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Sunshine Calero
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Deactivating twitter soon.
I just want my voice back
it's been a long couple of weeks
Lost my purse. Someone handed it in. Got it back. The person that handed it in took 100quid. Bitches have audacity.
Ok i need sleep. Good night 🌸
my grades stress me out more than anything
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Good day but head hurts. Ugh the rain
i spend too much time thinking about how i can make everything ok and i dont do anything about it cos im scared.
hate the fact that christmas doesn't excite me anymore 🚢
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Even if i had a million reasons to leave, id still look for one to stay
All i can ask for now is some space. I simply aint happy no more and i have no idea what to do about it.
just so confused about everything
I just wish people would be more straight forward about things rather than having to ghost for a reason im not sure of.
Just as i thought everything was going perfectly well, its all fucking up.
#MusicMondays just get better and better every week 😍
4more days till halfterm.. Ill be fine.
Pretty much everything has changed in such a short space of time
Honestly, i feel really stupid for holding on to things that just aint worth holding on to.
I just dont like people in general
In the end, everyone loses everyone. There's no invention in getting around that.
I need a break from my own thoughts
Ok now im just scared of what might happen
Havent been this happy in a long time
Today was acc amazeballs ❀️
I tend to develop the habit of caring too much for people who dont deserve it.
I'm just hoping you don't look at me as something you regret
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All that matters is just oof 😍
Now i know i can sleep well after having to hear that voice. Goodnight my tweethearts 😘
Acc really happy isaw a certain someone today
she laughed and instantly covered her mouth as if she was angry at herself for forgetting about her sadness
Southern comfort when i need to be heldddddd
Fuck your excuses. Just admit you fucked up.
Oooh, i like this weather. Sunny but windy 😍
Ive missed so many lessons for music. Yay to catching up
I can’t wait until winter because it’s gonna be cold and gloomy outside just like my soul
Yeah well i shut everybody out. Dont take it personally
Basically, ur a fucktard
Sweet night, good dreams