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Here's how to make use of old coffee grounds! As if we need another reason to love coffee! β˜•οΈ
Go ahead, laugh too much and smile at every passerby. Give a little love back to the world. Life is beautiful.
"My reality needs imagination like a bulb needs a socket." - Tom Waits Don't dim your light. Embrace that you are brilliantly different.
So proud of our fave ray of sunshine @nictillotson for sharing her story! Read it here: #mentalhealthawarenessweek
"Fear can be your northern star, pointing you towards what matters to you most." - @heysweetpea A little inspiration for the week ahead.
The baseline of #WorldMentalHealthDay? We ALL need to have this discussion. With ourselves, amongst the ones we love. Stop running from it.
Suicidal does not mean attention seeking, dramatic, or selfish. Stop belittling it and trying to hide someone's hurt. #WorldMentalHealthDay
God gives different people different talents. Wherever He has you, He has you there for a purpose.
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Anorexia begins with the mind. Feeding yourself lie after lie but refusing to nourish your body. Get help. Please. #worldmentalhealthday
The solution to depression isn't "get over it." You don't know what lives inside people's heads and eats away at them. #worldmentalhealthday
In a little less than an hour, we're doing wake up calls. These may break your heart or they'll make you think. Either way, it's happening.
Your journey matters. Stop trying to fast forward to the end goal. Look around and appreciate all the good in this moment.
Are you following us on Insta yet? You should be! 😁
You don't have to keep your story bottled up. It is nothing to be ashamed of, we all have our own battles to fight. #WorldMentalHealthDay
Your mental health should not be taboo. Stop feeling guilty for not being okay. This matters. We want you to be heard. #WorldMentalHealthDay
Good morning! It's #WorldMentalHealthDay and we couldn't be more pumped to lend our voices to help end the mental health stigma! πŸ™Œ
.@taylorthechef is absolutely AMAZING! We hope to buy some of her baked goods one day for the team!…
Michelle Obama Talks About the Power of Educated Girls via @YouTube
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People will not live for you. They will not always choose you. This is a hard truth but it's one we all need to hear.
Do not make it your mission to fix people. Make it your mission to love and serve them, to let them live.
It is GORGEOUS outside today in Charlotte, North Carolina! 😍 Who else is loving this Fall weather?!?
Nobody is perfect and sometimes we forget that. Today when someone upsets you or makes a mistake, breathe. They're only human.
Be proud of trying. One day you'll look back and thank yourself for never giving up.
"You were given this because you are strong enough to live it." Don't ever think your voice is not needed. Push through this season.
Have an upcoming event in the Charlotte area? This could be an art show, poetry slam, open mic, fashion show, ANYTHING! Let us know!
Sometimes we get excited over the little things. Like seeing our photo in the top posts on Insta for a hashtag! πŸŽ‰3
The whole DOY team decided to gush over @BaileeMadison and Rowan Blanchard last night. We ADORE those girls! They were born to lead!
Today, let yourself lead. Inspire others to dream, to do better, to love more. Don't be afraid. It's time you let yourself shine.
You are not worthless. You were not a mistake. You were created as a part of a bigger plan to bring beauty in this world #selfworthwednesday
When those cloudy thoughts enter your mind let them, but then remind yourself they're wrong. #selfworthwednesday
Take the bad days as lessons. Stop beating yourself up. Don't contribute to the darkness that overshadows the world. #selfworthwednesday
In a world full of negativity it's hard to find the good. Look for it within you. Be the good. Be the hope. #selfworthwednesday
Thanks for the share, Viv! πŸ’•…J
"Don't always get so caught up in doing what you love. Instead, do what is necessary. Do what others need." - Hannah Brencher
There's something about telling a room full of strangers about something you love and them all being interested. This is your moment.
Cydney's goal is to finish #IfYouFindThisLetter by tomorrow. Do you think our boss lady can do it?
Our founder used us as her fun fact during her training class at her new job today! πŸ™Œ We feel so special. ☺️
Unfortunately we're canceling #kindnesshustler tonight but we will be back next week!
We're in the middle of brainstorming some AMAZING campaigns and, YES, there will be another chance for you to work WITH us! Who's excited? πŸ™Œ
"Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act." - Albert Einstein
"We are called to be lonely sometimes..." An excerpt from @cheymc17's beautiful post on loneliness. Read it here:
Happy 21st Birthday to that gorgeous, gutsy, gifted, and goofy @nictillotson! We hope you have a rad night with friends and fam! πŸŽ‰βœ¨
Brother Moto needs YOUR help! One of their own was injured! Please take the time to read Kevin's story:
If we could include one thing on our website, what would it be? Why? Remember, this is a space for YOU!
Happy Birthday to the brilliant, beautiful, and totally fashion saavy @leauxmichelle! We hope your night is absolutely fabulous! πŸŽ‰
Stop trying to be something else for someone new. Be brave. Be you. The right people will find you as you love and live fully alive.
Our founder @poesiegal poured her heart out over on Insta today, and you just need to read it.
This is your wake up call. You have a purpose. You are needed. Don't you dare leave us behind. We love you.

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