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I have a smartphone with a dumb battery
Remember when we thought high school would be like PCA from zoey 101, and then it just wasn't...
Why do girls cry about stretched pants.
Why are we spending a week on trigonometry but a month on graphing.
If I had 2 years to do my homework I'd still leave it till the night before
*battery: 100%* *plays a song* *battery: 26%*
Late night drives
If people could stop whining about how much they miss Orlando that would be great.
I had a dream I ate a candle and I almost puked when I woke up
Nice to finally get a night off from studying/homework
I hate taking naps after school because it means i won't fall asleep until 4 am but I love it because sleep.
So, I think I got like ten questions right on that test...
How are we supposed to finish the mid term in only an hour
How do I always get 100% on the homework, then fail the test
My skills: Being bad at math Not getting enough sleep
Dinner #salad
Why are teachers obsessed with me writing in pen? Can you not read words in pencil?
That moment of truth when you open up the binder to see if you have homework...
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Spring break felt 15 minutes long
Can we please just get one more week
I wish an episode would be on netflix as soon as it finishes airing on tv #thedream 😩
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these days going by waaayyy too fast 😒⌚️
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No matter what part of the city I'm in I always feel safer walking in coquitlam than poco
I would rather run 4 miles than watch your 100 second Snapchat Story
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