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Sue Perkins
i@manleychristian i love you, and I don;t care who knows it. Cornetto? xx
Morning all - now who fancies a constitutional shake up?
It's at times like this I mourn the passing of Paul the Octopus. He'd have had this whole thing figured in the wave of a tentacle. #indyref
Ah, I see John Redwood has taken time out from the crypt to be in studio... #indyref
Anyone know how long it takes for a battered coccyx to heal? A week or so on and I still can't sit down without bellowing like Brian Blessed
Kate Bush. A Halley's Comet of pure, burning artistry. Every time it rains, she's here in my heart. Thank you xx
Have been waiting for today for 35 years. Can't quite believe it's here. #katebushlive
In last ditch effort to win votes, Cameron comes up with new plan: We all become Scotland.
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My favourite photo caption from Roger Moore's new book.
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Increasingly, my jawline is resembling that of Deputy Dawg ..
Big love to Danish cake-table legend @TrineHahnemann I am still drunk on that hazelnut sponge x
Thanks to @marcthevet @Annabel_Giles @pupaid for a wonderful, wonderful day out. Here's to an end to animal cruelty worldwide xx
You shoot me down but I will fall I am carbon You shoot me down but I will fall I am carbon (early David Guetta demo tape)
A ban on puppies sold in pet shops by this time next wk? Make sure ur MP speaks up: #wheresmum
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In hindsight - I like to think of Iain's Alaska as less of a dessert and more of a metaphor for global warming
All getting a little inflamed for my liking. Am off. This is a show about CAKES. Please, let's save the ire for real stuff. Peace & out x
I can't actually believe I'm wading into this... (And wading is the operative word...) Big love to @iain_watters anyhow. What a gent x
Iain's Alaska was out of the freezer for 40 secs. That's it. No sabotage. 40 secs of normal temp would NOT be enough to reduce it to liquid
It's Britney, bitch.
'Ooh, yeah, you're amazing! We think you're incredible..' Kate Bush, I love you. Good luck tonight xxx
I @PhelpsieSarah am a silly bug. When me see you, numnum? Xxx
I'd forgotten how gorgeous Dave Allen was...
The latest debate just got PERSONAL....
H@NoMorePage3 happy birthday. All power to you xx
Doing a Q and A in Edinburgh tomorrow night about forthcoming travel series if you fancy coming along xx…"
When twitter recommends you follow a soya yoghurt site, you know you are truly setting the world of social media on fire.
Join @sueperkins and three Michelin-starred chefs with #cooksquestions, in 10 mins on More4
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This next tweet is sent from 14 minutes ago. THAT"S HOW ON IT I AM...
Reply to @jackseale Oh God, that's lovely
East Fife 4 Forfar 5. RIP James Alexander Gordon, voice of my childhood x
EDINBURGH! Tomorrow my Dad is 70. Please help me surprise him by flashmob singing Happy Birthday - 3.30pm Arthur's Bar, Pleasance Courtyard!
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l@MatthewBarker7 no i have laudosis...
Thanks to all who came to the recording this evening, show airs tonight at 10pm n BBC 2. x
Morning Fringers, I shall be performing in White Rabbit Red Rabbit today, 2.40pm at Assembly George Square if you fancy coming along x
Night all Thanks for being a top bunch. xxx
Always wanted to know how to make a blow-dried quail breast on a bed of wilted dreams? i know just the show....…
Oh Edinburgh, even after all these years I'm still utterly in love with you.
My brilliant friend @KatyFBrand has written a book. If you have quids and want a very funny read then go here… x