!
I need hazard/combat pay! This defendant keep looking over here! She swearing she's a senator and the clerk (me) is stalking her! Huntey....
Over this stupid conversation. He was married when you started messing yet you expect him to be faithful? The way you got, you'll lose him.
If your husband was married before you and she had and kept his last name, has several kids whom share the name, would you take name too?
If another motherlover says that that thing looks anything like my kid.....
Been bouncing off @ScHoolBoyQ since Friday. I don't have favorite yet. Hubs is Collard Greens by far. This the 164 time watching youtube.
Who listen/watches Schoolboy Q on the xbox at 1:30 in the morning? Me and this dayum Steven!
Awww Lord, this song got me feeling some type of way; "I'm feeling 30 feet tall" @BrunoMars Bang Bang Gorilla.
I hate people who yawn and don't cover his or her mouth! You are disgusting and your mother should have taught you better!#petpeeve
My Husband is the best; Love Without a Limit! #blessed
This defendant said, "Thank you Jesus, I mean US Marshal, you look like Jesus!" I think he looks like Oppy from Sons of Anarchy. #6
I now know what bumaye nee Boma ye means.
I was just saying Ishmael bumaye then realized I don't know what bumaye means and also too lazy to google it!
Charlie Wilson on. Mother's day and my boothing @AugustAlsina on 3/24/2013. Getting my life before I, really, work on Ishmael.
Ishmael; going to say that 50 11 times before the day is over! :)
I wish I could have seen Bernie Mac in person; this man was hillarious!
Ali Bumaye by The Game is driving me crazy! My husband is walking around with his fist in the air. DTFL! Heeeelllp"! Lol!
Thought this song was from the 70s but it was 1985; Steven said don't talk to him about his era and I can't claim the 90s either!#sadface
Stevie Wonder Reported Missing Found 2 Days Later at Grammy’s Still Playing Piano… via @CreamBmp
A family that goes to sleep together, wakes up together. LMAO! Me and the hubs just woke up; we're going to be up all night!
“ Knowledge comes by taking things apart: analysis. But wisdom comes by putting things together. ” — John A. Morrison
My husband and I laugh, laugh, laugh! GOD, I love that man!#bonnietohisclydeforrealforeal
Fool's gold=1000000 frieniemies Real gold=damn you ain't got no friends
If you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas! And that dude is...