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Susan Orlean
Not that it's anyone's business. But still.
Because that's like catnip to a person who is curious for a living.
Nothing piques my curiosity more than "No cause of death was given".
Stacks. Floral Ghost newsprint broadsides by Susan Orlean for the Opening. October 24 @susanorlean
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Little-known fact: @BoobsRadley @kathrynschulz @davidwain @BorowitzReport and I are from the same hometown.
What's for lunch?
It would be so great if Joan Didion got the Nobel. #fingerscrossed
Ok, this sucks: @LANow In event Ebola case is confirmed, @lapublichealth is prepared to take measures to prevent spread
Getting a flu shot. So, yes, there is a little glamour on my schedule today.
Wow. "Happy Valley" certainly isn't.
Best interview tip I can offer you: talk about things besides the subject itself. Have a conversation rather than an interview.
Sometimes #reading tweets #full of #hashtags is really annoying. #thereisaidit
I have had an unusually high rate of tweet typos lately. For this, I beg your forgiveness.
Screwed up the nerve to finally call a difficult interview subject, who then talked my ear off for an hour. #yay #yippee #phew
Monday. Thanks a lot.
Dreamed I invented a cool kind of high-heeled moccasins. They looked so good that I think I might need to actually invent them.
Me, I'm about to hear Bombay Bicycle Club and I'm all excited a about it.
Simply declaring this as back-to-work time has helped. I'm a sucker for labels.
Just finished my first week of serious back-to-work work and it seems to be working.
"With clothing I’m a romantic—I abandon myself completely." —@susanorlean #wornstories
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Dogs in spacesuits. My work here is done.
Human Hamster Wheel Could Be the Ultimate Standing Desk… via @mashable
@susanorlean I can't believe this isn't a parody account.
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I can't believe no one has made a parody Twitter account of me.
This is a joke, right? Taxidermy Rabbit Tail Sterling Silver Ear Cuff.…
Joan Didion will be inducted next week into the #cahalloffame . Here she is on Huey Newton's choice of insurance.
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Animal abuse seems a symptom of mental health problems more than criminal issues. Is criminalizing it further really the best approach?
The FBI makes animal cruelty a top-tier felony in order to help track abuse
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I'm scared to upgrade my iphone 5 to IOS 8. Am I being a weenie? Should I do it?
Enroll for free: Only 15 days left to win 1-on-1 writing feedback from @susanorlean!… #writing
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Whoa!! Almost 1,000 nice people enrolled in my @skillshare class already. Almost time for a class party!
BBC News - World wildlife populations halved in 40 years - report…
I sometimes lock my door and I have a super-scary dog.
Wait: so my house has better security than the White House?
Oh my god I am so sad I've just finished all of TRANSPARENT. #sosogood
Here's a poetry book @S___Elliott told me about I'm looking forward to reading:
I feel like telemarketers are trying to torture me into abandoning my landline.
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It's not "the weekend": it's "retweet time". #definingmodernliving
Joe Strummers’ 8-part BBC radio series “London Calling” now available, all of it, as a podcast #YSLTF
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For fans of great narrative journalism the new @longform app is out today and terrific
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Just saw "The Lunchbox". So lovely. Thank you, @sonyclassics - great movie.
You can never go wrong posting pictures of chickens playing piano. #amirite
Starting the new year with a bit of a Proseco buzz. As recommended in the Talmud, right?
Omg Furminator just tweeted at me. Hairballs be damned.