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∷Venesha Prescott//
I f&%k shit up den i leave hoe! #surprise
My fave sunnies just broke!!! #pissedoff
Sunday brunchin was awesome with these bombass!! #waffles
No! Am the Mother....your the Uncle. Dont confuse the two!! #HouseofVersace
Smile my famous muse....its ambitions best accessory. #HouseofVersace
I was a growing power since the day i was born. #HouseofVersace
Its Versace ladies...why dont you go by the store....your husbands will be happy!! I second that* #HouseofVersace
Suppose to be jewel tone...this looks like day old Salmon #HouseofVersace
When you put on give it life. #HouseofVersace
In an effort to create's an extention of my closet!! #roomfullaracks!!
The bigger your obstacle, the bigger your future. Don't get discouraged, keep moving forward.
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Your life is not going to change until you change your thinking.
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Sometimes you remember some things....yu can't help but to bust out laffin
Can i get a cup-a-get-shit-done Plezzzzz!