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Susan Orlean
I simply can't believe there isn't a band named The Inverted Jennies.
Today's #JJGO is great! @susanorlean joins the hosts to discuss saunas, big data, The FURminator, and @tadfriend.…
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Not to make you jealous but I'm about to hear the Avett Brothers. #beardup
Pro tip: reading a really sad book on an airplane may cause disruptive weeping at cruising altitude. #me #onthisflight #sorryrowmates
Hello again, Los Angeles. My, you're hot, aren't you?
Feels strange to be business as usual on 9/11. I'm not a big anniversary person but this is one that hits hard.
2/2 Me and @susanorlean today. I told her I had published my book. She's a #cnf role model!
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I don’t write a word of the article until I have the lead. It just sets the whole tone. NORA EPHRON #amwriting #writing
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People are ICE SKATING here.
Because chickens.
"World-renowned opera singer Fritzi Massary dressed as a rooster in 1912."
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@susanorlean For those who can't wait, libraries and bookstores have copies in their entirety available today.
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Twitter Account to Tweet ‘The Great Gatsby’ in Its Entirety
Caution. You are reaching the end of the moving walkway.
You should apply for this writing residency in Palm Springs—a free week in a hotel to write:
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So far this trip to the airport is an improvement on last week's. I am actually here on time to take my flight. #amazing #shocking
Starting my AMA on Skillshare in 15 minutes! I'll be taking your questions for a full hour! Please join me:
People!! Today's my AMA on Skillshare. Drop by and chat! Here's the link:
Also: GET OUT OF THE OFFICE. Doing as many interviews in person as I can. So much more engaged/engaging.
I respond well to a to-do list.
Figured out how to shake off my post-summer doldrums: setting daily reporting goals and just DOING them.
At my TSA Precheck appointment. Crazy how excited I am. Preparing my thumbs for fingerprinting.
Correction! My AMA is actually on Skillshare, not Reddit. Sorry! Here's the link:
News flash! Tomorrow I'm doing an AMA on Reddit about writing. Please join me! Here's the link:
Hip boutique hours: Mon/Tues - closed Wed - 12ish? to 2:20 (have a thing) Thurs - closed (hungover) Fri/Sat/Sun - Tina quit so appt. only
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Hey folks! I'm going to do an AMA on Reddit about writing this Tuesday. Please join me! Here's the link:
Mapping the dogs of LA: Chihuahuas named Bella still rule - LA Observed:…
Oh, nothing, just browsing back issues of Disaster Recovery Journal. #reporting
Ok, NYTimes: "Correction: An earlier version of this obituary misstated the year of Ms. Rivers’s death. It was 2014, of course, not 1914."
@susanorlean no, because now the chickens are taking up smoking.
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Wow. CVS stops selling cigarettes and Perdue stops using antibiotics on the same day. Does this mean there's hope for humankind?
@susanorlean Considering it's been 'misused' this way since 1648, I think that ship has sailed (but it sailed in a hopeful manner).
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Is it too late to hope we can save "hopefully" from being forever misused? #probably
Have you seen the Aussie film Animal Kingdom? Wow. Wow. WOW.
Oh, Van Wyck Expressway. Oh. Oh. #abouttomissmyflight
Oh, so NOW it gets all hot and humid and summery.