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"Where is South Australia?" Um, gee, I don't know. I think it might be north. #fail
If I actually slept at night for once, it'd be a miracle.
When my tolerance to bullshit is 0, do not bullshit me.
There was way more than enough blue sky to make a sailor a pair of trousers today, I feel like the sun came out especially for my birthday.
Got to go violin shopping over the next few weeks. Best, though most expensive kind of shopping.
Yorkshire forecast rain? What a surprise.
Best thing said to me today: 'Where is South Australia?'
Every day I tell myself that today will be the day I finally sit and organise all of my writing from last six months. But, it never is.
I wish I could love the Latin mass. I really do. It's magnificent, but I just don't feel connected enough and find it too hard to focus.
Some people are too cute for words.
Only two days and then the limbo is over for A2 students in Britain. Two excruciatingly tense days.
Throwback to my very last weekend in Australia <3
2pm is totally afternoon nap time, right?
When people take pictures of you when you're just barely off a plane from the other side of the world.…
Imagine if I was actually consistent with my Twitter usage.
My head hurts. Going to be a long day.
I thought I'd try out this thing called colour today. Unsure of whether this could stick or not. #gothygirlproblems
I think my body runs on a foreign clock, because it sure as hell isn't in GMT time.
My heart is so heavy tonight, sleep is just a thing that isn't happening apparently.
When I say 'I don't mind,' or 'It's fine,', I actually probably do and it's probably not. #womanlogic
Still need to make an extra £200 pretty quickly.
@itsastriduk @FrGilesAtherton Hagiography is the study of the Saints. I am pretty sure Hagio- means Blessed. Like the HagioSophia in Greece
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@itsastriduk hmm, a sub type anarchy. I will have to use that in a homily this week.
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Every time I feel like I'm stupid, I just remember that there are people who vote and suddenly I feel better about myself.
Highlight of the today = dentist visit. What a life.
Insomnia needs to fuck right off.
I briefly saw blue sky today. On the television, of course. #BritishProblems
As much as I detest UKIP and hate to admit this, some of their tweets in response to #UKIP100Days are absolute gold.
It's morning, and I have men-induced brain fog. Back to sleep, methinks.
Don't give UP something for Lent. Rather, give God MORE.
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View from the top floor of the National Media Museum. Bradford IS beautiful.
Dear Twitter, I don't give a shit about the cricket world cup. When I say 'hide', what I mean is: fuck off and leave me alone. Permanently.
Still of the wholehearted belief that #FiftyShadesOfPlanes would make a better concept. #Avgeek
Waking up when you wanted to still be asleep...
Funny how single people complain on Valentine's, like it's going to change anything. Newsflash: whining makes you unattractive.
I'd forgotten it was Valentine's Day until my ex text drunk texted me. Given his state is always drunk though, I suppose it's not unusual.
@itsastriduk I'm guessing this is something only Yorkshire puddings can appreciate.
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Been trying to phrase a message to somebody for three days, but keep getting halfway and just giving up because I can't seem to make sense.
Just to make a change, Cubase is crashing and generally not doing what I need it to.
Resisting the urge to sleep under a desk right now.
Today, I rode up and down the lift multiple times to get good samples of the 'doors opening, doors closing, floor _'. #toneartistproblems
Looking out onto the Humber. #Hull
Getting life back on track again, finally. Much healthier.
Don't ever, ever take your health for granted.
Sancte Spiritus, perfectam caritatem in me accende et in illa spiritum meum conforta, dum ex hac vita emigrem.
I wish I could have some health and good fortune just once in my life.
It's morning and daylight but only just because it's pouring down with rain. Same as every other day. #Britishproblems

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