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Style QuickTips
From super-stylist @BrandonLiberati: DIY makeup highlighter! Mix shimmering champagne eyeshadow w/ approx 4 pumps facial moisturizer.
wellness expert @CraigRamsayFit says: your navel isn't your core. Engage the muscle that runs from hip bone to hip bone.That's your core!
Dominican women swear by a recipe of chopped garlic & clear nail polish. The smell won’t be strong, but your nails will be! #ManicureMonday
"I believe in manicures." - Audrey Hepburn. So do we!
If nail polish isn’t your thing, fresh-looking hands are a must. Scrub w/ baking soda & lemon for a polish-free manicure. #ManicureMonday
Little-known bloat buster: celery seed tea. This ancient remedy has long been touted for easing stomach, kidney & liver problems.
"Clothes aren’t going to change the world... the women who wear them will." - Anne Klein Tell us how you're going to change the world!
"Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment." - Alexander McQueen
If you can't make it to #NYFW, find a #FashionWeek near you!
Simple tip for better skin & better health? Broadway's fitness guru @mfisherfitness makes his sexy Tony-winners strive for 96oz H2O per day.
Redheads! Cranberry juice can give an ultra-shine boost to your locks. #hair #DIY
Little-known bloat buster: celery seed tea. This ancient remedy has long been touted for easing stomach, kidney & liver problems.
Trend Alert! Good Bye Ombre, Hello Splashlights? #hairstyles
“Isn’t elegance forgetting what one is wearing?” –Yves St. Laurent
Fitness guru @mfisherfitness says even women (like @MissAmerica Mallory Hagan!) can benefit from lifting weights:
Did you know simple chalkboard chalk is a quick fix for any last minute stain on white clothing? Think wedding dress or men’s collars.
“The tones of gray, pale turquoise, and pink will prevail.” –Christian Dior. Show us how you style it with color!
How to get subtle blonde highlights like FLOTUS @MichelleObama:
For hair as fresh as a summer cocktail—esp. after too much summer fun— rinse hair w/ club soda post-shampoo for a smooth, residue-free mane.
Per @jcrew's Gayle Spannaus: "The higher the hemline, the lower the heel." More of her styling tips on @fashionista:
Only file your nails in one direction—going both ways makes them susceptible to snags #manicuremonday
A little-known use for makeup remover: taking off excess perfume when you've gone overboard
When shooting family pics outside, face your subjects towards the light. More tips from photographer @TamaraLackey:
To convey health, energy and optimism, wear orange—just like Lindsay Lohan did for her big Oprah interview!
Your mani will last longer if you also paint the top of the tips and underneath the nail #ManicureMonday
How often should you condition your hair with oil? Kate Middleton's hairdresser @rossanoferretti gives us the scoop!
For healthy hair like Kate Middleton's, get a trim every 8-12 weeks. More tips from her stylist @rossanoferretti:
Always invest in a high-quality shampoo—in this video, Kate Middleton's hairstylist @rossanoferretti explains why!
How to be more creative at work: Clear away desk clutter at the end of each day! More tips from decorator @lonnipaul
Kate Middleton's hairstylist told us the secret to shinier hair - CLICK to watch the video!
If it's humid out, give your nails twice as much time to dry—otherwise, you risk smudges #manicuremonday
#Manimonday tip from @LynetteCenee: mix equal parts coconut oil and sugar for a DIY hand exfoliator! More tips:
Selling your home? @KatrinaCampins reveals why you should hide printed textiles & family photos during the open house
Make your throw pillows look fluffier by giving them the "pillow chop"—@KatrinaCampins shows how it's done!
If you've got an oval face & strong jawline, you'd look fab in @Beyonce's pixie cut! CLICK for more short hair tips
Suede ankle boots w/low heel RT @mayakauf What will be your go-to everyday shoes come fall? I need versatile pairs for college #stylechat
Leopard looks great with bold colors or prints (stripes, florals) RT @ClubMonaco Leopard printed shoes: how will you wear them? #stylechat
Which celeb's / blogger's style is inspiring you right now? #stylechat
To prevent shoe-related blisters, cut the feet off a pair of pantyhose and wear them under your socks @AmanHeeir
Tip from @SunitaBhagwan: Kohl-rim the insides of eyes w/color to make 'em pop! Who's watching @HotListingsMIA @ 9/8c?
#Manimonday tip from @LynetteCenee: a drop of olive oil on cuticles makes nails grow faster. See her nail art DIY:
When wearing hair down, contouring your cheeks is key! @GiulianaRancic's makeup artist @catalinaLINAsu shows us how:
Last day of #TTSweeps! Tweet a @TiaTameraShow tip (e.g. "Accessories make the outfit!") for a chance to win a dress
This braided updo may look fancy, but it's so easy you can do it for your coffee run. Click here for the how-to!
Have you entered the #TTSweeps? Tweet your fave @TiaTameraShow tip (i.e. "date your husband!") for a chance to win!
Enter for a chance to WIN a dress from @TiaTameraShow: Tweet a T&T tip (! Our fave: great skin starts w/H20 #TTSweeps
#Manimonday tip from @LynetteCenee: put Vaseline around cuticles so polish drips don't stick. Get her nail art DIY:
Style tip from @Pharrell (via @BILD): "It's all about individuality." Excited to see him on @StyledToRock this fall!
How does @DanicaPatrick get her unbelievably shiny tresses? Hair oil! Watch this for more #ESPYs beauty secrets:
Hot weather beauty secret from @HotListingsMIA's @KatrinaCampins: wear silicone-based foundation (or none at all)!