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@xomeeks @dreamonyouth freaking incredible, thank you so much! this means the WORLD, but so the universe! 🔮✨
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loved discovering @localwolves thanks to @dreamonyouth!🐺 ✨read about their magazine…m
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Did you hear the news? We're getting a makeover in a few weeks before our wild era begins in mid-August! 🎉✨
We're busy working on the second installment of our story and prepping to send emails out for the third. This is going to be SO good! 😁
Don't let procrastination win today. Push through that self doubt and fear. You are capable of so many beautiful things.
Find the light today. Inspire yourself. Relax a little longer. Understand that you will make it through whatever storm this is.
Good morning! How are you spending your Thursday?
Thank you for being with us and enlightening us Meg! You always leave us inspired! #kindnesshustler…
Like always, we have to push each other to be optimistic. What you give will come back. The law of attraction is rewarding. #kindnesshustler
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For me, it's the fear of "not being successful." Happiness comes before worries. For that, I want to write my days away. #kindnesshustler
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We need to be intimidated by our dreams. That fear should motivate us to jump at them even more. #kindnesshustler
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ACTION 2: Someone here needs to let go. It's time to be gutsy. Acknowledge your dream and let's move forward, together. #kindnesshustler
A6: believe that you're enough, believe everyone comes into your life to reach you a lesson & believe it'll all work out! #kindnesshustler
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A6: never stop smiling, keep moving, and look for the good things--3 things a day at least until it becomes a habit. #kindnesshustler
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Let's continue to love people, and ourselves. Let's include self care in our daily routine. Let's keep loving life. #kindnesshustler
LOVE seeing all this love. You ladies are incredible. #kindnesshustler
Q6: How can we live optimistically from here on out? What's the method to this so-called madness? #kindnesshustler
It's like Becca knew we were talking about optimism tonight. #kindnesshustler…
Build a plan, execute the plan, make mistakes, adjust the plan, make more mistakes = success
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ACTION 1: Uplift one person here that you don't normally speak to. Yes, a stranger. Be wild with your love in this moment. #kindnesshustler
A4: People fear burying their problems under light, & never finding a resolution. Optimism is a guide, not a disguise. #kindnesshustler
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A4: because it forces people to see that if they want to achieve their dreams they have to do something about it. #kindnesshustler
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Okay #kindnesshustler, are you ready for something magical? We're about to call you to action! ✨
To fix optimism, we must show all of its sides. The vulnerability, strength, power. It is our teacher. Not some joke. #kindnesshustler
Too many people try to use optimism as an escape, a facade, an obsession. We believe it was made to help us grow, thrive. #kindnesshustler
Q4: Why do you think optimism causes so much doubt or scares people away? How can we fix this stigma? #kindnesshustler
Dreaming, doing; both vitals of open hearts. Of course, we can't let ourselves become crushed, but looking up never hurts. #kindnesshustler
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See, optimism was created for the dreamer, by dreamers. I.E. It doesn't exclude ANYONE. Especially not you, #kindnesshustler.
Optimism allows for more acceptance, more light, and more hope. #kindnesshustler
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Again, 100%, yes. Dreaming, finding the good in the bad, being optimistic--it's all good for your soul. #kindnesshustler
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Do we even need to say it? We believe in optimism 100%! We believe that people are good and life is an adventure! #kindnesshustler
Let's rephrase Q3, do you believe in overcoming? In finding the good, the lessons in life? Do you believe in dreaming? #kindnesshustler
A3: Optimism, positivity and acceptance are all standards to how I live my life. More smiles come from better outlooks. #kindnesshustler
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A2: Living optimistically is simply living without second thoughts. You have to learn to accept everything for good. #kindnesshustler
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Q3: Do you believe in optimism? Why or why not? #kindnesshustler
Living optimistic: choosing to love light and forgive darkness. #kindnesshustler
Living optimistically means acknowledging that everything and everyone has a dark side. But they deserve love too. #kindnesshustler
Living optimistically means looking for the good in people, experiences, and life even when things seem bleak. #kindnesshustler
A2: seeing the bright side of things, but also accepting the dark. #kindnesshustler
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A2: never stop believing in the goodness of people & life! you can have your doubts, but in general people/life = good. #kindnesshustler
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Psst, by the way, we love you. Every inch, every fiber. Even when you dim your shine. But, you're safe here. You're home. #kindnesshustler
Q2: Define living optimistically. What do you feel when you see that phrase? What do you think of? #kindnesshustler
Q1: Who are you? How are you? Don't be afraid to show your creative, wild side! #kindnesshustler
Only rule? You don't need to mention us for us to see your beautiful, brilliant tweets! Say what?!? Just use the hashtag 👉#kindnesshustlerr
Welcome to the home of the #kindnesshustler, aka YOU! We're your hosts, Dream On Youth and we're ready to get candid with you!
T-minus 27 minutes until #kindnesshustler! Tonight, we're going to shake up someone's whole world! 😏
#kindnesshustler takes over your Twitter feed tonight at 8 PM EST! Topic? Living Optimistic. ✨ Trust us, this will be eye opening!
In case you haven't heard, the site is going under some construction. We know, we know, but what's a wild era without change?
Today, put yourself first. Do the things you love and have a little fun. It's about time you made yourself happy.
“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” - George Bernard Shaw

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