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@Greydi_of_Pax Thanks I didn't know that :-)
@surfarcher Awesome, awesome, damage article! I love that you specifically included damage calculation for a spellcasting monster.
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The #DnD Monster Manual hits shelves starting Friday, but there's still time for one last preview- the rust monster!…
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The #dnd DMG is full of so much awesome, it's going to take a few extra weeks. In the mean time, here's some new art!
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That moment when your blog post is almost finished and... you realise there's a minor mistake in 5% of that data. Fffff... Time to recheck!
@Morrus PM and we can talk about it.
@Morrus @koga305 lol! Well if you need any assistance just ask...
@koga305 @Morrus Damage in a day or so... its been a fiddly sucker!
@mikemearls my mind is spinning imagining you and @ChrisPerkinsDnD clowning around... You guys should do that! On livestream!
@mikemearls you on the juice Mike?!?
Nice @ChrisPerkinsDnD ! Now WHERE'S MINE! LOL
My baby was delivered today. It has eleven eyes and is called Myum Myum ("MM" for short).
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What's this "Sly Lick" action in Milo's stat block @ChrisPerkinsDnD ??? That's a freaky status effect! Lol
@surfarcher His fake stomach tattoo in XXX was Melchior. The name of his first D&D character. That's why I will always like Vin. #FuckHaters
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