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Susan Orlean
Just how beautiful is Queen Latifah? Wow. Just saw her on cover of Essence. Wow.
In my life, the people who have left me in awe are these kinds of caregivers. Nurses, aides, nannies, home health workers.
Here's just one of these gorgeous good women. #hero
It's an army of warm, patient, kind women. Where they get their strength, I don't know.
The people who work in my mom's Alzheimer's facility are so amazing.
Is there a Carl's Sr.?
Yes, I'm writing a book, but I still had time today to print out a Visual Guide to Pork. #winning #attheporkgame #atleasttheresthat
LA, just know this: it is very difficult to be in the Halloween spirit when it's 88 and sunny.
Book News: Lily King, Roz Chast And Kate Samworth Win Inaugural Kirkus Prize
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Met Yotam Ottolenghi last night and can safely say he's the handsomest chef on the planet.
Let the Halloween madness begin.
I'm going to play hooky and go see Birdman this morning. #amnotwriting
Congratulations to the @tinyletter residency winners!
On air now: Writers @susanorlean and Phillip Lopate on why they love living and working in New York City.
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Bronx to go book-less as borough's last bookstore closes
This I want to see: The Joan Didion Documentary by Griffin Dunne and Susanne Rostock via @kickstarter
Usually, it's just me talking to my dog. AND TWEETING
Plus we talk about all sorts of nonsense. Don't we, @SarahThyre ?
Working on my podcast w/ @SarahThyre reminds me how much of my work life is spent alone. It's so much fun doing something with someone.
Reading WaPo's obit for editor Ben Bradlee, it's hard not to feel an ache for what newspapers once were.
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Please consider donating to this award, honoring the memory of late journalist Matthew Power…
Everyone loses nerve while writing. The skill to master is ignoring that and pushing on.
Librarians are dedicated to user privacy. Too bad the tech they have to use is not:
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Thank you, Homeland, for getting to be so bad that I no longer have to watch. That's an hour I get back every week!
A migraine. On a Saturday. Fuck you.
It's here! The movie #LiberalArts, created by @JoshRadnor '96 and filmed at #KenyonCollege, is now available on @netflix.
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Tim Blake Nelson. Apropos of nothing. Just thinking how great he is.
Hesitant, grumpy, strange. Kind of like me.
Boy, my phone has been acting really weird since my iOS8 update. Grrrrr.
Polar bears push Halloween activities indoors in Arviat, Nunavut
@susanorlean Books are a right. We send books to Ghana students. Pls RT our newsletter
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I can't resist #tbt so here I am with my brother and sister back in the olden days.
Some of you might think of this as a dream come true!
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Actually, not proud: RELIEVED.
Reading some of my very first published stories. Proud to report I seem to have improved with age.
By the way: as a teacher, I am WIDE OPEN to bribery for good grades.
Wow! 1119 students in my @skillshare class in creative nonfiction. Thanks, guys! Enrollment still open --
I actually believe the physical act of typing the notes helps embed them in my brain more deeply. Any scientist out there? Am I right?
Thank god I'm a good typist, though.
Typing up a bunch of notes before moving on with research. Tedious but really useful: I'd already forgotten some of these interviews.
Google Glass user treated for internet addiction caused by the device via @guardian
In the end, you write from what you've really absorbed and considered, not what you put in your notes.
Worry less about how good your note-taking is and worry more about how good your ability to listen is. #reporting #writing
On the other hand, I could wait... ummm... forever for the next episode of "Homeland".