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Seriously though. I've written too many poems and lyrics containing 'if I was'. It's 'if I WERE'. Sigh.. #grammaticallychallenged
But I was 16 the last time I released anything so I need to get over this phobia. #sorry
I haven't released any music online for nearly two years because I'm a better performer than a recording artist and the latter scares me.
The subjunctive in English is ridiculously confusing.
Feel like all my writing recently is crap.
#prayerintention My rosary tonight is for all those healing from sexual abuse and assault,
I'm really too useless when it comes to technology.
#MyLoveLifeIn3Words = Hopeless. Oh wait, that's only one...
Nightmares in the middle of the day.
A mock Stradivarius is more likely to sell. I wonder why.. A read for the classically-minded!
Move along, nothing to see here. Just some more corrupt coppers.
I sometimes forget how I'm supposed to use twitter.
The thought of holding you in my arms for even just a second makes it hard to breathe.
Winter is coming. I'm half excited and half wishing I'd knitted mysen some nice fluffy socks already. #autumnproblems
Well I've only fainted once today.
Problem solved. Breathe.
Do not appreciate my art being used to promote a political agenda at all without my permission, and especially totally uncredited.
Those nights that become ridiculously eventful.
Feel like to try to get better, I'm being lazy by resting. And I hate not being productive, but I'm too sick to concentrate. Urrrgh.
Let us ask the Lord for the grace not to speak badly of others, not to criticize, not to gossip, but rather to love everyone.
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Just because I am turning my life into art, does not mean that my art is my life. #sometimesiwritefiction
Being sick is mighty frustrating.
Retweet if you agree that we don't have to choose between our children's health & our economy #ActOnClimate
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"I can rewrite the rules I've created for myself a long time ago."
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What have they done to Doctor Who!?
British weather, what are you doing?
Did any other Catholics really understand yesterday's readings? I really didn't, not even after the homily...
You give my heart a reason to beat.
I want to see the night's sky from the Southern Hemisphere.
Mission Impossible: Become a Tolerable Pianist.
When you find it hilarious that you've written 'massive gong' on your score to roughly describe a tamtam. (I should just give up already.)
If it is always morning somewhere, is there ever really a point in greeting anybody?
Everybody needs to listen to the Hayl Mary on Advent at Ephesius by the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles. #spinetingling
There is something terrifying about releasing your art. You're giving people a little piece of your heart and praying they won't break it.
That feeling of constantly suppressing your feelings.
In the need to seem deep and meaningful, people forget how important it is to analyse the superficial.
I guess sometimes it's okay to lose your will to keep going, so long as you don't actually give up.
Well, here is to sight reading Haydn's Symphony No. 104.
At Crooked Weather's album launch. Probably should have brought a coat...
Finding a song that just perfectly expresses all of your current feelings >
All the music I write recently feels shit and I don't know what to do about it.
I want to be an angel full of sins, a shattered feather that travels among dimensions, I want to have a cursed and unique life.
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It's morning, the sun is shining and Verdi's Requiem Mass was possibly a little too ambitious listening for 9am.
Inspiration = 0%
Why are we legally allowed to camp outside Apple stores for a fucking PHONE but not camp to defend our WATER from #fracking? #iPhone6Plus
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Being in love is both the most beautiful and most painful feeling ever.
I have the greatest best friend in the world ♥