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Sue Perkins
Please retweet to find missing Alzheimer's sufferer 80 year old Elizabeth Moon from #Kingston
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If you ever need / want flowers for a special occasion I can thoroughly recommend @palaisflowers - beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
I miss this SO much. And yet I don't even remember it...…
Thanks to twitter, I have now learned that the collective noun for ladybirds is a 'loveliness of ladybirds'. Ahhhh....
@sueperkins coccinellidae sounds like a contender for one of next year's technical challenges!
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Blizzard of 'foreign' (Harlequin) ladybirds hitting my window looking to hibernate. It's a coccinellidae Nigel Farage's worst nightmare
Lord Freud says something out loud that probably should have stayed in his head. If only there were a name for this kind of slip.
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Lord Freud, allow me to introduce you to the Equality Act 2010. The Equality Act - meet Lord Freud #lividlividlivid
Rainbow List 2014. Cast your vote here…
All power to the care-givers #NHSstrike
Sending love and support to all those NHS workers striking today. Thank you for all you have done to help me and my family over the years x
Sound the klaxons (Clactons?) Tonight's host is @sueperkins, with guests @Nick_Hewer and @mrTonyLaw. Join Ian & Paul at 9pm on BBC1! #HIGNFY
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Anything good on the telly tonight?
Don't worry, Danny - we've all been there ...…
I am 'close' to competing in an Iron Woman triathlon
ie. 'In astronomic terms, I am incredibly close to completing my book'
So the asteroid 'close' to hitting Earth missed us by 17,000 miles. Mmm. I might start describing things more often in astronomic terms
RECAP: for those who missed last week's GBBO…
Feel disappointed that the promised September mega spiders never made it to my door. All I've got is a Red Admiral & a knackered wasp.
It's National Poetry Day. Why not check out Anne Sexton, Wendy Cope, Carol Ann Duffy and UA Fanthorpe - all v meaningful to me x
Dear Dave, you just made this legal...…
Instagrammed. Tweeted. Facebooked. LinkedIn'd. Snapchat'd. Vined. Now it's fucking cold.
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I find myself almost interested in The Ryder Cup... Cusping on involved. More news later.
Thanks for lovely birthday wishes, had an absolutely beautiful day xx
In other news, THOROUGHLY recommend BBC R4's Food Programme today, featuring the Danish MAD festival. Brilliant, inspirational stuff x
Mel/Sue complaints on POV don't bother me, it's the European Parliament's ruling on our 'Dutch' accents I'm dreading....
People have written in to Points of View to complain about @sueperkins innuendoes on Bake Off. Wow. I give up on humans.
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i@manleychristian i love you, and I don;t care who knows it. Cornetto? xx
Morning all - now who fancies a constitutional shake up?
It's at times like this I mourn the passing of Paul the Octopus. He'd have had this whole thing figured in the wave of a tentacle. #indyref
Ah, I see John Redwood has taken time out from the crypt to be in studio... #indyref
Anyone know how long it takes for a battered coccyx to heal? A week or so on and I still can't sit down without bellowing like Brian Blessed
Kate Bush. A Halley's Comet of pure, burning artistry. Every time it rains, she's here in my heart. Thank you xx
Have been waiting for today for 35 years. Can't quite believe it's here. #katebushlive
In last ditch effort to win votes, Cameron comes up with new plan: We all become Scotland.
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My favourite photo caption from Roger Moore's new book.
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Increasingly, my jawline is resembling that of Deputy Dawg ..