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Sushil Kedia
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Ohk so to resolve rape problem divide India into Mardistan, Jananistan & Naya Pakistan. @BalakrishnanR
Oh yes, solution for rape problem is to divide Hindustan into Mardistan & Jananistan. @BalakrishnanR
Ohk! Why just ban uber? To prevent rapes ban any taxies driven by male drivers.
Modi- Let me tell you a joke! Nawaz Sheriff - ok Modi- Kashmir. Nawaz Sheriff- I didn't get it. Modi- You will never get it.. 😂😂😂😂
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Freedom of Expression was earlier largely a luxury of Professional Journalists. Thanks to @twitter its en masse now.
Thank you @amitabhj3156 Actions taken by your people at @RelianceMobile to boost signal in this area.
10 years ago we were afraid our diary read by others, now we write about anything and whole world can read it.. #Twitter
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Mass Communications was earlier the fiefdom of journalists only. Thank YOU @twitter democracies are more real & vibrant due to you.
कॉलेज मे मुझ पर कई लडकिया मरती थी-मांझी मांझी के बयान के बाद मुलायम भी सोचने पर मजबूर हो गए है की लड़को साथ लड़कियो से भी गलती हो जातीहै
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Since @ArvindKejriwal entertains so well locally he believes @narendramodi shud continue travel overseas 4 work but have fun ONLY here!
Saubhagya that the parody of real Jhunjhunwala followed me on twitter now. @jhunjhunwala Ji tussi bade mysterious ho!
Cant the techies from Bengaluru or Hyderabad develop a Twitter App that auto-tweets Rape location when SOS situation rises?
India beat Netherlands in Hockey. Waiting now for Suhel Seth to say that his non-recognition of Viren Rasquinha motivated the team to win .
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The Serial Rape case is compelling evidence to expeditiously have TOTAL COMPUTERISATION of all POLICE stns & ALL COURTS. @narendramodi
Greece, Russia, China weigh on markets for different reasons. Global flows fickle. India must do right for economy not short term markets.
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What is difference between #Flipkart & @ArvindKejriwal ? Former is a business & has class. Latter just flied business class!
What is common to #Flipkart & @ArvindKejriwal ? Both have a nice online facade and very crumpy ground realities!
So Pawar is going to clean up the BCCI? Excellent. I have always wanted to see a pot and a kettle scrub each other clean
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What is common to #Flipkart & @ArvindKejriwal ? Donno ke Donno "Oont ke moonh mei jeera"
What is common to #Flipkart & @ArvindKejriwal ? Donno ke Donno Khodda pahad aur nikli chuhia
What is common to #Flipkart & @ArvindKejriwal ? Donno ke Donno Naam bade aur darshan cchote
What is common to #Flipkart & @ArvindKejriwal ? Donno ke donno oonchi dukaan pheeka pakwan hain ji.
What is common to #Flipkart & @ArvindKejriwal ? Both are good at cutting a sorry figure of themselves, regularly...
By Banning @Uber in Delhi and leaving them operational in rest of India something is wrong. Ya to Dilli bhi chalao ya Bharat se bhagao.
nation was irritated with these regular rapes, now this Serial Rapist is just too much. Hopeful @AmitShahOffice will ensure exemplary action
While Pappu is inspired by Cchota Bhim, undoubtedly @ArvindKejriwal is inspired by Shin Chan. Kya bala hai!
AAP now is nothing but Arvind ki Apni Party! @ArvindKejriwal goes down in history as the biggest KLPD of public emotions, ever.
If the whole of Europe moves around Christianity and yet in their democracies other religions live peacefully WHY SICKULARISM in INDIA?
If Qoran is d Holy Granth in Saudi Arabia, Bible same in Europe then where will Bhagwad Gita be the holy granth? #Sickularism irritates now!
How will @waglenikhil make any logical comparison to justify if scriptures or the constitution is bigger. Grow up man. Stop being juvenile.
Sickularism as an easy short-cut to achieving exalted social podium is already a dead cliche. Media better off wid other sensation triggers.
Over-reactions of Sickular Media are akin to "Chai se Ketli jyada garam". Thekedari li hai kya bhai Musalmaanon ki?
A fine of 10 lakhs & six months of imprisonment for Ramalinga Raju of Satyam Fraud fame: is it a deterrent or an incentive for society?
The low print of 8491 made at 1.09 pm today and since then Nifty Devi hasnt skidded much at all. Contrarians are...
Whatever may have been the charitable objectives of the Infosys promoters, its not been charitable for the stockmarkets, any which ways..
Avoid hating even a bad man, wrong-doer or even the Devil itself: Almost a decade & a half ago,...
Whether you call *222 or Email or tweet this thick-skinned Lala Co @RelianceMobile will give stereotyped answer ALL IS WELL.
Bcoz Aam-Admi wears chappals @ArvindKejriwal too does. Tell us if he wears Elastic Underwears or Naadewala Kaccha like aam-admi?
If Maywati filled town with her statues, @ArvindKejriwal will put mufflers around every statue.. his dream to do IF at all he comes 2 power
If @ArvindKejriwal goes on to a stage with Chappals in the Aam Aadmi Vouyerism let him clarify if he wears Patte wala kaccha ya Jockey?
Dr. Swamy your rhetoric needn't be restricted just to how Indian Sickularism & Nepalese Hinduism have treated...
For every RT within 24 hours, that @ArvindKejriwal is a Pakhandi, I will donate Rs. 5.00 to @BJP4India
If n when @ArvindKejriwal will write a book on Political Science, will surely have chapters on: Pakhand, Palti-maar, Raayta, gale-padna
हर RT के लिए श्री भगोदानंदन @ArvindKejriwal जी को जूता खरीदने के लिए 1₹ चंदा हमारी तरफ से दिया जायेगा
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Mahabharat is described in the introductory chapter as the Fifth Veda. Ved Vyasa invoked the pleasure &...
Mahabharat is described in the introductory chapter as the Fifth Veda. Ved Vyasa invoked the pleasure &...
TMC ne Bangal ko Phoonk kar rakh diya hai. Bahut Huva. Hamey Chahiye TMC Muqt Bangal @AmitShahOffice…
West Bengal is an ANARCHY today. @BJP4India must sieze the people from the clutches of Momota Banerjee. See this:…
No wonder that @RelianceMobile is such a sleepy company. They even have consumed the whole day to respond to my chiding tweets earlier!