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How can I be expected to compose with you on my mind? I can't even think straight.
Willingness to get up is <1000000000000.
Praise God (or whatever deity or energy or chance that you believe in) for the beauty of morning and your ability to breathe today.
Night-time nightmares whilst still awake. Joys of #PTSD.
You have a way with words that makes my heart beat.
Been to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff. David Tennant era TARDIS. #doctorwho #water #Cardiff #tardis
Been to the Doctor Who Experience and now enjoying actual sunshine in Wales. #IloveCardiff
Cute little pub in Cardiff for lunch. If salad is really a meal, that is.
Reasons I (Should) Hate You
It's Yorkshire Day and I'm a Yorkshire lass so of course I'm gonna tell ya t'av a reet good Yorkshire Day! #HappyYorkshireDay
Ran around Manchester today trying to learn the scene.
Your words have been scorched into my brain and I just don't know what to do about it anymore.
Tea, countryside and books. Perfect, right?
When you find a melody but can't find the chords to match the sound in your head.. #songwritersproblems
Cooking and listening to Mozart. #thisisthelife
It takes a lot to share a poem that means something to you so personally.…
Trying to rebrand myself has taken a lot of energy. But expect a tonne of new music to suddenly hit the net all of a sudden. No marketing.
Solitude is simpler than the tingling sensation your words send down my spine.
At Hull Heard benefit concert for the Community Protection Camps. Fabulous music, fabulous people and the important message is #frackoff!
My name is Astrid, I am a Catholic living in England and #IStandForGaza
Fainting during mass. Do I get points for making the service a little more interesting?
Waking up from nightmares and being totally unable to get back to sleep. Sigh.