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Sushil Kedia
From aid stations to idlis to drones, everythng was superbly organised.Thnx @Marathon_Hyd #AHM2015 #HalfMarathon
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Jab Aam Aadmi Party ke volunteers ne pappu ke ghar dhava bola thaa to samose aur thums up banti thi... ab samjha @ArvindKejriwal liked it
Dekho ji Dawood ko pakad lana #Thullon ke bas ka nahi. Bas ek baar kisi tarah @ArvindKejriwal Pakistan border pe dharna de de.. phir dekho
Dekho Ji no one can do a dharna like @ArvindKejriwal. Lets all plead to him Pakistan Embassy pe pasar jaao Dawood ko woh bhej denge
Only @ArvindKejriwal can nab Dawood. Why? Arrey Jo Laloo, Mamta, Pappu sab ko saath le chal sakta hai wo superman hai ji!
#Baioballi chale ban-ne #Bahubali. Na Aam Aadmi Party, Na Aam Aurat Party. yeh to bas Khas Woh Party hai ji.... ekdam Khas.
Q. Shri @ArvindKejriwal Ji ki White Lies se bhi jyada white smile ka kya raaz hai? A. Polgate Toothpowder se roj ghiste hain ji.
Thats great! But why is Shiv Sena not yet naming an appropriate City as the ShivajiNagar?…
I wonder how come women have not been incensed until now on the Chauvinism in the name of Aam Aadmi Party?
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is being run by (TUM) the Total U-turn Man!
The only way to discipline Aam Aadmi Party would be to create an Aam Aurat Party!
Is there any difference between the Aam Aadmi Party & the Pyjama Party?
There is nothing ever ordinary about @ArvindKejriwal & he still calls it the Aa Aadmi Party.
Are you sure @deepakshenoy that it is just a soft article... perhaps its desperate.. perhaps you are just being kind…
Bhai yeh @ArvindKejriwal bade hi chatur hein. 30 saal pehle Rajesh Khanna ki film "Aaj ka MLA" mein unka chitrankan bada badhiya kiya hai
Aam Aadmi self goal nahi maarta. But Aam Aadmi Party roj yehi karti hai. Phir kaisi Aam Aadmi Party, @ArvindKejriwal Ji batayiye!!
.@VetriSmv RMB devaln had nothing to do with China slowdown. It was for aligning yuan to mkt slowly. Only PBOC failed to communicate it.
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ACP Pradyumn has refused to even try the #SheenaBora case, not because its beyond his ability, he feels Indian media is already trying.
Please do not donate any money to any person in the name of Gita Press. We never accept any donation and not in any financial crises.
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No no @ArvindKejriwal is upset that all roads in Delhi should be renamed as kejri1, kejri2, kejri3... tch tch…
Like a politician dont keep quiet Mr. @ArvindKejriwal. Do comment on renaming of Aunrangzeb road as APJ Kalam Road, please!
KHAAP mein Sarpanch aur Panchayat hote hain. AAp me sirf Sarpanch hai ji Panchayat ka prashna hi nahi uthata kyunki AAP is better than KHAAP
What is the difference between KHAAP & AAP? Kejriwal from Haryana is AAP. Aur kucch nahi.
#AccheDin aa hi gaye. Aurangzeb, the terrorist, doesnt have road in his name. APJ Kalam our beloved President's name adorns. @narendramodi
With erstwhile ruling cabal of India having mixed blood in every generation no wonder it was so "sickularist" @AmitShahOffice
हार्दिक को आरक्षण चाहिए केजरिया को स्वराज चाहिए बिलावल को कश्मीर चाहिए पप्पू को पता नही क्या चाहिए सब छोड़ो मुझे हर बार मोदी सरकार चाहिए🙏👍
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Will @sundarpichai get @googleindia to digitize entire works of @GitaPress & put on Google Books for the whole world & free..
Let everyone on @TwitterIndia suggest to @googleindia to digitize entire works of @GitaPress & put on Google Books for every1 Free.
Let all on @twitter urge @googleindia & @google to offer for free digitizing entire vast materials of @GitaPress & provide to everyone
Its a fact the BIGGEST PRINTING PRESS in the world is @GitaPress & runs on a no profit basis.
Reservations have created an aspiration to be treated as backward! Abolish Reservations, create opportunities & groom talent @narendramodi
Here goes the POWER Upmove in Crude, like a rocket, like a sizzling fire, like a typhoon. Le hi nahi paaoge.
@timmelvin is the smartest guy in any room. His name should be Mr Common Sense.
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This is a very good idea. @GitaPress Go Digital. Go online. Aur bhi kaam accha hoga, jyada logo ka bhala hoga.…
if anyone thinks Bhagwad Gita is a book of religion, please wake up & know its the ULTIMATE MANUAL of MANAGING YOURSELF & YOUR EMOTIONS
When my kids grew to age where they could begin to read, I got endless books from @GitaPress for them. My & their generation will protect it
There is absolutely no doubt that @GitaPress has done so much good work, millions of us will stand up & protect & consolidate it.
First two books that I ever got to read as a child with the help of my mother were published by @GitaPress. Cant let it close @narendramodi
Well @GitaPress has made 370 MILLION copies of Gita, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Puranas, Upanishads. @narendramodi Ji ab kucch karna padega aapko
If @GitaPress is d beacon of Dharma taking us through the Dark Ages of Sickularism, it would be a travesty if it shuts now @DrMohanBhagwat
If @GitaPress was the beacon of Dharma during the Dark Ages of Sickularism, it would be a travesty if shuts during reign of @narendramodi
I urge @narendramodi @AmitShahOffice @DrMohanBhagwat to not only Save @GitaPress from closure but take it to new glories.
Khanna is the real key to the puzzle in the Mukerjea saga. Why did he participate in the murder of Sheena?
averages are for "the average". P/E is rear view mirror, due to lag in earnings reporting. Its average even worse.…
Sir you are asking the Congress to do the impossible. With ego built over a 65 year period... introspection!? Eh no…
Thats fabulous. However, if Patna is ever gonna be a smart city then the likes of #&^%$ needs to be routed out first…
Those who play a sport to win and not for amusement only are fit to trade. One trades to win, not for intellectual challenges!
In Trading, Humility is the Power-Currency since it protects your Bank Balance.
In Trading, know-it-all attitude is the source of all variances in performance.
In Trading, zero loss tolerance is the source of all losses.

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