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Editorial BTS album in the works. Need to start snapping stat to save my sanity.
When did I add backreading @PepperDempsey's tweets to my to-do-list? #guiltypleasure #shipperproblem #trash #olicity
Good morning, Moon! #nofilter #sugbo #ubec #igerscebu
Studying the basics of typesetting just because. #publishing
Girl Wednesday. πŸ‘Έ
(Not your) Typical rainy Sunday.
Cartoon, comics and anime on one floor. Literally. #latergram #nerdgasm
Be cautious with how and when you use your words. "Impediment" and "single mother" do not effectively go together.
Black shoes and white socks season. #preschooler
Should take a crash course on balancing act how-to.
Will not miss #CebuLitfest next year. 😣
After a long day of concalls and meetings, I am all good.…
"Remember why you're here in the first place." "Because of HER." "Now, you know what to do." #conversation #motivation
Pondering on changing my shift.
Not impressed... AT ALL! Need to tame my bad side for this. It's gonna be a wild, bumpy transition!
"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” β€” Charles Darwin
"Raising a powerful girl" – something I need to learn.…
June 14. πŸŽπŸŽ‚ We love you, Mama! @kurbysmomjulz
Will be meeting the new "boss" tomorrow. Let us see.
Meeting Alex. #madagascar
Sweet tinee. Minis for the little miss.
Define busy. Define too busy. Just glad I'm still at home now waiting for little miss to take a nap.
Walk boldly through the doors God opens for you, and don't become discouraged when He closes one.
Retweeted by Rika
β€” One cannot teach what he does not know. #notetoself **Good thing speech bubbles only exist in comics.
One cannot serve two masters at one time. But one can hit two birds in one stone. #ManicMonday
Shift starts at 4pm. No whining today, please.
Comfort trash after work hours – Biano's Full House.
Early morning comfort food – Biano's Full House.
Just one more chapter then I'm off to sleep. πŸ˜‰πŸ·πŸ•“
3:30AM - Time my day usually ends.
Four books scheduled to PFP this week. Monthly reports for submission within the day. Issues to resolve in a couple of hours. #transition
Of angles, lighting, mood. People call you weird as soon as they decide you don't pass their standard of normal(ity).
Playdate! We had the playroom all to ourselves. 😁
That kind of day.
Hi, sunrise. It's been a while. Time to go home.
#Colorize Family Day.
My favorite little human.
Burpday dinner with fambam. Missed you here, Mayka and Ritz!
Seafood Platter (also known as 'Allergens Delight'). #parilya
They serve the best Fresh Lumpia in town. #cafelaguna #parilya
Lil Ms K: "Mom, you're going to work again?" Me: "Yes, baby. Why does mom go to work?" Lil Ms K: "To buy milk... and pringles... and jollibee... and fries... and ketchup... and kinder joy... and little ponies... and..." Boo yeah! Life's getting better. Let's dede to that! #preschooler
"Can we have this in lifesize, please?" β€” Sure! It's aka #GrabATaxi's promo vehicle that takes you anywhere in Cebu for free. #sugbu #tomica #aristocats Thank you "Ninong with glasses"!
1,000,000 books delivered. Congratulations, Apple! 🍎#editorial

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