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Sushil Kedia
Baaman, Khatri, Bhumihaar sabka hai Bihar aur aayegi hi is baar wahan @SushilModi @narendramodi Sarkar. Kamal Khilenge Kamal Lalu Ji
Arrey Bhai, Lalu, Nitish, aira, gaira, natthukhaira Jod-tod-Bandhan ki Dhulai ke uplakshy mein Nifty 500 point salaami banti hai ek baar.
The low of today is AGAIN another IRREGULAR B. A swift C to 8500 can come. BE ready and cross of 8075 tomorrow will confirm. 7200 bhi ayega
Didnt say my "hunch" ahead of a large event. Now almost conforming, 7200 remaining pending ek baar 8500 paar kyunki Bihar mei Modi Sarkar
I am hopeful this Bihar Poll should mark the Exit of the likes of @laluprasadrjd @NitishKumar types from Indian politics.
O Ji suna hai India mein Tolerance ki jo kami ho gayi hai woh sara Tolerance Italy chale gya ji. Aap bhi bas ab chale hi jaao.
aapko chara kahun ya bechara? Kripaya batayen hamaare aadarneey @laluprasadrjd Ji! Batayen
@laluprasadrjd ये आप अपने बारे में कह रहे है न? क्यूँ कि वो तो अगले ४ सालों के लिए देश में है पक्की बात है, बिहार जीते न जीते बने रहेंगे!
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You are so competitive Lalu Ji. If you ever by mistake became PM will you not be taking away all these complements?…
Aapne jab koi chara hi nahi cchoda to kya karte, yeh sab karna hi na padega Lalu Ji?!…
Election is done @laluprasadrjd Ji. Yeh batayiye abhi itna halla maccha ke kya saabit kar rahe hain? Aap haariyega ? Boori tarah se?
Khangress was always of the minority. Majority was sleeping so they made Govts. Now Majority is awake. Congress will remain minority ever.
Finally I find One Lord called Ornob can handle the inquisitions of the other Lord I have come to know that is...
Irrespective of my view on Nifty earlier or Political desires, if it is above 8075 in the closing minutes 2MORRO will CLOSE ANY SHORTS.
Let @Infosys_nmurthy explain to us if Shahi Imaam invites Pak PM & not Indian PM then does it reflect deep fear in minorities? #bullshit
Election Happened. They lost. They arent able to Tolerate this. So now playing Intolerance Intolerance. Huh.
Before the "Intolerant" Preach More Tolerance let them confirm that if we will send them Candy crush requests on...
Shah Rukh Khan is so frustrated with "Intolerance" that will he return his award as well as all the money he made?
What do Tweeple believe, has enough keechad been done in Bihar for a million Lotuses to bloom now?
What do Tweeple believe, this weekend Lalu will
The cleansing process began with wiping out the Lok Sabha of all Apavitra-hearts on 16th May 2014. Then the rogue...
Today these Pseud-Intellectuals are protesting INTOLERANCE by returning awards. Tomorrow if they start doing Nude Parade will u TOLERATE?
[2/2] Then media also having got cleansed, the PSEUD INTELLECTUALS wiping themselves returning awards completes CLEANSING. JAI HO
The cleanup that started with wiping Loksabha off all apavitra hridays began completing with types of @sardesairajdeep getting violent [1/2]
We cleansed Loksabha on 16May2015, We cleansed the media shenanigans thereafter. Pseud intellectuals returning awards on their own. GOOD
All The Award Returnee PHEKU-Intellentsia are similar to the Shahi Imaam: Diljale hain saare and totally irrelevant in India of today!
That bigger call remains intact for sure. One is only playing wave by wave. Day by day.…
I thank all the PHEKU Intellectuals for returning their undeserved awards. They are themselves purging themselves from democratic relevance
All the Pheku Pseud intellectuals of yesteryears are purging themselves out. Their (IN)Tolerance is so visible. Democracy shall move on.
Collapse of the so-called Intelligentsia of erstwhile era is visible. I am glad all the Pheku Pseuds are returning their undeserved awards
Are we going back to 8180 on Nifty-1 and the current downmove is done?
Modi's win was a rejection not only of the dynasty but of the colonial Brits, who tried to teach Hindus to be ashamed of their culture.
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Aam Aadmi Party has become the Ai Allah Party now…
Also Ghulam Ali wanted Payment in Pakistan via Hawala (standard Norm for all Pakistani Artists ). AAP found it too politically sensitive
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Was @sardesairajdeep the statue of tolerance at Madison Square?
You can never be religiously tolerant if every religion preaches that their god is the only god.
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On Facebook Alok Jagdhari is the God. In Islam Allah is the God. In Christianity Jesus Christ is the God. In...
In Islam there is 1 God. In Christianity there is 1 God. In Hinduism EveryOne is God. Who is Tolerant? Who is Intolerant? Khan-gress?
Now lets come to the final point on this Tolerance Debate that is actually the brain-child of the one who...
Hinduism is tolerance. Hinduism accepts all Gods as Gods. Who else has been tolerant?
Dekhiye baat bada simple hai. 10 years ke mis-rule mein inko habit ho gaya tha saara din To-Let To-Let bolne ka....
During 10 years of their rule They sang every day To-Let To-Let. Today they are singing Tolerate Tolerate @rishibagree @MrsGandhi
#ToleranceTussle gau-bacchda party of 1970s & also of 2010s is hellbent on "beef"ing up things. #Irony chuckle chuckle
Sasura aiye tolerance jo hai na ek bahut bimaaru dimaagi haalat ka indication hai. Gale padne ki aadat hai inko...
jara batao hum becharon ko. When Shahi Imaam invites Nawaz Sharif and snubs @narendramodi it is
#CongressMarch4Unity Means "sau sau choohe khaay ke billi mausi haj ko chali"
If Congressis did Iftaar Parties every year and never did a Diwali party or a Holi-milan for 65 years, it has been..
On a India Pakistan cricket match day, when India loses and crackers are burst in India, it is?
Jab India Pakistan cricket match mein India haari aur patakhe Phoote woh aapka tolerance tha ya hamara? Aapka intolerance thaa ya hamara?
Damaad ko clean chit de di. Phir bhi #ToleranceTussle ?

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