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Sue Cartwright
Take a break, walk in a green space, get sunlight and feel great! @RGillett23 @FastCompany #health #love @MapMyWalk
#HabitChallenge: Let's go for a walk! Boost your focus and creativity by getting up and getting out.… via @FastCompany
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Identify important tasks needing full mental focus, don't put off for when reserves are low @RGillett23 @FastCompany
Break projects into smaller, actionable tasks, plan which is the next step to finishing @RGillett23 @FastCompany
Write a TO-DONE or Anti-To-Do List by @joelgascoigne @buffer for an overwhelming sense of accomplishment/productivity
Meditation is coming back into the moment, observing not reacting - simple, powerful, life changing @RGillett23 @Inc
Thank you, Carl - my pleasure RT @Carl_Eidson A gr8 source for boosting #business growth via @suecartwright
Cognitive surplus is made possible by the population collaborating globally in shared activities - Clay Shirky
The sharing economy isn't a new thing - in 2013, the UK benefited from £4.6b of savings @Virgin #video via @YouTube
Seth says: There are few instances [in history] where people stuck with their principles for too long #values #grit
To retain the highest level of productivity, don't work longer - work smarter with frequent breaks @FastCompany
Excellent tweet-sized tips to put in place to polish your profile and expert use of #LinkedIn @TheMuse
Seth says: Many people are quietly giving away one of the most powerful tools ever created #savethekeyboard #write
Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day - Mark Twain @Inc
Connection is why we're here - Brene Brown @TEDTalks#video
Technology has created networks and markets that never could have existed before @Rachelbo...
The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, the rational mind is a faithful servant - Albert Einstein @brainpickings #book #writing
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Rachel Botsman: The currency of the new economy is trust
Cognitive surplus is made possible by the population collaborating globally in shared acti...
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Clay Shirky: How cognitive surplus will change the world
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist What is the sharing economy?
So true @CordelGowan when people feel great about their work, colleagues and workplace the difference it makes is HUGE!
Very welcome, Ann :) @amarecruitment synchronising groups of wonderful people, sharing soon #super #connectivity #introductions #friendship
How to Choose Which Linkedin Discussion Groups to Join via @MaryGreenIM
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Past performance may not be the best predictor for future success, prioritise potential over stardom LinkedIn #talent
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Fantastic, thank you and cheers to that! @CiberCareers RT @Codeanywhere @LisaGulesserian @kimberlydoty2 @nickbajwa @JohnEMichel
Wow @IDGEngagement meet @CordelGowan your 'focus on building individual capability and accountability for personal motivation' is fantastic!
Fabulous, wonderful work ethic @CordelGowan I was brought up on and worked with culture/people motivation (theory/surveys) for many years
Wonderful, Emma @EmmaDobsonHR and me too, we have an amazing Missy puppy in our family, great to meet you both :)
Thank you, Thomas @Schillingthomas and likewise ... exciting times for #hr #resourcing #community #linchpins #stars ... have a great week!
There's an entire storytelling infrastructure, a model used for centuries that defines commercial storytelling today
Like music, abstract art is best interpreted as echoing or giving form to certain inner states or moods
People who meet their goals structure their lives so that desired behaviors are automatic and habitual @FastCompany
Happy Birthday Prince Harry and congratulations for the resounding success of @InvictusLondon #inspiring #achievement #legend
You can't change a bad habit overnight but you can derail the cues by changing your routine @FastCompany
Good morning everyone, here's to another marvellous Monday and a wonderful, sunny week!
Thank you for the add, Thomas @Schillingthomas ... have a great week!
Excited about setting up our new @ingeniumhub account on #twitter ... all new in-house resourcing website and LinkedIn group coming soon!
Thank you, Steven @stevenhealey The Prospect Networking Daily is out!… … Stories
Fabulous walk to Topsham along the river, taking in the estuary views on Goat Walk ......
Connect with your customers on a one to one basis to ultimately drive the results you're looking for @jboitnott @Inc
Build a following of loyal connections by focusing on those that are interested in your message @Inc
To build a following, do something worth following and explore ways to get your information out, more is better @Inc
Building a following is like getting customers, share ideas that people find useful, entertaining or meaningful @Inc
Email messages that start with an interesting phrase are usually worth reading all the way to the end @Inc
Develop a readier awareness of our beautifully miniscule place in the wider scheme of things @PhilosopherMail #video