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Suzanne Douglas
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Congratulations - if you are reading this - YOU have made it to my top 500 friends and family XXXXXX
1 party done - 2 more to go xx
󾆕󾓖󾓕 ready to rock this Christmas Party 󾓕󾓖󾆕 — feeling fabulous
Kitty love her puppy <3 <3 <3
all I can say is DISGUSTING — feeling annoyed
As of this Sunday 14/12/14 Tour times: 10am 11am 12noon 1 pm 2 pm 3 pm Current up to and...
dont you just hate it when you have a piece of cake after detoxing for a few days and your body says - what the...
Suzanne completed her food and exercise diary for 12/08/2014 and was under her calorie goal
Love love love Christmas shopping - expecially for loved ones and myself xx — feeling excited about Christmas
I FEEL AMAZING — feeling proud of myself
it has taken me a long to love the image in the mirror - but finally I love her <3 <3 <3
I just filed for divorce. Divorcing my past, divorcing my pain, divorcing my doubt, divorcing my setbacks, and...
Have you met my baby sister - Lyn Wehrman xx
Children want our presence not presents xx
An Inspiring 80-Year Old Woman With No Regrets
New Years is coming. Our business absolutely goes through the roof as people start making New Years…
Suzanne completed her food and exercise diary for 12/07/2014 and was under her calorie goal
Crazy Wrap Team : An Inspiring 80-Year Old Woman With No Regrets…
have been taking the Skinny Pack for 6 weeks and have lost 2 dress sizes (20 to 16) and no shape-wear today - I...
I posted a new photo to Facebook
For my amazing team - I have so much love and gratitude for you and I can't wait to see you all in NZ 2015
Something I must remind myself everyday xx
I'm truly thankful for my family and friends - New,Old and ones I have yet to meet <3 <3
The Mentoring For Free - May you continue to inspire us for many years to come and here's to another amazing...
Important message that many people need to see today. Fair warning... small amount of language included but I...