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조용은 사랑.
I think I'll just lay down again and not move for a while.
My other piggie passed last night and im just...
Im kinda......numb rn
tlist may look innocent with their kawaii icons and backgrounds, bUT THATS ALL A LIE. YOURE ALL PERVS
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My body aches and I haven't even done anything wtf
My sis just threw panties at my head what the actual fuck
In target looking at ~~~underthings~~
; but what processed Kris to buy a pair of uggs.
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Walking around staples like a loser
Daehyun's lips are delicious
I need somene to kkt with cause I'm a loser and my irl friends are busy
I finally got my shit together
kris either looks really manly and serious or he looks like he just came out of the womb
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pika-burnjuck is a stupid song but it's stuck in my head omg
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Girl groups are where they come from
I have major lesbian feels like no joke
This is my third time having a cold within the beginning of the year.....
Getting car sick in tf mountains..
how to get your brother out from your room
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My bf is gonna be like Wth
Ok so I found this lockscreen called mydol And they have exo And it gives you fake love messages when you turn on the screen and
im a little bit insane yes
Just the hair and belly and thighs and calves
And girls day are pretty too
Im a lesbian for gurl groups
Snsd are some fine ass women
I think mr. mr. is gonna be pretty awesome ngl
Someone needs to do a gain and robin thicke mashup