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Stupid Famous People
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*NEW VIDEO* Amanda Bynes Rides a Bicycle on Park Avenue in NYC! @amandabynes
*NEW VIDEO* Derek Jeter Disses Paparazzi after Retirement! #DerekJeter #Yankees #Baseball #Legend
*NEW VIDEO* President Bill Clinton Escorts Daughter out of Hospital with Newborn Daughter & Hillary in NYC!
*NEW VIDEO* Emotional Farewell with Bagpipes outside Joan Rivers Funeral in NYC! @JoanRivers #FashionPolice #Legend
Bringing our YouTube channel up-to-date with all of our newest videos right now!…
Sorry for the lack of video updates to our YouTube channel lately. We've been too busy filming to actually find the time to share anything!
*NEW VIDEO* Kelly Osbourne Cries while Shameless Paparazzi Swarm Her Following Joan Rivers' Death @KellyOsbourne
*NEW VIDEO* Guy Flirts with Cameron Diaz at JFK Airport -- And She Flirts Back!! @CameronDiaz #paparazzi @TMZ
Christopher Columbus, one of the biggest terrorists of all-time. Guilty of racism, rape, theft, torture, slavery, and more.
I bet @PersianLa27 is sad because they can't pretend to be Amanda Bynes while she's on lockdown.
Lana Del Rey's boyfriend Francesco spotted behind Amanda Bynes at LAX... weird!
Amanda Bynes + big gold chains = best celebrity sighting so far this month!
Just saw Amanda Bynes and some rapper looking guy riding in the back of a pick up truck with a camera crew on the Lower East Side.
Stay tuned for our EXCLUSIVE pics of Amanda Bynes laughing and dancing with costumed characters in Times Square! #hellokitty #elmo
I saw Amanda Bynes wearing a bandaid on her face so I wore a bandaid on my face 💕
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Stay tuned to our YouTube channel for never before seen videos of Amanda Bynes in NYC this week!…
Just saw Amanda Bynes throwing glitter at random children and is now refusing to get off the carousel in Central Park.
Just saw Amanda Bynes playing hop-scotch in Union Square while holding a giant stuffed monkey.
"I don't want to be an actress anymore." - Amanda Bynes
One of our photos of Amanda Bynes soaking up the sun during a bike ride in Soho yesterday.
Sending well wishes to @wowcelebritytv aka Keith in Los Angeles.
Another day, another celebrity arrested for DUI.
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Pap Jokes w/ Lana Del Rey about Meeting Up w/ James Franco after Francesco Gets Cozy w/ Elena Ora!
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Lana Del Rey Laughs Off Francesco Cheating Rumors! @LanaDelRey @akaFrancesco
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Francesco Carrozzini talks about Cheating Rumors and Elena Ora! @LanaDelRey @akaFrancesco
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Lana Del Rey's Boyfriend Francesco at Cafe with Rita Ora's Sister, Elena! @akaFrancesco @LanaDelRey
See our EXCLUSIVE pics of Lana Del Rey after shopping for hair extensions today in NYC!… @LanaDelRey
Lana was shopping at's NY shop on Fifth Avenue this morning.
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Lana Del Rey Shops for $3 million townhouses in Brooklyn, NY! @LanaDelRey #LDR #LanaDelRey
LAST WEEK: (VIDEO) Lana Del Rey & boyfriend Francesco KISSING during lunch in NYC!… @LanaDelRey @akaFrancesco
We asked @akaFrancesco if he has seen the hate tweets from Lana fans and he said "No, I don't look at Twitter, my office does that for me."
Francesco told us he & Elena are "very good friends" and Lana laughed it off. There may have been a mention about James Franco as well. ;)
We will be posting our EXCLUSIVE video asking Lana & Francesco today about the Elena Ora story to our YouTube channel very soon!
Also... many thanks to @LanaDelRey for signing so many autographs for us today. Very cool!
To those who do credit us, please know that we appreciate it very much. #gratitude
Stay tuned to your favorite Lana fan update accounts who will be posting some of our 100+ pics of Lana from today without any credit to us.