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Susan Orlean
When I was a kid, very few of the moms had tattoos.
Becoming Toto: How a Female Terrier Named Terry Became a Film Icon… via @ozy
Margaret Talbot recommends @susanorlean’s 1999 story on one of music’s strangest legends: #TNYarchive
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Hey, @kimseverson -- your Dollywood piece was so great!
Or as in "I'm ubering so make me another martini."
Uber is now a verb. As in, "I think I'll Uber there so I don't have to park."
Every time I go out on a Saturday night I feel like I'm writing a @susanorlean book.
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Didn't mean to tease! I'm reading ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE by Anthony Doerr and it's fabulous.
Love the bittersweet feeling of loving a book so much you don't want it to end, but loving it so much you can't put it down.
Library Service most important to low-income users: 2/3rds visit at least weekly, & almost 30% visit every/most days.
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Know the Essentials: A Creative Nonfiction Reading List via @aboutdotcom
Most of my time is spent forgetting passwords and resetting them. Please, bring on the retinal scanners. I want my time back.
Windexed and sponge-bathed my desk. #writingequivalent
11 Famous Authors Who Weren't Published Until After Age 40…
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My god, when did eyeglasses become a luxury item? I am in shock. SHOCK
@susanorlean And even of loving it, forgiving it, being softened by it.
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Writing is a way of being in the world -- of seeing it, understanding it, sharing it.
Can we all agree to stop using the phrase "boots on the ground"? Please?
Bought my first e-cookbook. A line has been crossed. #digitizeme
Remember when you would spend most of Sunday reading the paper? And you hadn't seen any of the stories yet? I miss that.
More on that @susanorlean online course: 14 lessons ranging from three to 10 minutes (~2 hrs total) — $19.
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Words I like and plan to use in my next piece of writing: 1. Crackling 2. Pooled 3. Foul 4. Flank 5. Tremble
I don't trust any writer who doesn't, at some point, feel he or she is a total imposter.
China denounces pet dogs as filthy imports from the West via @GlobalPost -…
Why oh why do car washes sell greeting cards? Life is so mysterious sometimes.
Veal Farmers Adopt More Humane Methods, via @nytimes…
The best trick for getting your head back into your work after a break is... Anyone??
Too many pictures on Twitter these days (I'm guilty of plenty myself). Miss the simplicity of the olden days -- all text.
World's Oldest European Eel Dies at 155: via @DNews
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I am loving @susanorlean writing course on @skillshare, @jenny_blake... let me know what you think about it.
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Hello (again) Los Angeles!
Bottle of water at an airport concession stand, or How to Feel Really Bad About Capitalism.
Heading back to LA; my kid starts school tomorrow. School in August seems abusive to me.
I've been thinking it was Saturday all week and I have no intention of changing my mind now.
"Cavalry" and "Calvary" -- not the same word, right?
Driving from NY to Ohio, listening to David Sedaris. Thank you, David.
IMPORTANT DISCOVERY: audiobooks even erase the pain of driving eight hours on I-90.
I also don't have any engagement in the food space because I forgot to plan anything for dinner. #myownpersonalsharktank
"I don't yet have any engagement in the food space" -- something I just heard while watching Shark Tank for the first time.
Wikipedia's monkey selfie ruling is a travesty for the world's monkey artists | Sarah Jeong
Best deal to date: @guardian daily newsletter.
A #WW1 war horse from Leicestershire is remembered, read more about Songster here:
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