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When you're having a bad day, tea is always the answer. #tea #teapot #British #warm
Here's to the first cup of coffee I've ever enjoyed. I feel this could be a slippery slope. #coffee #Disney #MinnieMouse
Today marks a bad day. Today is the day I began to like coffee.
Well, learning to make a roast dinner was not what I was expecting from a lecture at music college.
It's 16 degrees and I'm complaining of the heat. #BritishProblems
There is little that beats going out in the dark, bitter autumn nights alone to sing your heart out.
I have a 10am lecture, it's 2.30am and I'm exhausted so of course, Leeds WOULD morph into Skyrim and sound like it's under dragon attack.
The lettering on this sign kind of bothers me. I'm guessing it's intentional? #Leeds #artgallery
I love how my online college timetable says "sorry" when I have no events today like they need to apologise for giving me a day off.
I should probably sleep before I start sounding old.
What happened to the days when people used to use capital letters and punctuation appropriately?
The moment I expected 'sedevacantist' to be in my phone dictionary is probably a sign I've had too many religious conversations lately.
Living in the perfect position, at the perfect height to see the livery on flights in and out off Leeds Bradford Airport is fabulous.
Finally received my studies. #violin #music #classical
I really want to run away to Brisbane right now but like I can't even run down the hallway.
The mysterious evaporating holy water font. Maybe the Holy Spirit is thirsty? #catholic
Hipsters are all like "I spend all my money on coffee and books" and I'm just here like "I drink a lot of tea and disinfect everything."
You might be from Yorkshire if the sentence "I'm going to the shop," sounds entirely unnatural.
After 3 years I just still just don't really know what I'm doing in my DAW and it's just a really unfortunate situation.
To do: - everything (- twice)
My koala (named Panda) wasn't dealing with the British weather well. #October #autumn #toy #koala #teddy #cute
There is little more calming than the night's sky.
Knitting winter attire for a toy at 2am because she's from Queensland and it's British autumn. #totallynormal
Teddy being a cheeky bastard. #unilife
Flat movie afternoon/evening <3 #lights #Sunday #relaxing #unilife
Somebody please tell me how to configure my interface so that it always works with Cubase, this is driving me crazy.
The ceramic here is quite something else. #Leeds #artgallery #restaurant #ceramic
Beautiful view from my flat. #Leeds #sunset #pretty
Not sleeping until 7am was probably not my brightest move.
"We have to import #Vegemite just to stop all these damned Aussies from stealing all of the good stuff." #marmite #England #Australia
Night before I left. #Brisbane
"Where is South Australia?" Um, gee, I don't know. I think it might be north. #fail
Throwback to pre-Australia. #airport #Manchester #happy
If I actually slept at night for once, it'd be a miracle.
When my tolerance to bullshit is 0, do not bullshit me.
There was way more than enough blue sky to make a sailor a pair of trousers today, I feel like the sun came out especially for my birthday.
Got to go violin shopping over the next few weeks. Best, though most expensive kind of shopping.
"Love is repaid by love alone." - St Therese. (From 'The Gift of Therese of Lisieux by John Udris & Lynne Muir'.) #Catholic #quote #motto #qotd
Yorkshire forecast rain? What a surprise.
Best thing said to me today: 'Where is South Australia?'
Every day I tell myself that today will be the day I finally sit and organise all of my writing from last six months. But, it never is.
I wish I could love the Latin mass. I really do. It's magnificent, but I just don't feel connected enough and find it too hard to focus.
Some people are too cute for words.
Only two days and then the limbo is over for A2 students in Britain. Two excruciatingly tense days.
2pm is totally afternoon nap time, right?
Throwback to my last weekend in #Australia. #beach #goldcoast
When people take pictures of you when you're just barely off a plane from the other side of the world.…
Imagine if I was actually consistent with my Twitter usage.

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