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July 10th, 4 in the morning proof
7/10/15 proof
If you have a scuf you will win every gunfight in titanfall. End of story
Xbox One. #TitanfallBeta code, better have fast internet...enjoy ;) DXKXH-FMCDW-7R4TD-FY9F2-GVTPZ
Tweeting out a titanfall beta code in 30 seconds
Got another titanfall beta code. 10 rts and I'll tweet it out
Titanfall is fun as hell
I'll give someone a project spark beta key (pc) for a #TitanfallBeta key for xb1
2nd winner @unknowndutch, Next 54 retweeters will get one #TitanfallBeta
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Wow, Congrats on @ilfaraonista for winning the Titanfall beta code, Next 55 retweeters will get one! #TitanfallBeta
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Giving away 2 beta codes for titanfall Retweet and follow to enter giving away in 30 mins! @ShawnAbner @CoDGhostsScrims
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I gotta project spark Beta key if anyone is tryna trade for a titanfall xb1 beta key. @ShawnAbner
Pathetic how thirsty people are for followers
Been trying to start up a normal version of strikezone for the past 15 minutes. This needs to be fixed
Thanks to all who tuned in to see our big game giveaway last night on @JimmyKimmelLive! Here’s the video ICYMI:
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Kid in league "Hey Boze can you do me 1 favor?" Me- "NADESHOTS DEAD"
Retweeted by Gr bhahahaahahahahahahaahhthash 'rfg jl;fdjl ;dfgjlhjdkf j;gh rt
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Watch this shit 5 times then try to read your timeline wtf
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Giving away 3 of these. RETWEET if you want one. Will choose 3 random rt'ers in 3hrs
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Everybody go follow @realxvi
Hire me a chiropractor @jtgrizzle35
I hope the next umg is before champs
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New gt; Grumpy Gunskill.
“@Wolfpost25: Rt to piss off Justin Bieber fans ” idk about y'all but I still believe in him #dontlosehope #inspiring
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RT for FaZe Jetpack! Banks said if this gets 1000 RTs he'll let him in TONIGHT with Tom!
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Anybody know what the Superbowl badge is on gb?
Fact: Ten out of ten people die. Don't take life too seriously.
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WHO IS HOTTEST? RETWEET for Melanie Iglesias Favorite for Kate Upton
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Retweet if you want a $100 giftcard. I'll choose a random re-tweeter in 4hrs. Must be following.
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Did they really have to change the background music?
Fuck the CoD servers man. Figures they go down on my host. Lmfao. Pathetic
I don't even have a caption for this
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Flo Rida's chrome Bugatti Veyron
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Why is my tl so dead
All these 30 year olds in pubs complaining about the game is hilarious
Lmao why has no one in competitive realized how op the magum is
First day of the week I can sleep in. Ayyee
Looking for 4 Pub Stompers to grind all night on Xbox One COD: Ghosts ages 14 or Higher were using skype to talk @ShawnAbner RT RT RT
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Kontrol Freek Giveaway! RT and follow me and @Feral_Scott! For a chance to win KF!
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