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chichay ❁
paki explain bakit meron silang pang workout chuchu dito hahaha
exercise sa office ni mama what paano
byeeee gonna hibernate for the next twelve hours or more bc sad bc grades 💔
accounting why so six units awts
mahibi na tag lansang huhu
wth pe i thought we're friends
huhubels lagi masyado ang grades
What is in the center of the world? — I'm not a geography student but I guess it's chocolate lava!! n_n
sige na nga stop na daw
bakit po si maris
kapangit ng mmk bukas puro kaharotan pwe sorry not sorry
ew ew eeeeeeeew ara si maris bwas sa mmk ew
ang daldal sarap hilain ang esophagus
sabado na gali bwas yehet new hair wapakels
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HS Teachers: "There's still a minute left of class, sit down!" College Teachers: "We still have 20 mins left but I'm done teaching so bye"
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im so miserable but i laugh at everything
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pirated masyado jeske hahaha bahala na tiis lang
“One of the cruelest thing you can do to someone is to make them believe in something, and then you take away the hope from them.”
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“Love makes poets out of people”
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If we're in a car and I love the song on the radio and you turn it down to tell me something, please know that I now hate you.
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kinda wanna cut my hair really short kinda wanna have rapunzel's
gonna let it burn burn burn
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back to work im mom's little accountant charot
that is so cute how can i not retweet that 😄
kalokohan sa ask 😂
there's a fine line between straight forward and being rude some idiots clearly don't see
I think u're very rude
paano gutom nanaman ako
three hours to go birthday na ni bebe ping wiw
still here whyyyy
Di man cguro ko nimo mablame kung magpalayo ko nimo. Di baya lalim masakitan noh. Kaw kuno!
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hays katagal ng food jeskepe
ang brokenhearted naman ng mga naga videoke sa labas eh rinig na rinig eh
Why do banks lock their pens to the desk? If i'm trusting you with my money, dont you think you can trust me with your pen?
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medyo matagal uwian medyo gusto ko na po kumain mama
back to work tagal uwian
to cut hair or not to cut hair
pwede na ako mag apply hays
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panira si maris sa hawak kamay ay oops
That's really beautiful thank youRT @AvengersAims: @train I made this for you Pat ❤
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