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Alex To
Almost time to skate again... Erni tho
Craving chicken
I want Chicken Selects in Canada pleaaaaseeee. @McD_Canada
Wait, is march break this week or next? Wut
*woman gives birth* woman: I think I'll name her sara doctor: I'm sorry, but that name's already taken.. may i suggest sara89 or sara_13?
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@SuperToee tryna stay till a 7nth man I live for the highschool thrill.
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the fuck is wrong with Alex... 👀
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Oh wow, gf education
I miss Nathan so much, it's not even cool yo. Brian, Tavon, and the others too tho. This is random, but I miss Julius too, I think.
The snow tho
“@TheFunnyVines: Got daaaaaa cofffeeeeesss”😂😂😂😂😂
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“@diaryforteens: The worst 😔”. If I only had a better approach that day..@_navinaaa
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when the teacher thinks ur studying but really you're eating spaghetti
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I want to eat some popeyes stiillllll
@SuperToee 😭😭😭😭😭 okay I'm sorry
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Giveaway. Rt, follow, and tweet a number between 1-10000 for a chance to win. Ends in 24 hours. @Dparks640
can mcqueen speak pls...
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Quitting Pokemon for school, yolo
Congrats to @joseraulLVM93 for winning the Shiny Charmander. ^-^
Frozen 2 pls
Doing an even bigger giveaway after the Charmander. T-T
Savva killsss me, damn lmfao
@SuperToee What did I just enter? I just love free shit.
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Forgot to say, picking winner in an hour.
The new Beyblade and bdaman have some fail voice actors
Naming my kids Toron To and Naru To. Fuck what people think
@SuperToee Awesome! Beautifully shot too. Is this the guy you said was the new version of the other video? He's incredible. Just like me
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Are villages real?