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Small minded people spread gossip cause they have nothing better to talk about
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I wanna go back to high school for a day. Just one day.
Slow Drake type morning
Me: I like it, it looks good from the back. My dad: whoa! No homo
They keep hyping Joique Bell up like he's about to go off this week... Too bad he's not.
If she don't think u got bitches you don't have bitches
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As of now the playoff field imo looks like 1. FSU 2. Mississippi St 3. Ole Miss 4. Baylor
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God was single?
Shout to @Drake for keepin these breezies in check.
Help a nigga out and hop off ma dick
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Believe in the impossible, why settle for less
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when the cop says he smells weed but you already smoked it all
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β€œ@Brian6741: β€œ@Medantheman: Sayreville's football practices””stop 😭😭😭😭
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Not cold enough to pull the Moncler out.
It's fuckin cold.
Players are "encouraged" per new CBA to take less to win or risk being called selfish+ungrateful while nbatv deal goes UP by a BILLION #biz
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Sucks to have #percyharvin on ur fantasy team right now
Why am I so bad at saving money?
Which is the most ignorant shit
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Most black kids are afraid to step out their comfort zone and don't believe they could have anything in common with another race
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Before he was famous, @kanyewest was embarrassed to have a 36 inch TV in the living room of his New Jersey apartment.
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Dina's 5th wheeling it
Wow, another touchdown. Give it to Keenan or Gates though. I need points, fuck.
Fuck all strip clubs that wont let me wear sweatpants!
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You got nxggas & I got bxtches..
Natalie Gan is pretty perfect....
I need panera, but panera need ta be closer.
"Hey Are You Jaden Can I Have A Picture With You" No Cause I'm Super Sad But We Can Sit And Talk.
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Fantasy football gives me anxiety
I hate those friends that act like you owe them your time, sorry I have a life & yours revolves others.
Feels like I have my life back having my phone back.....which is sad.
Phones back in commish.
Y'all wanna be equal so bad but can't handle equal treatment
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Another phone lost.....
Should I get a part?
Chatting on snap chat is kinda sketch...don't mind the automatic deletion of the convo though. Super clutch.