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kurt sutter
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I’d call it even, @joelmchale. I don’t think Nero will, though. S05E07. #AnarchyEnds #FinalRide
Close call. RT @YanickCole: Just restarted the Shield on Amazon and was wondering...Is @sutterink creepier as Margos or in real life?
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Congrats @ryanmurphy24 on the Normal Heart. Beautiful to see Larry Kramer up there. Great message. Great win.
"You know my pain. You need to feel my pain." I think we all felt Tig's pain. 05E01. #AnarchyEnds #FinalRide
"I'm not going to turn into Clay." - Jax "I'm afraid I'm gonna turn into you." - Opie. S05E01. #AnarchyEnds #SAMCRO
EMMYS: Deadline’s Live-Blog Special Guest: ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Creator Kurt Sutter… via @Deadline
Here is Fridays show. KURT SUTTER'S INTERCOARSE… via @YouTube
I'm so proud. jacksonjwhite & Sarah White.
Esme was born while I was working on the #soa pilot. She's now 7 seasons old.
Tommy Flanagan as Chibs. Scott Glenn as Clay. From the original #soa pilot.
billboardbandits's photo sure FX marketing isn't pleased by the tagging going on in LA, but I kinda fucking love it!
thetheorossi @EmilioRivera48 my fellow EP john Linson on the set of the ordinal #soa I pilot. When…
Who would you like to see Skype in #Intercoarsewks next Friday? Hoping to get @aaronpaul_8 one of these weeks.
Apparently I invoked the spirit of Lou Gehrig to express my disdain for the ice bucket during #Intercoarsewks last night. #noapologies
Bobby Elvis From the original #soa pilot.
If you just watched @marilynmanson on live chat with @sutterink, you'll understand everything you need to know about Manson. Brilliant.
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Apparently you motherfuckers crashed the servers last night at Equipment will be fortified next week. Thank you.
Thanks for showing up for the love stream. We're still working out the bugs. Next Friday at 7 PST.
“Walking away from my club is one thing, but letting it die - I can’t; it’s part of me,” Me too, Jax. #AnarchyEnds
The revamped WTFsutter. Today at 7pm PST. Streaming live @ the Twin Galaxies website All things…