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Super Soul Sunday
On #SuperSoulSunday, @ANNELAMOTT shares how 3 words became her essential prayer: What's your definition of prayer?
.@ANNELAMOTT shares four essential secrets to put you on the path to self-acceptance: #SuperSoulSunday
@annelamott and @oprah agree, sometimes saying thank you is the only prayer you need. It is loved so much that it is written on the walls at Harpo Studios. Super Soulers, what do you have to be thankful for today?
When was the last time you said WOW? @ANNELAMOTT shares her 3-letter prayer in an encore of #SuperSoulSunday:
Super Soulers, how do you define prayer? Tune in this Sunday at 11 am ET/PT to see @oprah's full conversation with @annelamott on #SuperSoulSunday.
Six inspirational quotes from @SPressfield to help you unlock your purpose: #SuperSoulSunday
Super Soulers, how do you show the people most important to you that you love them? #supersoulsunday
.@SPressfield talked about creativity's importance & how he thinks we're all creative geniuses. How do you express yourself creatively?
Yesterday, @SPressfield introduced us to a new way of thinking about our calling & dreams. What's your biggest takeaway from @SPressfield?
Thank you Steven Pressfield! #supersoulsunday
What keeps us from doing what we most want to do? @SPressfield explains in an excerpt from "The War of Art":
"The soul is what survives the death of the body" -@SPressfield #SuperSoulSunday
"An amateur yields to distraction." Hard to do in the modern world, but so important. #AchieveYourDreams #SuperSoulSunday
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What's your calling? Name it. Claim it. Make it happen. Super soulers, how will you put your dreams into action? #SuperSoulSunday
Super Soulers what is your calling? Tweet!Tweet! #SuperSoulSunday
"We all have two lives: the life we live and the unlived life we wish to live. In between lies resistance" -@SPressfield #SuperSoulSunday
Meditation is the key to releasing the 'Resistance'! Bing! Bing! #SuperSoulSunday
Confront resistance head on and continue to soar to the next level! @SPressfield thank you for helping us soar! #SuperSoulSunday
"For every dream there will be Resistance! -@SPressfield #SuperSoulSunday
"The more important an activity is to your soul's evolution, the more resistance we will feel." ~@SPressfield #SuperSoulSunday #AHA!
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Super Soulers what is the thing that keeps you from putting your ass where your heart wants to be? #SuperSoulSunday
"Put your ass where your heart wants to be!" -@SPressfield Simple yet powerful advice! #SuperSoulSunday
"Your real job in life is to figure out why you're here." #SuperSoulSunday with @SPressfield starts now!
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Happy Sunday Super Soulers hangin' with my SELMA team director @AVAETC and David Oyelowo as MLK. #HotinAlabama
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Happy #SuperSoulSunday to Emmy Award winning team that brings us joy, wisdom, & A-HA moments every Sunday. @SuperSoulSunday @OWNAmbassadors
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Let's start dreaming! We're overcoming resistance and pursuing our passions in an encore #SuperSoulSunday with @SPressfield right NOW.
Tomorrow, we revisit @katiedaisyart as she shares how she became the artist of her own life in our short. How does art inspire you?
How do you spend your #SuperSoulSundays? Upload an Instagram photo & tag us to show us how you kick back, relax, & feed your soul!
Tomorrow, @SPressfield reminds us of the importance of listening to our dreams and letting them guide us to our purpose. #SuperSoulSunday
So excited to announce the win for #supersoulsunday for outstanding special class series! Thank you all for being on this journey with us!
@Oprah Congratulations to you, the great @SuperSoulSunday team and the amazing guests! All of us #SuperSoulers are celebrating along!
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Congratulaaaations to SuperSoulSunday team. We just won an Emmy!
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.@SPressfield believes our creativity remains below the surface until a muse helps it to manifest. Super soulers, what inspires you?
On Sunday, @SPressfield explains for every dream we have, there will be resistance. Make an effort to push past the things holding you back.
Happy Summer Super Soulers! Tomorrow is the first official day of Summer! What are your summer plans? #supersoulsunday
Never be afraid to chase your dreams. @SPressfield shows us how to move past the fear and answer our calling this Sunday at 11a/10c.
For @SPressfield, the key to pursuing our dreams is simple: sit down and get started:
We are beginning to gear up for our new fall season! On set today with Pema Chodron. #supersoulsunday
Happy Wednesday all! You are officially half way through the work week. One of the #SuperSoulSunday team members keeps these three things on her desk when she's in need of a pep up! What do you do throughout the day to stay motivated?
It's time to revisit our favorite lessons! @Oprah & @SPressfield unlock our creativity in a #SuperSoulSunday encore:
Super Soulers, thank you for an amazing season! We've had so many wonderful guests who've provided truly inspiring quotes. Here are just a few! What quote was your favorite? #supersoulsunday
In the latest #SteepYourSoul, @UncleRUSH shares how he likes to unwind and what type of music he likes to listen to:
Missed @UncleRUSH on @SuperSoulSunday? Click here to watch, or tune in this Sunday at 10 am ET/PT
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