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Sushil Kedia
Or markets will indeed keep making newer highs but will tire so much before that so as the consensus withers away first?
From circles I can access, majority view is this is a temporary correction and markets will go to new highs. Will consensus win this time?
Unless Nifty-1 slips under 7844, the thrust to 8100+ is alive. Lets see. Pullback of today seems like the ivth of the C. Stops at obvious
Anyone who may have begun dreaming of a new bull market with todays 50 bips cut needs to be reminded its just the expected C wave!
Men were on Mars. Finished Water. Women were on Venus. Finished Water. Both came to Earth. Makin Babies: Finish water sooner. #WateronMars
#askNASA Where is the video lost of the first landing on moon where the USA Flag was fluttering without any air?
#askNASA Water on Earth could be life, water elsewhere could be anti-life too? Is formula for life unique?
#askNASA Aren't you making too simple a tautmerisation that if H2O is associated with life on earth its gonna be same on Mars?
#askNASA If you say its salt, which is a compound of a metal how do you know its not radioactive?
#askNASA Even if you can infer its water, have you figured out what is dissolved in that water?
#askNASA You found Liquid. How do you infer it is water?
What is it that NASA is likely to announce today about Mars in some time?
The chart is same for everyone. Each says He is reading the Chart. Whereas "TheChart" is reading Each!…
This one is truly deserving of "When on Twitter Tweet like @mishrashiv " H aha hah ha…
I dedicate this song:… To the duo of @sardesairajdeep n @sagarikaghose on the stupendous Townhall at Facebook. GN.
Zuckerberg is so supportive of Modi & looks so impressed that I'm afraid Sagarika& Raj ji will demand investigation into Zuck's role in 2002
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#Pappu Spoketh 2day: Maiya Mori Mein Nahi Facebook Ja paayo! @rishibagree
Spirituality is the Inter-Connectedness of mankind. By embracing Social Media & Zuckerberg @narendramodi is raising spirits of the world.
Chaahe har baar thook khud ke hi munh pe gire kucch log chaand pe thookna nahi cchodte, jaise @ArvindKejriwal tries with @narendramodi
While @sardesairajdeep butchers his own tribe with a coinage as "Supari Journalism" he fails to accept his is Meetha-Pappu-Paan journalism
लड़कियों को छेड़नेवालों को पकड़ने के लिए चलाये गये अभियानों का नाम ऑपरेशन रोमियो/ऑपरेशन मजनू रखना शर्मनाक हैं। रोमियो और मजनू लंपट नहीं थे।
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Your anguish is mere attention seeking. Did Allah say that the careless are guaranteed life? Realize Allah.…
Nifty-1 7780 area witnessed huge struggle yesterday. For me it is key today, therefore.
Bullish Adventure of today needs to get to zero position if intraday slips below 7775 or DOESNT close > 7895.
Are Asian stocks really extending losses today? What are they doing since Open and where are they vis a vis low now?…
If Nifty-1 Close Today > 7895 it will be a Belt-Hold Line Bull, CONFIRMING that bears' pants will be torn in days ahead.
Nifty-1 breaking below 7888 MARKS the move to 8058 as an abc type A only. Low of today completes B. Now C will zoom to 8100.
Will @ArvindKejriwal tell us how the surname kejriwal came into place? kahaani kya hai?
I believe @ProAMTraider thrilled everyone today at @ATMAIndia Mumbai Meeting. Regret travel prevented me from the indulgent learning..
Irrespective of the fact that Yehi hai India, I doubt if we will ever ban BULLSHIT..…
I object to ONLY word. Everything has its place. Irrespective of Interest Rates, Technical Analysis works.…
#Nifty-1 back to 7700? RT if agree, Fav if you believe its going to 8100 first.
Triangles are places of Highest Possible change on a price chart. ONE Must never Trade within them but only on breakout. #LessonLearnt
Since even the Vedic Times, Pishachas and Daityas existed to try to perturb the Rishi Munis. #Pardon them.…
Why not. Ab ajoobon ke raaj mein Dilli Ajaybghar jo banti ja rahi hai... sab aayenge ji dekhne...…
Thats the nature of the biz. When theres none left to buy further & none left to sell further tops n bottoms happen.…
#MumbaiMeatBan Minority appeasement had gone to such an extreme... no wonder in the land of Mahavir this had to wait for so long.
Hmm... Large gap up today, to scare the newspaper reading trader and then a hanging man. If not long yet, waiting for pullback is good
Let Mumbai fuss about the #meatban. Meats r happy to live another 5 days.
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Market is the Supreme Operator. To keep sniffing operators is a losers' psychology. Liquidity = Churn = luring minds to pay brokerage.
If an Exchange is there with the goal of providing liquidity then markets must naturally move in ways to maximize no. of losing hands.
[Cont. 2/2] Sun rises in the East! Nifty leads S&P. Trading India day-day looking at US is often like driving looking at rearview mirror!
Those watching the S&P rise this night & going long at gap up of Nifty 2moro might liquidate in the pullback from 7800 to 7650 [Cont.]
Even though I see a strong rally with potential for a 7-10% move from low of y'day, I aint calling it the final bottom, yet. We'll see.
#Nifty Move up today has a five wave structure. Could be the (i) of the C wave of the 4th going to 8100-8300. Bears BEWARE.
Absolutely. And even if @sandipsabharwal meant systemic risk, how the heck LIC is causing any?…
Has LIC invested in Padmini Polymer type stocks yet?!…
Forget about it being bigger than any big bank, can u explain if it is at all Systematic Risk?…
SK-02: Unhappiness is when external world prevails & Happiness is when inner world prevails. Love is when External & Internal world symbiote
SK-01: Happiness is not a condition, not a destination, not even the reason for life and action, but its the basis for life and action.

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