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Sushil Kedia
Wishing all relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances a very Joyous & Fulfilling Diwali!
Whether you hate it or love it @thenewshour rocks. Dinner & supper taste better with this fodder for thought. #Paani-mei-aag-lagata-hai
#ItsNotDiwaliUnless Phuljhadi chale. Thats why #FirSeKejriwal shuru ho gaye hain.
Will the government of @narendramodi distribute the money found in Swiss banks in all the JanDhan Bank Accounts? #BlackMoneyHolder
If any insurance cos in d world will do a key person insurance for India, then insuring @narendramodi for 100 Trillion Dollars is required
#BlackMoneyHolder desperate rumblings by Congress are a hope to cause miscarriage to investigations. No worries the Prodigal will be born.
Sheen & shine on India's image in the decade ahead with @narendramodi will cause a Trust Deficit in Global Investors mind for other nations
Earnings growth of India Inc in the decade with @narendramodi is surely gonna be big, yet my biggest glee is P/Es will go through the roof
Short term gyrations and big dips apart, with @narendramodi charisma around to see #Sensex at 100000 & #Nifty at 30000 by 2024 is #ORDINARY
#KejriwalFirSe picchwade mei jhaadu laga ke naachega par mor nahi ban payega. @ArvindKejriwal machayega shor, public jaanti hai kaun chor!
If the list of Indian politicians claim that they had more money in Swiss Banks they are scrwed more. Gayi Bhains ab paani mei. 3/3
So now if some Indian politicians who are no longer in power may have asked for cash, a small fraction of that revealed by banks to GoI? 2/3
Swiss Banks are alleged to have leaked to Nazi Army precise exit points of jews from Germany who asked banks to keep cash ready. 1/3
DLF rally from 100 to now has intriguing chart. upgaps on all 4 days with hanging man on 3 days higher low & high each day! #UNCONVENTIONAL
भाजपा अध्यक्ष श्री अमित शाह जी को जन्मदिन की बहुत बहुत बधाई और शुभकामनाएं। @AmitShahOffice @BJP4India @narendramodi
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Bank Nifty Daily RSI has not sustained above 60 in the recent sizzling rally! Dicey days ahead...!
BankNifty has dropped 200 points from the opening high Print! Unless it can close at least 60 points higher than high BEARISH DAILY CANDLE
Delhi ki janta ko kya samajh rakkha hai @ArvindKejriwal ne? 1 baar jhaansa kha gaye sab to yeh apne aap ko jahanpanah samajh baitthe hain.
AAP is an oxymoronous idea, since for @ArvindKejriwal it always was & always will be ONLY about "Mei, Meine, Mera"
Fortitude had sprung @ArvindKejriwal right into the center of People's revolution. Instead of delivering he frittered the collective emotion
How I did on Twitter this week: 27 New Followers, 29 Mentions, 118K Mention Reach. How'd your week go? via
#KejriwalFirSe kisi auto-wale ke haath se khayega ya kisi aur ke haath se?
The effort by @BeingSalmanKhan is a significant one that will inspire several people to join Swachh Bharat Mission. #MyCleanIndia
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Bank Nifty up 0.4%, Nifty up 0.65%. DANGER ahead for this trend. Usually its other way round.
Whenever Change in Bank Nifty < Change in Nifty thats a dangerous point for trend-followers. Bank Nifty leads Nifty, usually.
The 16th Oct sub 7800 low on Nifty was VERY LIKELY an Irregular B making today's grand up gap complete the C of 4th. #FADEtrade likly in
I posted a new photo to Facebook
#KejriwalFirSe mom ke pankh laga ke ud rahe ho? Beta is baar Anna Hazare nahi hein tumhare saath
#KejriwalFirSe baklol kar rahe ho ab. lekin sick humour ke sivay aur kucch nahi de paaoge janta ko
#KejriwalFirSe desh ke kisi kone se ek aur auto wala jald hi aayega kyun ki tum bhool gaye ho woh karara wala
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A question that perhaps only @Swamy39 can resolve: Is The Buddhu the Buddhu or @ArvindKejriwal is the one?
Slogans in MIM victory rally @ Aurangabad Bhag Hindu Owaisi Aya/Bhag Modi Owaisi aaya (Run Hindus, Run Modi Owaisi has come). Media blind
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V must create UNIFIED KASHMIR taking back PoK. Pakis are ruining lives there. @narendramodi @Swamy39 @arunjaitley…
DAX futures that produced a "failed" HnS earlier in the morning now hav a MASSIVE 490 points Inverted HnS! Wow!
मैंने तो बायो में लिखा है 'मोदी भक्त' कोई शर्म थोड़े है, गुरु एक ऐसा आदमी है जो जमीन से उठकर प्रधानमंत्री बना, IIT से निकल कर चूतिया नहीं।
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#MahaDilemma Sena ko BJP does Say Na! Go for it @AmitShahOffice World joins hands with winners! @BJP4India will find the right support.
I appreciate the gesture of @narendramodi to mark Diwali by spending it with the flood affected people of J&K in Srinagar, the worst hit 1/n
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#MahaDilemma @BJP4India should go solo. "Jodi Tor Daak Shuney kevu naay aashey taube aikla cholo re". Shiv Sena ko jaane do @narendramodi
Break below 8680 on DAX futures will trigger a HnS with immediate target of 8510. Shiv Sena is keeping DAX nervous too. LoLs.
Over a 2 month horizon IT Sector is a clear sell. Metals & Infra a good buy. Will write about other sectors, in time.
@arungiri Hi Arun-I had also said that if BJP nos falls shortNCP will rush to support BJP. On 18th I termed it-NCP Beema Yojna!
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The quick-silver Shiv Sena managing to be quiet for a full day. Hmm... likely then a silence of a big storm ahead. #MahaDilemma
#KejriwalFirSe kyunki BJP Congress Sholay kar rahe hain Gabbar Thakur wali. Angrezon ke jamane ka 1 jailor bhi chahiye.
#MahaDilemma Rajneeti ke khel mei Siddh Ant ke siddhant change hain, kyunki hamam mei sab nange hain.
Dax Futures is developing a HnS intraday with a 170 pts length projection. Also a bearish harami day. Shiv Sena effect! Nifty tera kya hoga
BJP has turned the crisis of coal block cancellation into an opportunity by denationalising coal sector. Classic Modi operating style
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How come India being one of the oldest civilizations is deficient in fossil fuels? Requires Thought! @narendramodi
A dancer who will distract the marriage from happening will eventually destroy her paramour. #mahaverdict