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Super Soul Sunday
Get your questions ready! Motivational speaker & author @DeVonFranklin is bringing his wisdom to an-all new #HelpDesk starting NOW.
.@mistyonpointe your authentic emotion is palpable! Thank you for touching out souls! #SuperSoulSunday
.@mistyonpointe a beautiful reflection of being one with what you love! Nourishment for the SOUL! #SuperSoulSunday
Imagine the world if we all lived by the motto "be kind." #SuperSoulSunday #AliMacGraw
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#SuperSoulSunday....loving it every Sunday!! This week, @Oprah is with #AliMacGraw & the messages are so internal.
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.Super Soulers what will be your legacy? Tweet! #SuperSoulSunday
Super Soulers, what does kindness mean to you?
"There is a whole richness to life that is beyond information" -#AliMacGraw #SuperSoulSunday
@SuperSoulSunday I agree. She is a breath of enlightened air in a world consumed by the concept of fame. #SuperSoulSunday
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.#AliMacGraw candidness is refreshing and inspiring! Love her authentic realness! #SuperSoulSunday
."Fame is like a fire breathing dragon ready to eat you alive" -#AliMacGraw #SuperSoulSunday
Super Soulers what's the morning ritual that keeps you going? Tweet! Tweet! #SuperSoulSunday
."I'm never lonely. I'm alone a lot BY CHOICE. Solitude is so RICH" -#AliMacGraw #SuperSoulSunday
"All my marriages ended for the same reason. I never was able to be who I was" -AliMacGraw #SuperSoulSunday
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."I could never not feel the shame of being unreal." -#AliMacGraw POWERFUL! #SuperSoulSunday
."Greatest gift of maturation is being able to say no thank you or just NO!" -#AliMacGraw #SuperSoulSunday
I love Ali's openness. If you get that at any age it's a gift. #SuperSoulSunday #AliMacGraw
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#AliMacGraw is speaking her truth on Hollywood, Addiction, Spirituality and Age on #SuperSoulSunday. Great ENRICHING television on @OWNTV!
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Ali McGraw is a living example of the resilience of the human spirit #SuperSoulSunday
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Talk about a spiritual trailblazer! “What I’ve been trying to be is Real.” Ali MacGraw #SuperSoulSunday
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75! #AliMacGraw is a classic beauty! Grace in every form! #SuperSoulSunday
.#LoveStory with #AliMcGraw is such a classic movie! Who didn't love the line "love is never having to say I'm sorry! #SuperSoulSunday
.@Oprah and Ali MacGraw teach us how to look for the good in every moment on #SuperSoulSunday starting right NOW:
.@DeVonFranklin is joining us on #HelpDesk today at 12/11c and answering some of your questions on pursuing your passion. Who's joning us?
Ali MacGraw and @DeVonFranklin take their spiritual journeys from Hollywood to #SuperSoulSunday at 11 AM ET/PT and then #HelpDesk at 12/11c.
In this week's #SuperSoulShort, @mistyonpointe laces up her ballet shoes and shows us the steps that led to her spiritual path of ballet.
Join @Oprah and actress Ali MacGraw tomorrow as they talk about the importance of living in the moment on #SuperSoulSunday at 11 AM ET/PT.
Fun moment with @oprah and Ali McGraw after the #supersoulsunday shoot. Will you be joining us on Sunday?
Watch #SuperSoulSunday with us from anywhere in the world! Join us Sunday at 11 AM ET/PT for an inspiring conversation with Ali MacGraw.
.@DeVonFranklin answers questions about marriage, faith, and following your passions on #HelpDesk, Sunday at 12/11c:
On Sunday, Ali MacGraw shares how learning to say 'no' in her career & life brought peace. How do you focus on what you truly want to do?
Ali MacGraw's spiritual journey opened her world up to joyous possibilities and now she's teaching us to do the same, Sunday at 11 AM ET/PT.
My #HelpDesk episode will be on @OWNTV this SUNDAY 12pm ET/PT! You don't want to miss it! Take a look:
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Date change for Oprah's interview with Pema on @SuperSoulSunday to October 19 (not October 12).
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This #SuperSoulSunday, Oprah is joined by actress and spiritual seeker Ali MacGraw, who continues to be an inspiration for anyone trying to design the life they truly want. What does your design look like?
Before she joins us on #SuperSoulSunday, let's look back as Ali MacGraw shares her wisdom for aging gracefully:
We love your tweet @FollowMe_MsRo! What was your favorite part of the event? #LifeYouWantTour
Don't miss my episode of #HelpDesk this Sunday at 12PM ET/PT on @OWNTV! Check local listings. Please RT!
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