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[YT] Superderpx2
Yis! Hit 150 subscibers overnight! Thank you a lot, each one of you, I love you! C:
Am I the only one here who jumped when @FaZeJev added them back on Snapchat? xD
I left this for 30 seconds. 30. Just a little bit of @FaZeJev in the background there xD
I regret posting a comment and getting 100 likes on it. Fucking google alert bell thingy!
So... An extra thingy to the plans list - Get le Shiba Inu YIS.
I've got a frigging tab open of Jev's Twitter and frigging YT channel open at all times now xD
Congrats to @FaZeJev for hitting 100K. You deserve it man, keep it up and you'll be at 1M in no-time! :D
yay, gaining followers and shet
Dank u for 137 subscribers, I was stuck at 130 for about a month and got 7 within 2 days, can't wait to see whats next :3
Thank you Staurday! For the 1st time ever, I'm wearing a hoodless jumper. Fuvk you too C:
Saw this when I went on my PC today. HOLY SHIT, 10?! xD
Editing a video for the last hour with 12 layers and around 50 different sfx ect xD
Am I the only guy around here who doesn't find porn entertaining..?
If i have a bigger channel, sure hate me but on a channel like mine, 1 comment has a big influence. Fuck you.
Maybe say some constructive shit instead of "this channel is shit". It helpes a lot, don't you think?
Yay, a new hater putting me down on my channel! I put work into my videos and this is wat i get. Sweet.
I just applied to be a YouTube Partner with @Fullscreen! Join me and apply.…