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Blaming social media is also ridiculous. Change comes from the masses. Raising awareness & educating people is more than important.
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@mairehan: My thankful post for @dreamonyouth has me so motivated 😊” We can't wait to read it!
We're giving our Instagram followers an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of our latest movement later on today! Get excited! 🌟
The Pitch is Back! WATCH the official trailer for #PitchPerfect2 and see the movie in theaters 5.15.15!…
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You are not them. They are in no way better, more worthy or more special than you. They just have different experiences. #selfworthwednesday
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You are YOU for a reason. There's nothing in this world that is meaningless. You have your own purpose. Focus on you. #selfworthwednesday
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Latest post recapping my achievements and adventures this past year. I recommend everyone do it. #selfworthwednesday…
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The world needs you and her and him. Stop trying to be someone else. We love you for who you are, quirks and all. #selfworthwednesday
You are not them. Stop wishing for their lifestyle. Create what you want. Be yourself. Be happy with you. #selfworthwednesday
Every time you feel that green-eyed monster appearing, compliment someone, even if it is yourself. Turn envy into LOVE. #selfworthwednesday
Repeat after us: "I am loved right where I stand. I don't need to be them. I want to be me. I need to love me." #selfworthwednesday
Comparisons stop dreams from coming alive. Every journey is different. Please fall in love with your own. #selfworthwednesday
Comparing yourself to the next person doesn't do anyone any good. It locks away your potential, hope, and steals joy. #selfworthwednesday
Every time you wish you were her, you tuck a piece of yourself away. But that piece was the GREATNESS that we hoped for. #selfworthwednesday
Our sparklit advocate @mairehan has spoken! Today's #selfworthwednesday topic is..."I will not compare myself to others."
“Where there is love there is life.” - Mahatma Gandhi
There are at least nine women, NINE, who see all of your potential where you stand right now. We are here for you. We BELIEVE IN YOU.
Apparently boss lady @mscydneyrai is on a roll with empowering people tonight. All while dealing with sinus pressure and exhaustion!
Step outside of that comfort zone for the rest of the week. Freedom is born in the moment, it's never planned! #fireworkpeople
Let tonight be your call to action. Begin where you stand with one late night whim. Create fearlessly. #fireworkpeople
Those butterflies in your stomach when you think about chasing your dreams? Those are GOOD. Freedom will help them soar! #fireworkpeople
To be free, you have to be willing to be vulnerable and make mistakes. You won't grow if you don't get your hands dirty. #fireworkpeople
Hey #fireworkpeople, your brave is showing. Must be a result of all those raw, vulnerable ideas you're spilling into the world right now.
You know what is stifling your freedom? YOU. Stop being afraid of the outcome. TAKE ACTION and make the first move. #fireworkpeople
Be hungry. Chase freedom, adventure, passion, hope, and self love. Don't stop. Let the possibilities fuel you. #fireworkpeople
Freedom begins when you let go of fear to do what you love with the people you adore by your side. #fireworkpeople
Lift your hands high if you're here for freedom! #fireworkpeople
We're Dream On Youth, a simple hope turned movement for teens and young adults! We're YOUR safe space to grow and flourish! #fireworkpeople
Hello #fireworkpeople! DOY is in the Twitterverse and ready to live free, dance party style! Who's joining us tonight?
We're so happy to have PHENOMENAL #fireworkpeople like @_tayyyoung, @LuxeLabelPR, and newcomer @hellofromlo on our team!
Hey @FIREWORKPEOPLE, we'll be popping into your Twitter party tonight to drop words of wisdom and empower YOU! Ya ready? #fireworkpeople 🌟🎉
"Saying no does not make you less of a person." Read intern @Emi_K13's article here: Trust us, it's a good one!
Daily #inspiration: Love creates friendship, helps us grow, and fuels the world. Spread it like wildfire.
The 50 Most Inspiring Cities in the World! Anyone else ready for a vacation after reading this list? #wanderlustprobs
Have you ever needed a kickstart to your Monday? Well here are 15 motivators just for you!
The new issue of @UGSparksMag comes out todayyy!! Check out articles by myself and @mscydneyrai!
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The DOY group chat is buzzing right now with introductions, emojis, and excitement!!
A little birdie told us the boss lady and #doyfamily member @staypositiveash are meeting on Thursday for the first time! 🙌🎉😁
Every lady who applied for a position should check their email! We're just saying!
Sending out some very important emails to some very lucky ladies! #DOYgoesglobal Thank you too all the phenomenal girls who applied!
You guys, I think I'm obsessed with Taylor Swift.
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Group deliberations are under way! #DOYgoesglobal
Our creative counselor @_tayyyoung and boss lady @mscydneyrai have deliberated about new interns. One lucky lady has 3 YESES so far!
.@mscydneyrai and @LuxeLabelPR are currently discussing applicants! We're one step closer to welcoming two more ladies to our team!
You know how we just closed internship applications? Yeah, well, @mscydneyrai is now jumping on her bed due to all the AMAZING candidates!
@mscydneyrai 💕 I'm glad to see you being great! Can't get over all the wonderful work with@dreamonyouthh
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Closing the chance to join our team before 2015 at 7 PM EST sharp! Ladies this is your time! GO FOR IT!… #internship
I love freaking out with my team. I cannot wait until we have our own office. Dance parties and good food ALL THE TIME. @dreamonyouth
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