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Kinda crazy to think we should be stressing about school rn
Honestly I'm just over all of this
It's pretty annoying how nice things cost money...
Everything's more fun at 3 am
I wish it was leather jacket and beanie weather
2011 was such a random year. What even happened
People really need to stop making these "gossip girl" accounts. We live in the most boring city...
#tbt to Canada day except it's Monday..
THIS SUMMER SUCKED and I know it's my fault but idc I'm blaming summer
Summers over and now I'm sad
I love how this strike is all about the students but we're the ones being screwed over
Who walks their dog for an hour everyday. #Unnecessary
People who sing on vine are so annoying
Why does Walmart even bother to have 30 check outs when there's only ever like two open
You're not really doing the ice bucket challenge if you throw the ice cubes in right before. The water is supposed to be cold
5sos was terrible #vmas
That vma opening performance was on fleek
The fault in our stars was a pretty bad movie
I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't work at ihop
I guarantee on the first day of school everyone's going to introduce themselves to the class like "first things first I'm the realest"
To the people who consistently favourite and retweet
Ugh victorious was such a good show why did they cancel it
Remember when 10:30 used to seem late
*packs bags and moves to Allen high school*"
if I can't have Pizza Hut and Subway neither can Allen High School FIX THIS INJUSTICE @MichelleObama
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It's almost be September but my mental calendar says it's still june
First day of school & people be like, "Omg I missed you" but didn't talk to you all summer
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A moment of silence for everyone who starts school tomorrow
Literally so rude
How did this summer go by so fast
When you think your phone was charging overnight but it wasn't plugged in
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Life would be easier if a taxis was as cheap as the bus
Sometimes I hate summer, there's too much pressure to enjoy yourself and have fun
Being at the airport is either fun and exciting or super depressing
I hate feeling like I'm not making the most of my summer and then it just ends so quickly.
Have fun being deported
I feel like summer is half over and I've done nothing
Fireworks get kinda old after 20 minutes
I think I'm doing it wrong
isn't summer that time where you make really great memories that you keep forever
You can't expect to support the whole world for free
If you're not going to tell the whole story then don't bring it up
The gates of hell have closed again. And they better stay that way until at least September