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Susan B Shanahan
Wow! Congrats @prattprattpratt @zoesaldana @djimonhounsou & entire cast Breaking August box office record! #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy @Guardians
#TheLeftovers is as complex as a woman's mind. Impossible to fully grasp, but that mystery keeps you coming back for more. @TheLeftoversHBO
Does anyone really "understand" #TheLeftovers? it just me that's bewildered? @TheLeftoversHBO
Dear #TheLeftovers, last week's brutal opening scene almost scared me off. I thought I was out, but you sucked me back in. @TheLeftoversHBO
Damn! #BBDonny & #BBNicole came to play! But I don't want them to backdoor #BBFrankie #BB16 @CBSBigBrother
Let’s face it, we all get older – VinViral - Page 25… #aging #thenandnow #feelingold
Because the deal is not even signed yet! NYC issues Stop Work Order at LICH site | Brooklyn Daily Eagle:… #LICH
Why is @netflix killing @TheKilling? It's such a great show! I'm afraid 2 watch the last 6 episodes because it's too final :-( #TheKilling
Help us bring Ocean Wonders. All donations support us as we rebuild and transform #iloveNYA…
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Ever now and then, a child in West Africa is born with these amazing eyes due to a generic trait centuries ago
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Best part about the fact that tomorrow is August 1st? #TheWalkingDead returns in only #73Days!! @WalkingDead_AMC
Does #BBjacosta actually think that house guests won't vote out someone who prays for them? #ThinkAgain #HouseofSin #BB16 @CBSBigBrother
Poor #BBAmber she was doomed from the minute #BBCaleb set eyes on her. #BB16 @CBSBigBrother
I'd actually like to see Jocasta win HOH, I'm curious who Jesus wants out of the house. #BB16
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Dear Lord - It is time for #Jacosta to return to her flock. You've got more important things to do than serve as her only strategy! #BB16
The only house guests actually playing the game R #thedetonators & #donnie? The rest are just pool furniture! #floaters #BB16 @CBSBigBrother
#Christine is the worst & she needs to go! 2 faced/backstabber/liar She is NOT to be trusted! #BB16
Donate NOW to help this #NewJersey new born & his family. Baby Wyatt Roger Cavanagh… via @gofundme #nurses #LICH
A 20 Year-Old Got Appendicitis and This Was His Hospital Bill… This is truly outrageous! #Healthcare
The @emory isolation unit is physically separate from other patient areas. Abt to receive patient with #Ebola. 1st time in US history.
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@SueShanny: Dear @DaRealPepa your #Citibike privileges have been officially suspended! #Sharknado2TheSecondOne” 😭😭😭
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RT if you agree: #MorelandGate is another example of Cuomo's Corruption how he serves only the 1%, it's high time to #VoteOutCuomo
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BREAKING: U.S. Attorney threatens to investigate Cuomo for obstruction of justice and witness tampering #MorelandGate
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U.S. Attorney Warns Cuomo on Ethics Case It's time to put an end to the corruption! #MorelandGate #SaveLICH
LMFAO @KarlPilkington in @idiotabroad3. His best quotes are about #Cats "If u offered me a cat now, I'd do a swap!" @rickygervais @netflix
Best part of 2 hours watching #Sharknado2TheSecondOne was commercial 4 #SharkWeek with @RobLowe riding 2 sharks! #Sharky @SharkWeek
Best line from #Sharknado2TheSecondOne @IanZiering "Even the Sharknados are tougher in NY."
Can't decide what was more plentiful in #Sharknado2TheSecondOne The sharks or the botox?
Dear @DaRealPepa your #Citibike privileges have been officially suspended! #Sharknado2TheSecondOne
Love it! Dude from @ABCSharkTank gets crushed by Statue of Liberty's head in #Sharknado2TheSecondOne @TheSharkDaymond #BestSharkCameos
Never has the phrase 'Suspension of Disbelief' been more meaningful! #Sharknado2TheSecondOne
Must be a very slow day in the TwitterVerse when every trending topic is related to #Sharknado2TheSecondOne #SlowTwitterDay
If it looks like corruption, sounds like corruption & smells like corruption, It's corruption! #SaveLICH #morelandgate @zephyrteachout
.@NicholsUprising: Governor Cuomo Should Debate Primary Challenger Zephyr Teachout
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New Yorkers are tired of his excuses! Gov. Cuomo’s Latest Excuses @NYGovCuomo #morelandgate #corruption #SaveLICH
Andrew Cuomo's office may have violated state law in the Moreland scandal. Tim Wu, criminal law expert explains:…
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#Cuomo says he only offered suggestions? HA! Cuomo defends handling of corruption panel… via @CrainsNewYork #SaveLICH
@maykng: @nynurses @CobbleHillAssoc The new Candidate for Governor @zephyrteachout asked today that SAVE LICH Coalition talk to them.”
@Desi30 And that's it. @GovCuomo is a bully with an agenda that benefits his rich friends.#SaveLICH Cuomoism #saveLICH
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@CobbleHillAssoc @SueShanny Maybe but when rich&powerful want something, they get it. #SaveLICH didn't make it easy but Hospital is closed.
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@SenSchumer - Brooklyn exists too! What about #savelich? Feds hand NYU Langone $1B for Sandy repairs… via
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Yet, not a penny to #SavLICH Feds hand NYU Langone $1B for Sandy repairs… via @CrainsNewYork #LICH