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Sue Cartwright
Its not about what you share, its about HOW you share it and sharing your OWN context too @bryankramer #h2h ... ie, what YOU think MATTERS!
Think, know your destination, slow down, make sense @bryankramer #h2h .. ie, if you don't have time to craft your tweets, then don't tweet
Inspiration is everywhere, the more you stay connected [to real life] the greater the relevance of your work - John Hegarty @WIRED
Everything you share should be true to your brand - personal | [team] | company - to support your goal | purpose | [clients | network] #h2h
The more authentic you are, the more you get out of sharing @bryankramer #h2h ... perfect advice, taking time to craft your words MATTERS!
Providing the right context in social sharing is an art form, making your ideas connect with your audience is KEY @bryankramer #h2h
If your content is not in the right context for each social platform and your audience, its a social gunshot @bryankramer #h2h
A whopping 93% of communication is based on non-verbal body language leaving just 7% to explain verbally what we mean #H2H #language
So sad to read about Robin Williams, such a kind and talented person, heart breaking for his family #keeplookingup @guardian
On my way to Cheltenham for my first #Ingenium meeting with @alcartwright and associates, exciting times ... have a great day everyone!
"The wisdom of life consists of elimination of non-essentials" - Lin Yutang
Last walk this morning, fab family holiday in #Cornwall ... thank you @alcartwright @tilly_cartwright :)) Xx
Old stone remains, quintessential English countryside #farm #cornwall
Walking in sunshine and rain, season of mists and fruitfulness #love #autumn #corwall
Warm and mellow with light showers, end of summer days #ountryside #cornwall
A beautiful early autumn morning ... Happy Friday everyone from #cornwall :))